A good parking system is an essential part of any city across the globe. The repercussion of the lack of proper parking management systems can be overwhelming. Parking management businesses play a key role in establishing less congested roads and hassle-free activities of everyday life. However, the rise in the number of vehicles is increasing the demand for more and innovative parking systems.

In an effort to meet the rising demand for more parking space, parking management businesses are evolving and reinventing the parking industry. As a result, several new features have been integrated into the parking management system making it more innovative, efficient, and seamless. In this blog, we have listed 13 innovative and smart integrations in the parking management system you may not be aware of.

  1. Parking Management Softwareparking management software is one of the most important and primary innovations in a parking management system. Apart from regulating and monitoring the requirements of the parking facility, the software for parking management is also designed to manage parking slot bookings, payments, user preferences, and provide a comprehensive report and parking data to the parking management business.
  2. Statistical Reporting Software – parking management systems involve large amounts of statistical data to help manage, improve, and optimize parking management service. A statistical reporting software can collect all information with regard to parking slots, parking duration, payments, vehicle monitoring, etc., and create a useful report on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.
  3. Parking Guidance Systems – it enables the users to locate the nearest available parking space. The parking guidance system (PGS) provides real-time information that is used to improve parking management as well as the efficiency of the system.
  4. Parking Reservation Barriers – there are different types of parking barriers that are installed to restrict and regulate the access of vehicles. The parking reservation barrier is one of the important types of parking barriers and it helps reserve the booked parking slots.
  5. Security Analysis – it is imperative for parking management facilities to have efficient security analyses as it helps in integrating the best security solutions. The security analyses can also be used in promoting the parking management facility and create a much stronger and secure parking solution.
  6. Automated Ticketing Systems – it is not enough to have a good or sophisticated ticket dispenser machine, for these machines to work seamlessly an automated ticketing system is necessary. This is generally integrated into the parking management software, which is programmable according to the user’s parking policies. The automated ticketing systems can not only dispense tickets but also accept payments and store vehicle information.
  7. Automatic Number Plate Recognition Readers – parking facilities need to monitor and have a record of all the vehicles entering and exiting the premises. An automatic number plate recognition reader (ANPR) allows for easy monitoring of the vehicles by recognizing and storing the license plate numbers to ensure the highest level of security.
  8. Automated Access Control System – automatic barriers such as arm barriers, blockers, bollards are installed as part of an automated access control system. These barriers are very useful in automating the parking facilities, which is the need of the hour. The automated access control system will help authorize the vehicles to park with smart identification technologies such as RFID, ANPR, ticket dispensers, etc.
  9. Automated Robotic Valet – parking facilities generally require more time and space and with the growing number of vehicles, it is not ideal to expand the parking facilities. As a matter of fact, parking management businesses are looking to reduce the parking footprint. The automated robotic valet can help save both time and space since the drivers can be dropped off at the entrance and vehicles can be closed much closer to each other.
  10. Vertical Car Lifts – multi-level parking facilities are growing in popularity as they use less landmass. However, they can be difficult in locating an available parking spot and park the vehicles. Vertical car lifts that are equipped with hydroelectric systems help move the vehicles vertically to the located available parking space and efficiently park them.
  11. Entrance Platform – the access point that connects to the parking/storage facility is an entrance platform. The entrance platform has a sturdy design in order to eliminate both noise and vibration. The entrance platforms are also used as turntables in order to optimize multi-directional movement from the drop off point to the destination.
  12. SelfParking Facility – parking facilities are revolutionizing the parking management system with state-of-the-art technologies and features. One such revolutionary feature is the self-parking feature that uses piloted parking technology for cars to park themselves in the available slots.
  13. Charging Docks – with the increase in the number of electric vehicles (EVs) parking management businesses have installed charging docks. EV owners find the parking duration as an ideal time to charge their cars, hence charging docks are a great value-added service that parking facilities have begun to provide. This facility can be availed by the EV owners through the software for parking management.

In the past few decades, the parking management system has come a long way. From just providing parking space for cars, it has evolved to provide smart parking options along with several value-added services. The integration of parking management software like Airbnb for parking has allowed for numerous customization options and smart parking features. With Airbnb for parking like paring software, a parking management system is destined to grow and evolve in leaps and bounds.

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