Renting things has become more popular than ever! 

From the house, dress, equipment, and furniture to tools, everything is available for rent now. Because it reduces the hassle of owning something expensive and at the same time, gives a chance for people to use or experience things at affordable cost.  

Due to this reason, it has also become a lucrative business that one can do as a side hustle at their convenience. There are many rental ideas residing here for the person who is looking to start a rental business. The most popular and trending ones were listed here.  

10 Rental side hustle ideas in 2023 

The best 10 rental side hustle ideas of 2023 are covered here 

  1. Renting office equipment 

This kind is a popular choice for businesses of all scales due to its affordability, convenience, and flexibility. Companies will come forward to rent office equipment, associated tools, and technology as they don’t want to spend money on purchasing.  

This rental business attracts those who are just starting their companies and who are short on money. Besides that, they will be attracted to the factor that they can access a higher standard of equipment. As an owner, you will get a regular flow of money and no need to worry about maintenance.  

2. Renting Fitness Equipment 

Today, it is a world where everyone wants to stay healthy and look fit. The rise of home workouts and trends made the demand for fitness equipment. As they cost quite higher to buy, people will surely look for the rent option. And it serves as a way to start a fitness equipment rental business. 

Fitness equipment such as treadmills, weight sets, and exercise bikes can be put for rent, which will allow you to tap into the growing market and turn it into a lucrative rental side hustle business. The key considerations you need to look after here are maintaining hygiene and cleanliness of the equipment between rentals and properly instructing the customers to use the equipment correctly and responsibly.  

3. Renting Baby Furniture 

This is one of the useful rentals for parents which you can cover to start a baby furniture rental business. Baby furniture will eventually lose its use when a baby grows. So, instead of spending money on buying baby furniture, parents want to rent it for an affordable cost. 

You can also offer customization for the children’s room which will save a lot of money, time, and headache for the parents and you will get the money on a regular basis. The main advantage of renting baby furniture is: it is cost-effective, convenient, hassle-free, flexible, and a long-term business.  

4. Renting a Coffee Machine 

Renting a coffee machine is one of the greatest rental businesses in marketing. Nowadays, you can’t see a place without a coffee machine, it is used everywhere such as schools, offices, hotels, bakeries, restaurants, etc. It gives unrivaled flexibility that you can do from your home. And here servicing and maintenance is included. 

Only a meager amount is needed to start a business, you need to offer different coffee machines to cater to different customer preferences. This rental business also gives an opportunity to sell coffee-associated products like coffee beans, accessories, maintenance, and services 

5. Renting party and event equipment  

In today’s economy, event planning and hosting are experiencing a surge and demand, which is making way for people to start a party and event equipment rental business. You can offer items like chairs, tables, tents, and sound systems for the events to join the thriving market and earn money. 

It is important to identify the items that events-, and host planners need in different sizes and styles to accommodate different kinds of parties and events that are in trend and aesthetically pleasing to be successful in the industry 

6. Renting Wedding Suits 

Something that we face in today’s world is not having a suitable suit to wear for a wedding. It is quite a hassle to buy a suit for a wedding that you are going to attend once in your life. 

Not only you, but everyone is experiencing this situation, you can help them in that by starting a wedding suit rental business. Also, people need different suits for the different wedding seasons, you can attract them with a variety of luxury suits and a better customer experience, which will lure them to come to you again and again for years. This business is a great pick if you are fashion-conscious because the customers want to rent a suit from one who is an expert in the topic or will expect fashion advice when they are clueless about the fashion. So, you need to be prepared for that. 

7. Renting Camera and Photography 

Marriage has a significant market in today’s economy and so is the camera and photography, candid photos, etc. Not only for marriage, but it is also extended to various fields such as social media, advertisement, events, and personal projects.  

This demand has inspired many to do photography even when they don’t have sufficient investment to do so. You can tap into the demand by renting a camera if you are a photographer and possess all the high-definition cameras and associated tools. 

To see success soon, try investing in additional equipment from different models and brands to cater to the needs of different customer preferences 

8. Renting Audio and DJ Equipment 

Professional audio and DJ equipment, which can be prohibitively expensive to buy outright, is frequently required for events and shows. You can give a practical answer for event planners and DJs by providing rental alternatives for microphones, speakers, decks, and other necessary equipment.  

Consider providing extra services like equipment installation, setup, and technical assistance to differentiate yourself from the competition. Giving your clients access to competent staff members who can help with equipment setup and troubleshooting guarantees that their events go off without a hitch in terms of technology. 

9. Renting Camping and Hiking Gears 

Rentals of camping and hiking equipment are quite popular among those who are just getting started or unsure of whether these activities are right for them. This could be the most lucrative company to establish if you reside in or close to one of these regions. especially in light of the expansion of glamping rental companies over the past several years.  

Tents, sleeping bags, camping gear, backpacks, and stoves are a few of the popular products your consumers are probably interested in buying. These goods are just too expensive to buy when you only use them once, maybe twice a year, which is the explanation for the majority of the rental business ideas on our list. That is why starting a camping and hiking gear rental business is extremely profitable and will be live in all seasons 

10. Renting Photo Booths 

Photo booth rentals are very common, especially in the US, where individuals will book them for nearly any occasion. A few of these are summer parties, proms, school dances, bar mitzvahs and birthday celebrations. When you consider how frequently they occur each year, the investment becomes wise.  

According to our own monitoring of Google searches, 35,000 searches for “photo booth rentals” are made each month in the US alone. This is a huge industry, therefore you ought to try to turn a profit right away. Additionally, it integrates seamlessly with the party rental industry, allowing you to service even more clients. 

Final Thoughts 

These forms the best 10 rental side hustle ideas you can do and has the most demand in the current economy. If you want to do any of the above and have the skills needed for that, then you are good to go. Key considerations for these rental businesses include finding the right market, location, and group to lure to your business and serve them. You will soon find yourself making decent money and it will increase furthermore in the long run.