What is the one most important thing and probably the first thing that comes to our minds when we think of visiting a place for vacation? Accommodation, right? You might be knowing about websites like Airbnb, and even if you don’t, we are here to help you. While it seems to be a really attractive idea to have a vacation rental business like Airbnb, we need to understand what you should look while developing an AirBnB clone.

What is AirBnB? Why do people use it?

Airbnb is a rental platform connecting people who want to rent out their spare rooms and travelers looking for accommodation. It is a win-win situation for both the hosts (people who rent their spare rooms) and travelers because while the hosts earn some income from their property, the travelers get accommodations at affordable rates, certainly cheaper rates than a hotel room.</p

If you are thinking of starting a business, there are very few more-demanding options than a vacation-rental business since there are so many people who love traveling. Airbnb earns primarily by charging the travelers (6%-12% of the total booking) and charging the hosts as hosting fee (about 3%).

What are the expected features of a website like AirBnB? Now that we know what is AirBnB and why people are loving it, let’s know what features are some necessary features in an AirBnB clone:

1 – Revolutionary Technology:

To integrate Email and SMS communications platform for smooth sales operations and to integrate Social Media channels for addressing issues and drive more sales. Google Map integration is an additional bonus so as to sync property locations on the platform. Moreover, you can allow users to run sales campaigns and accept vouchers on the billing page. You should have the backend access to monitor and modify the performance elements of your platform.

2 – Multiple payment gateways:

To receive bookings from customers in any part of the world to book any property, to accept payments swiftly and securely in different modes and currencies. Apart from that, to review and manage your bookings, you may want to have a dashboard as well.

3 – Responsive design:

The platform should be built such that it can work seamlessly on devices of any size and layout. Responsive designs provide a great user experience and it will, as a result, help you to convert your visitors into customer sales. Apart from this, Static page management can be used for the faster loading time of the page (Everybody hates a sow-loading page!). You would also like to make sure that your platform is easy to customize according to your brand guidelines. Here’s some extra information for the tech-geeks: React (a JavaScript library) can be used to build single-page or mobile applications.

4 – SEO Friendly URLs:

The web and mobile platforms should be designed from ground-up to boost site SEO to attract more traffic. You would like to have 100% access to the site’s metadata and settings. Additionally, if the site is compatible with Google Analytics, it’ll be even easier to monitor site traffic consistently. Make sure that the hosts are verified.

The apt Tech-stack will set you right on track!

The following technology stack is used in a website like AirBnB:

Bootstrap (for responsive design, so that your website can be accessed easily on devices of any layout), ReactJS (For a remarkable User Interface), Laravel (For smooth BackEnd services).

If you want a mobile application, you may like to use Native java for purely Android application, Swift for iOS devices. You might like to build a hybrid application (that works on both Android and iOS devices), but it is usually not scalable.

For push notifications, the latest technology being used is REDIS Server and Queue Concept.

Let’s get to the costs…because money is important after all!

Building a website like Airbnb may cost around $1200, including the cost of a readymade script, customizations and support for one whole year. The readymade clone script alone costs somewhere between $600 and $1000.

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