In today’s economy, the rental business has secured a safe place and it is growing at a fast pace every year. The reason for this sudden market growth is that few rental businesses can be done at our convenience, and can be kept as a side hustle-, if you are interested in doing-.  

That rental businesses that can be kept as a side hustle and are very popular in 2023 are listed here: 

  1. Renting office equipment 

The business is for renting office equipment. It will attract startups and companies that are short on money. This business gives a regular flow of money, and it is maintenance free.  

2.Renting Fitness Equipment 

Fitness equipment such as treadmills, weight sets, and exercise bikes can be put for rent, which will allow you to tap into the growing market and turn it into a lucrative rental side hustle business. Here maintenance is must  

3.Renting Baby Furniture 

This is one of the useful rental businesses where you rent baby furniture. Parents who are not likely to spend on baby furniture will be your target. It is a cost-effective, convenient, hassle-free, flexible, and a long-term business.  

4.Renting Coffee Machine 

Renting a coffee machine is one of the greatest rental businesses in marketing. Only a meager amount is needed to start a business, you need to offer different coffee machines to cater to different customer preferences.  

5.Renting party and event equipment  

You can offer items like chairs, tables, tents, and sound systems for the events to join the thriving market of the party equipment rental business and earn money. Only that you need to know what kind of furniture and decor will please the event planners and hosts. 

6.Renting Wedding Suits 

Renting wedding suits is a vibrant rental business now. This business will be suitable for you if you are fashion conscious. You can attract huge audience with variety of luxury suits and a better customer experience to earn money 

7.Renting Camera and Photography 

There are many who want to be a photographer, but don’t have the proper tools. You can tap into the demand by renting a camera. You can earn large money in this if you know to cater to the needs of different customer 

8.Renting Audio and DJ Equipment 

Renting Audio and DJ equipment is another optimal rental business idea where you can rent microphones, speakers, decks, and other necessary equipment. The money flow will be constant if you know to cover the right target market 

9.Renting Camping and Hiking Gears 

You can rent expensive camping and hiking equipment like Tents, sleeping bags, camping gear, backpacks, and stoves. Since these things are expensive, for sure people will reach your service. And If the service is good, they will come again.  

10.Renting Photo Booths 

Photo booth rentals are very common, especially in the US, where it will be booked for summer parties, proms, school dances, bar mitzvahs and birthday celebrations. When you consider how frequently they occur each year, the investment becomes wise.  

These forms the best 10 rental side hustle ideas you can do and has the most demand in the current economy.