The vacation rental business has a prime influence on promoting the growth of various business domains in the travel industry. Undoubtedly, Airbnb is the first name that comes in our minds while talking about vacation rental accommodations. It took the travel industry by storms with a straight forward yet highly sophisticated digital solutions.

According to Statista, the user base of Airbnb has increased to 60 million with total revenue of US $805.32 million in 2018. It is categorically a prominent marketplace for building various projects based on rental business model. It offers different revenue options to entrepreneurs as well as the hosts where they can put their valuable money and time on vacation rentals at different levels.

Airbnb is a successful rental business that allows people to rent private apartments, houses, or even rooms. It is very obvious that Airbnb is among the forerunners on a global scale, but it is not the only player in this segment. Entrepreneurs with similar business instincts are trying to build various vacation rental software solutions like Airbnb. The numerous revenue models in the Airbnb clone scripts help in stimulating the online marketplace. These clone scripts include multiple features and functionalities, moving a step forward of the original Airbnb.

You might be wondering why Airbnb Clone Scripts? What additional revenue opportunities will they bring in the business? How to start a rental business using Airbnb clone scripts? Let’s dive in to learn more about it.

Why Airbnb Clone Scripts?

If you want to create a location-based peer-peer marketplace like Airbnb, why don’t you develop the website from scratch directly? Of course, you can develop your site from scratch if you have tech skills, time, and money. Developing a website from scratch will also give you a unique value proposition to your website. However, it is a cumbersome and time-consuming process that requires a lot of effort.

Webmasters get the real advantage of using clone scripts at this point. The modern technologies and advanced tools at their fingertips will no longer take much time and make them a fortune for upcoming projects. It is not necessary to code your site from scratch when ready-made site builders are already offering better solutions.

You can create a website like Airbnb business by using a clone script. Also called as turnkey rental marketplace software, a clone script is an easy and economical option that offers a ready-made solution. The vendors also provide the source code access so that you can customize your site by yourself, or can also hire a skilled developer to do it for you. You can have your entire website set up and get your business live in a quick time. You’ll easily get all the features and functionalities in a unified platform. The cost of production is also low in this case.

Building an app like Airbnb with basic features from scratch will cost around $25,000-$35,0000, but the price of an Airbnb clone script with all cutting-edge features starts from as low as $600-$1500. Hence, most of the business owners prefer to use ready-made solutions to kick start their marketplace business by getting all the advantages on their platforms.

Benefits of Ready-made Clone Scripts:

The open-source platform equipped with all the features and functionalities helps in generating revenue from the vacation rental business. All the advanced features like guest-host communication, wish list feature, advanced search filter, multi-currency support, payment systems, and additional features like server requirements, admin dashboard, and monetization are equipped with the ready-made clone script. You can also install it on multiple domains and use it for different niches.

Revenue Options Supported by Airbnb Clone:

The integrated revenue options of Airbnb clone scripts make them valuable in the market. The platform owners receive a bunch of provisions to monetize from a rental marketplace. It allows entrepreneurs to manage and uphold their rental websites with updated information.

An Airbnb clone script can also be equipped with different types of revenue methods to generate money for your business. The two major revenue channels include:

  • Commission from Hosts: Lets you charge commission cut from hosts on every booking done through your marketplace.
  • Transaction fee from Guests: Also lets you charge a percentage cut of the booking amount as transaction fee from the guests on every confirmed booking.

Additional Revenue Generating Options:

With a highly customizable clone script, you can incorporate numerous other revenue streams on your platform. It will bring consistency in your income from the travel booking site. Always keep in mind that only incorporating the in-built revenue options or facilities will not bring more business and profit for you.

Here are some more influencing instances that can help you bringing-in more assured business along with the heightened income flow in your vacation rental business.

  • Host Registration fee: Whenever a new user enters your website, you can get money as the registration fee. For example, if a user wants to list his/her property or services on a rental website, he/she should go through the complete process of registration. The webmaster can charge a certain amount for each user registration.
  • Property listing fee: If some host wants to list his/her property on the website, he/she should pay a particular amount to the webmaster for a relevant listing. This property listing fee is the key source of driving revenue for your vacation rental platform.
  • Property verification fee: The property verification fee is the most significant instance that helps you to list only the entrusted properties on your website and gain income for verified and trusted properties.
  • Traveler commissions: When the travelers book a property through your website, the owner of the particular property should pay a certain amount to webmasters as travel commission. This is also called a host service fee, which the admin can collect as absolute money from the property owner.
  • Advertisement Options: Advertisement is one of the premium options accessible for platform owners to monetize their online rental platform. If you include third-party Ads on your website, you can charge a good sum of amount from the advertisers. The Ad-banners and Ad-captcha are the additional money earning facilities that help the business to get more money with ease.

Multiple revenue opportunities are the key highlights in the Airbnb clone scripts. The easy-to-use admin features in clone scripts simplify the management related tasks no matter how many properties a website hosts. The vacation rental website software is suitable for businesses of all sizes.

Wrapping Up

Airbnb is a pioneering element in the online property rental market. If you wish to start a business by taking a reference from Airbnb, the Airbnb clone will help you to furnish your rental business. Using an advanced rental script and following the above-mentioned instincts, you can start-up a rental website in a shorter span of time. You can also approach the best vendors in the market for the best clone scripts to launch your rental business. The rental marketplaces are always open with distinct choices for entrepreneurs/business owners to make money.