As more and more successful organizations are shifting to co-working spaces rather than having regular offices, the more difficult it is for the shared office space businesses to manage the co-working space; which cubicles and seats are being occupied by which companies, the booking procedure, an estimate of rent etc. All of these essential requirements make it necessary for a shared office space business(For eg: wework and Space-EX) to deploy a co-working space management software. After all, the world speaks technology.

Co-working space management software is not only to compete on the same level as your competitors, but to also manage your own workspace in a better and hassle-free manner; to preserve time and money and increase the efficiency of your space. You can have robust accounting, Internet Listing services, automated bookings, Customer-Relationship Management system, real-time reporting etc. and that too, all in a single place.

You don’t settle for the average in everyday life. Why should it be any different while selecting your co-working space management software? Now that we’ve understood the necessity of having Co-working software, we really want to share 13 important things that you must have in your co-working space management software if you want to advance in 2019.

Great software should not only take the workload off your shoulders but also add value to the experience of the users. As you go through the features, you can also understand in greater detail why you need co-working space management software:


#1: Technology: You’d never want to compromise on this. This is the fuel of the software.

#2: Responsive Design: To get an amazing user experience across devices with any size and layout. It is always amazing to have responsive software and users really love it!

#3: Admin Panel: Backend Access to get complete control of your platform’s performance.

#4: Revenue Model and Dashboard: Set dynamic prices as per your needs, understand and monitor the revenue-driving segment of your business through a dashboard and get the best out of sharing season!

#5: Advanced Filter: For an easier search. When you search right, you find right and then you definitely build right.

#6: Multiple Payment Gateways: Any mode of payment gateway, you can get your way.

#7: Review system: Customer satisfaction is always important.

#8: Verified Providers: Service providers or hosts should be verified. Trust is the most important factor.

#9: Easy to Customize: This makes it the most user-friendly platform for your brand.

#10: Social Media Integration: Marketing is as important as being tech-savvy. So, integrate your Social Media Channels to engage your customers and drive more sales.

#11: Booking Status Management and Rebooking: For booking and reviewing and managing booking statuses. Co-working spaces can be confusing, but that won’t be an excuse to skip on managing the space. The space on your fingertips, that’s how things have to be going in 2019.

#12: Email Notification and SMS integration: To save you from the hassles of billing and invoice communications. Adding Email notifications not only helps your customers to stay up-to-date but it also helps you build a connection with them.

#13: Member Management: Manage member information and communication on one platform. With hundreds and thousands of members sharing a single space, we certainly can’t rely on the human brain for everything, right? Thus, your co-working space management software must have a feature to manage the members in your co-working space.


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