Two decades ago, no one would have even imagined that parking would play such an important role in not just the free flow of traffic but also in reducing the carbon footprint and fighting climate change. Parking has become such an essential part of the present ecosystem, so much so that one cannot imagine a world without parking facilities or parking management business. In the absence of good parking facilities, everything from travel to residing in a closed community becomes a hassle.

The underlying importance of parking facilities has enabled the rapid growth of the parking industry. Parking management businesses are looking to integrate new and advanced methodologies to grow and stay relevant to the evolving needs of the general population. In this blog, we have listed out seven little changes that can make a huge difference in parking management businesses.

  1. 3D Parking Signaling:

Just like parking sensors in cars parking spaces can be integrated with in-built 3D parking signaling sensors. This will allow the car owners and drivers to have a 3D parking guidance system for hassle-free parking. This parking aid technology is provided by Bosh and uses the parking sensors just like the ones installed into the vehicle’s bumper. The 3D parking signaling system is inexpensive and provides a great deal of confidence in parking the old muscle cars of vintage vehicles without parking sensors.

The 3D sensors allow the detection of obstacles all around the vehicles and not just at the rear. Regardless of how good or bad a driver is, 3D parking signaling enables safe and hassle-free parking.

  1. Pollution-Based Parking Fee:

Cities are struggling with rising pollution and high emission figures. The parking industry, being a major stakeholder in the transportation industry, has a huge role in curbing overall pollution. Therefore, in an attempt to save our environment and the planet at large a pollution-based parking fee system is a welcome change. Eco-friendly cars such as electric vehicles and hybrids enjoy a discount in parking fee; whereas, dirtier or highly polluting cars are levied a surcharge.

The pollution-based parking fee system was first introduced in Madrid in 2004 to reduce the carbon footprint. Years later, Madrid has successfully reduced its carbon footprint by a huge margin.

  1. Length-Based Parking Fee:

The innovation of length-based parking fee came in the light of lengthy vehicles needing more space. The rationale behind this innovation is that if smaller cars were to be parked in the space used by lengthy cars, more vehicles can utilize the same parking space. With the growth of the number of cars rising at an alarming rate the need for larger parking space became inevitable, which would result in wasteful development of landmass.

Therefore, to reduce the parking footprint, parking management businesses can adopt the length-based parking fee.

  1. Residential Parking Rates:

There are several tourist spots that are shared by the residents of that neighborhood in almost every city across the world. In such cases, there is a constant struggle between the locals and the tourists in finding a parking spot. Although tourists are a major source of revenue generation, the residents need to enjoy the preference of the parking spot. Residential parking rates allow the residents to enjoy the privilege of using a parking spot at lower rates, whereas the tourists will be required to pay more.

The rationale behind the residential parking rates is that the residents already pay taxes to maintain their streets as well as the parking facility.

This innovative pricing system was first introduced in Miami Beach, where the tourists were charged $1.75 an hour, while the residents were required to pay only $1 for the same hour.

  1. Wireless Charging:

On a positive note, electric vehicles are constantly increasing in number as people continue to grow conscious of the environment. However, with the increase in the number of electric vehicles, the need for EV infrastructure is more imperative than ever. Charging docks are the basic requirement of EVs and parking facilities have already integrated charging docks for EVs. However, the constant struggle with cables and thereby accessibility is becoming an unending problem.

With the recent innovation in the field of wireless charging for EVs, parking lots can bid adieu to messy cables and cords.

  1. Pay by Plate System:

Having parking meters means having access gates and barriers. Access gates and barriers lead to slow and inefficient processing of payments. Parking meters and access barriers are things of the past era. The pay-by-plate system allows the drivers to punch in their license plate number into the parking kiosk and later pay by any mode. The pay-by-plate system also allows the car owners or drivers to reserve a parking spot for however long they want to and renew the reservation at any time and from anywhere using the parking app.

This pay-by-plate system allows the users to change their parking spot or reuse the space after a quick exit without any additional costs.

  1. Parking Management Software or App:

We saved the best for the last. A parking management software is perhaps the amalgamation of all the abovementioned tenets. You can manage all your parking management business’ needs through comprehensive and robust parking software. From opening a parking slot to receiving the payments, everything can be executed on the parking management software. A robust and intuitive parking software can not only help manage your parking business but also grow and scale your parking management business.

Regardless of how big and demanding your parking business is, parking software can handle anything and everything. RentCubo is the right software and IT partner for your growing parking management business.

Research indicates that more than 44% of drivers find parking to be a stressful experience and the average driver spends almost four days every year looking for parking spaces. By changing your parking management business and making it more efficient you can be a contributing factor in reducing these overwhelming figures.

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