There is no such thing as flawless software for everyone. This is especially true in a vertical market with such a wide range of products, such as self-storage. Facility-management software began as a simple way to manage units and track payments, but it quickly expanded into a central core of operations that now encompasses much more than that.

These relatively basic platforms now offer an incredible variety of capabilities and integrations, including advanced revenue management, tenant communication, and marketing automation. However, with fancy features comes the risk of unwelcome change. Even if you fell in love with management software only a few years ago, it may now look, feel, perform, or even cost a lot more than it did when you first bought it.

In this blog by RentStorage, a leading self-storage management software development company, and a subsidiary of RentCubo, one of the best rental software development companies, we bring you a list of some of the best self-storage facility management software in 2022.

What is Self-Storage Software?

Both single- and multi-property managers employ self-storage management software. It gives them access to facility maps, electronic signatures, and payment management. Advanced systems can give consumers more options by connecting with customer relationship management (CRM), financial, and work management software.

The Prevailing Question

The most important consideration when selecting management software is how you want your system to work. There are two types of platforms available: standalone and cloud-based.

Although standalone software was the original format, Windows or even DOS is still used today, albeit it is far less frequent. Your applications and data are stored locally on your computer in a standalone system. Manual backups are often performed and stored on a local or external hard drive.

The majority of industry software providers now provide a cloud-based product since it offers the most potential benefits to the end customer. Providers, for example, host their data on tried-and-true data networks. This allows your data to be stored close to you, allowing for a quick and reliable software connection.

List of Best Self-Storage Management Software

  • Storeganise:

In more than 25 countries around the world, Storeganise delivers sophisticated management software to self-storage enterprises of all sizes. Give your customers a mobile-friendly option to book, manage, and pay for storage space right from their phones. You can also set up entirely automatic move-ins, allowing you to run unattended sites while keeping an eye on everything from afar.

  • Unit Trac:

Unit Trac is a self-storage software solution that allows customers to manage their facilities over the cloud. Lease management, credit card processing, facility mapping, business bookkeeping, and multi-device compatibility are all important aspects.

Users may construct leases, track payments, customize deposits and rent costs, and produce invoices using Unit Trac’s lease management system. It maintains track of rental payments and sends out reminder emails to tenants when rent is due. For payments made with credit cards, Unit Trac ensures security and PCI compliance.

RentStorage is the brainchild of RentCubo, one of the leading rental management script developers. With years of experience in the rental management business, RentStorage is developed in partnership with industry-leading self-storage experts. RentStorage is a feature-packed software that provides seamless operations, interoperability, and great scope for scalability increasing profitability all through the way.

  • WebSelfStorage:

WebSelfStorage is an online property management software that assists businesses in managing facilities, reservations, tenant insurance, and other aspects of their operations. Deposit tracking, a property map, customer management, access restriction, and late charge computation are all important elements.

Customers can use the platform to receive rent dues reminders, transfer payments, and track rent histories all from one place. WebSelfStorage also allows teams to use site map tools to construct maps and color-code relevant information.

  • Yardi Breeze:

Yardi Breeze is a delightfully simple property management software that was created with one objective in mind: to give our users a single platform that is simple to use and makes use of the most recent breakthroughs in cloud-based technology. You can promote, lease, and manage your portfolio from anywhere, on any device, with Breeze.

Self-storage facilities rent out storage units, such as rooms, containers, lockers, and warehouses, on a weekly or monthly basis. Individuals and organizations such as merchants, importers, exporters, transporters, and manufacturers are typical self-storage customers. Self-storage firms give additional services such as insurance, biometric access, video monitoring, climate control, and personal guards in exchange for a small monthly fee.