In this post: we look at how loyalty programs, when tied with parking facilities at airports can generate a lot of revenue and valuable marketing insights.

Airports generate income from three sources

With air travel getting cheaper, more destinations are being added in developing economies – especially in Asia. More destinations means more airports. Airports generate income from three sources:

  • Surcharges levied as part of the ticket fare
  • Income generated through retail spaces inside the airport premises
  • Income generated from parking services

Transport hubs such as airports and subways are prime locations to generate a lot of retail based income. As more people drive to airports, they constantly pay parking charges. Come to think of it, why do airports treat these three sources of income as separate entities.

Aren’t the same people who pay for parking, spend money at retail stores inside the airport, and pay for tickets to fly?

Why don’t airports create loyalty programs and tie all three income sources and reward passengers who frequent the airport and spend money? This is the crux of our argument in this post.

Loyalty programs tied with parking facilities

Loyalty programs reward passengers for spending time and money at airports. The best thing is, airports have no competition. As the primary reason people access airports is to fly. So, it makes more sense to assess, analyze, and reward entire spending cycles of select passengers who access the airport frequently. A solid case has been made and the data is in – the need for airport parking customer loyalty programs has never been greater.

This way you collect more data – leading to better marketing insights

The general aim of airports is to keep customers spending more time inside the airport. The more time passengers spend inside the airport, more the chances of them spending money. To enable this, every airport’s marketing department needs to study it’s passenger behaviour and cater to the needs of passengers. The idea is to create a seamless process of touchpoints to influence passenger purchasing decisions.

See the top trends in parking lot management

The first interaction passengers have at an airport is at the parking terminal. Airport apps should allow passengers to use in-built navigation to drive straight to the empty parking lot and pay via a mobile device. This is the right time to send a pop up message on their phone to thank them for parking and to reward them with sales coupons or codes.

A recent survey shows that the number one reason a passenger might spend more is that they receive an offer in advance. To achieve this, the entire airport’s communication platform should sync with the airport’s consumer facing mobile application. This is how you drive real-time contextual loyalty.

An airport parking customer loyalty program is the perfect solution for linking loyal customer rewards to airport terminal outlets and services by facilitating passenger connection and engagement. When all three ends are tied together, airports can understand user behavior in a much better and a detailed manner. In the age of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, consumer behavior data is a gold mine waiting to be tapped.

Loyalty programs helps airports boost revenue

When the parking process is made easy – with in app navigation and on-the-go payments etc. – airports will boost parking revenue. And when parking services is stitched with retail spending via a loyalty program, airports tend to increase revenue from ancillary sources as well.

A comprehensive guide to choose the best parking lot management software

Managing airports is a big task. So many entities and services need to be tied up together. As we start rewarding consumers right from the parking lot, it is necessary to integrate the most modern parking lot software which can run side-by-side an existing airport managing software platform.

The right software to manage parking lots at airports

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Buying or investing on software solutions is a tough ask, especially with multiple platforms offering similar features.

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