Customizable clone apps are an online solution that combines the essential capabilities of any popular app. With a customizable app clone, you can easily and rapidly arrive at your chosen online platform, fulfilling your online company needs.

Clone apps are gaining all the hype and the reason being they are proficient, contemporary, competent, advanced than their original predecessors, and highly cost-effective. RentCubo is one of the best clone app development companies available in the market with an array of business verticals.

In short, using a premade and dependable app clone script can significantly reduce the cost and time spent developing an app. RentCubo offers a brand of handcrafted app clones for many sectors and we have listed them in this exclusive blog for you.

Insights on App Clones

Cloned applications take inspiration from a popular online platform and produce a duplicate with additional features tailored to the demands and requirements of the business. Businesses can even customize their app with their own features and languages while replicating the other app, allowing us to handle the headache of clone app development so you may concentrate on other elements of your business.

If you are of the assumption that clone apps are mere replicas of a successful business model, then you are wrong. Clone apps are designed and developed to be much more than their original counterparts in every aspect possible. Clone app development companies invest several hours of research in perfecting the existing model by adding more advanced features, bettering the functionalities, and making it perform optimally.

Advanced App Clone Products RentCubo Offers

  • Taxi-hailing App:

This is one of the preliminary products we offer. Uber is an established taxi-hailing app with an outstanding business model and RentCubo has developed an even more impressive Zoom car clone app. RentCar‘s auto rental business software makes it simple to launch a self-driving car rental company. The administrator, fleet owner, and passenger all have their own dashboards in the automobile rental script. To book a self-driving vehicle on the platform, the user side of the car rental software has an easy-to-use and straightforward interface, similar to Airbnb for car hire.

  • Vacation Rental App:

Airbnb is an established and highly profitable business model in the vocational rental property booking industry. You cannot go wrong with an Airbnb clone apps and we are proud to say that RentCubo has exceeded our expectations by a mile. Individual landlords list their homes/rooms or apartments for short-term vacation rentals on the platform, which do not own any property. The Airbnb clone makes it simple for anyone to start a comparable business, allowing landlords to list and manage all of their properties on the platform. It also includes an advanced search feature that allows travelers to select a suitable vacation property quickly.

  • Parking Management App:

Vehicle parking spaces and systems are an essential part of everyday life and it simply cannot be negated. RentPark makes it simple to run a parking slot management company. Our parking management software allows you to run a parking lot management company from anywhere in the world. It enables you to quickly add parking slots to the system, advertise them on the user domain, and collect user bookings and payments. Everything was completed entirely online.

  • Coworking Space Management App:

Even as the whole world is settling down from the chaos of the global pandemic and its ensuing lockdown, coworking spaces are on rising. This means a proper and robust coworking space management app is more than essential. RentCowork‘s coworking space software makes it simple to find new workspaces near a user’s location. You may build a coworking space marketplace with RentCowork that accepts listings from numerous coworking space service providers.

  • Self-storage Management App:

Storage needs are exceeding the expectations of both individuals and business organizations. RentStorage is a self-storage software that allows self-storage space providers to register and list their self-storage spaces for rent to individuals who are interested in renting them. During the registration process, service providers must upload a selfie as well as a photo of the property they desire to offer. After that, the administrator verifies the photograph and the information submitted before deciding whether or not to approve the application.

  • Rental Equipment Management App:

It is not ideal for construction companies or small workers to own all kinds of tools and equipment for the job, which is why rental equipment companies are gaining more popularity these days. RentTools makes launching a dynamic online rental marketplace to lease tools a breeze. Business administrators, tool owners, and tool users will all have separate dashboards to observe, record, track, and update their business requirements. The equipment rental entrepreneur will have unfettered access to business updates, transactions, the rental calendar, and the real-time status of lending/renting the tools using this equipment rentals software.


Our ready-to-use custom on-demand app and web development solution is suitable for a variety of businesses. We’ve added top-of-the-line features like real-time tracking, route optimization, fleet customized statistics and reports, live chat assistance, and more, based on several years of learning and experience.