Make Your Customized Vacation Rental Software With An Airbnb Clone Script

Make Your Customized Vacation Rental Software With An Airbnb Clone Script

Now, along with your travel itinerary, you can also plan your stay at a rental guest house, home, and rooms irrespective of the destination. With emerging online rental marketplaces like Airbnb, it is possible to get rental housing and much more across the world. Isn’t interesting? Yes, the concept has also helped homeowners who wish to rent out their apartments, offices, room, etc to people who are traveling across the globe.

As a result, many new players are joining this internet rental industry in an effort to succeed like Airbnb. Like Airbnb, everyone wants to build their own online rental marketplace. Let’s learn more about Airbnb first before learning more about the Airbnb clone script.

Airbnb-A successful online rental business venture 

The successful vacation rental company Airbnb enables business owners to generate greater revenues in less time. They facilitate their interaction with those who require their services. It helps build a perfect routine for students, and pensioners who wish to earn income by renting out their properties and entering the vacation rental venture. As far as travelers are concerned they are used to Airbnb services as it offers a homely environment away from home. Travelers take advantage of high-caliber services at affordable costs.

Due to the fact that numerous business modules have been generated from the leasing concept, it is currently becoming more and more popular. The blog will inform you about the Airbnb clone script if you are preparing to launch your vacation rental business app or website. It is the ideal answer for market-available rental scripts.

Exclusive characteristics that can be considered for the vacation rental app like Airbnb 

Guest features

The term “guests” refers to individuals who look for a home or other property to stay in after traveling to an unfamiliar location. They will be those that seek out cozy destinations to take a holiday.

Below given are the essential features that have to be included:

  • Advanced search filters

It permits guests to filter their search according to their budget, location, and other crucial categories.

  • Wishlist

This is where users can save their favorite listings for the future booking process.

  • Edit profile

This feature allows them to control their entire profile.

  • Document verification

Using this feature users can upload their documents and get verified by the admin.

  • Internal messaging system

Guests and hosts can communicate with each other and can clear all queries using this in-app messaging system.

  • Upcoming and previous trips

The entire trip history can be managed using this feature.

  • SMS verification

To enhance security in the platform, users can verify themselves using SMS.

  • Report user

For any case of mistreatment or fakeness, users can report the host.

Host features

Hosts are meant for people who post properties or spare places on the website for the guests to see and book their property. Instead, the host will get a stable income after the booking gets completed.  

The host has the privilege to accept or decline the booking request based on their preference. They can list their property with all the detailed information about the property that includes images, facilities, etc.  

Indispensable features of the host

  • iCal integration

The calendar can be exported or imported, and the host can use iCal to sync their calendar with other external calendars.

  • Manage Reservations

The host has complete control over every reservation for every single listing on the marketplace.

  • Transaction history

From the platform, the host can manage the completed transactions, future transactions, and gross earnings on the platform.

  • Payout preferences

The host can choose the required payout method to receive the payment from the admin.

  • Seasonal pricing

The host can set special pricing for guests during the peak festive season or during long holidays.

  • Manage listings

The host can manage the entire listings that are created or published on the platform.

  • Message History

Enables the host to see the history of every chat between guests and hosts.


Digital revolutionization is no more a foreign word. Any business type that wants to survive in the highly competent technological world has to take out the initiative to engrave its presence in the digital platform. There is no better moment than now to start a digital adventure, whether it be for a long-standing vacation rental company.

We, the team of All-in-One-Cluster provide you with comprehensive assistance to set out on your success path with the vacation rental app development. Our Airbnb clone is developed with all the user-friendly functionalities to climb the ladder of success in your niche. Make a call, talk with our expert team, and set on your digital journey in no time.  

Establish Your Brand By Getting Onboard With Airbnb Clone

Establish Your Brand By Getting Onboard With Airbnb Clone

Your property is rented out to visitors by a vacation rental company for a set period of time. The best lodging is a traveler’s top concern while planning a trip. As a result, this industry is becoming more and more popular in today’s culture.

This marketplace allowed visitors or guests to book from the comfort of their homes after studying all of the lodging options, reviews, and ratings, rather than asking about hotels in the destination spot.

In contrast, a host is primarily focused on making money from the vacation rental sector by renting out their house or hotel rooms. Find the best vacation rental clone on the market once you’ve chosen your online rental business, and start operating straight away. Without understanding how to code, anyone interested in beginning a vacation rental business can enjoy the robust features of the vacation rental script RentCubo right now. And in this article, we’ll tell you how to quickly launch a rental company using an app that is already built to be an exact replica of Airbnb.

  • Define Your Objective:

Make sure you comprehend the purpose of the app before you begin. By seamlessly connecting the “host” (the owner of a rental property) and the “guest,” as well as managing the listed property, the purpose of building an Airbnb-style software is to give seamless customer service in the rental sector.

  • Design The Layout Of Features:

The modules that will be assembled should be planned and documented. It shortens the lag time and speeds up the process. Users (hosts and visitors) and system administrators are the two main foci of the software that mimics Airbnb. The main functions of an app like Airbnb are listed below. The gateway module can only be accessed by authorized users. Using app development, such as Airbnb, users can enter the system through a variety of entry points. Users provide data to register, then use that data to verify their identity. Some of the essential elements for your Airbnb clone app are given below.

o User profile:

They have the same profile on the imitation of Airbnb (i.e. users switch roles with a single login). They can use it to do the task in the same way.

o Smart search:

Using a combination of effective algorithms and back-end structure, the guest query is flushed out. Using this module, the visitor selects the perfect rental space by providing information about where, when, and how to go along with it.

o Booking interface:

A crucial component of the entire system is the module for renting out space. After the guest selects the desired location, specific information about it is given, including a clear description, appealing pictures, etc.

o In-app chat:

Messages can be sent and received to keep connectivity. The trust between the host and guest is explained by their apprehensions regarding the space book.

o User reviews:

Using the review tool, you can increase credibility. Similar features, such user ratings and reviews of accommodations and service, are included in the best Airbnb clones.

o Property listing:

The primary module of the host, where they can communicate through words, images, live streaming videos, and other methods. A host can add facilities, pricing, and booking discounts, among other things, to spruce up the listing.

  • Functionality Layout:

Through its seamless connections, Airbnb gives its consumers comfort. The first step in the procedure is to create a profile on one of the many social networking sites that allow users to be verified. The user must now decide if they want to be a host or a guest at this point. Users in a rental app have the option to switch between being the host and the guest in the same account; this seamless transition ought to be necessary. You, as the host, can put information about your rental property online so that visitors can see it quickly.

  • App Design:

It’s time to doodle a rough draft of the app’s design now that you have thoroughly laid out the majority of its components. The design of the app is the most appealing feature that can either entice or repel people, making it the most important component of an Airbnb clone app.

An Airbnb clone app with a cluttered design will be undesirable to the users and cause them to abandon the app as quickly as possible in contrast to a well-thought-out home rental software with a simple and clean design that will invite users to explore the app.


Don’t get caught up in the intricacies just yet. There are still more, like building micro services and architectural patterns. All that needs to be taken into account is a straightforward, scalable MVP solution that enables your firm or organization to pivot when necessary without going bankrupt.

Airbnb Launches New Safety Features For Solo Travelers

Airbnb Launches New Safety Features For Solo Travelers

The unexpected pandemic outbreak has changed everything regarding daily life, which includes the way people work and travel. As a result of this unexpected scenario, there are ample people working online rather than commuting daily. Similarly, people are confined to their own houses which makes it impossible to travel during this period, and it has adversely impacted national and international travel.

Hence, people who can work from home have the liberty to travel without hindering their job, and understanding this situation, Airbnb has come forward with new safety features that are solely available for individuals who travel alone.

The Airbnb company in their recent blog post shared the fact that they have taken off the caption “ live anywhere” and they are given more significance to people who are working remotely and can travel alone.

According to Airbnb’s internal data, 26% of all nights booked in 2021 were from solo travelers. Moreover, more than 50% of nights booked for long-term stays during the first quarter of 2022 were also solo travelers.  

This is the reason why Airbnb has implemented new safety measures to accelerate the security of people traveling alone to a strange place.

What is Airbnb?

Airbnb is a rental booking platform that enables individuals to make hotel reservations before they even leave for their locations. They can choose their lodging after looking at its images and learning everything there is to know about the amenities it offers. For their stay, visitors can hire everything from a single room to a suite or even a castle. Airbnb acts as a central meeting place for hosts and visitors. Users can see each item and reserve a suitable place to stay when homeowners advertise their houses on the app. Later, Airbnb acknowledged the enormous value of this unique and implemented the concept of Airbnb. Many people began renting out the empty space in their homes to get an additional income.

The New Safety Features of Airbnb

When a visitor books a private or shared room, the new feature for lone travelers is turned on. This new tool, which Airbnb refers to as a “dedicated in-app experience,” will display “professional suggestions” for solitary travelers on how to be safe.

It is feasible for single travelers to let relatives and friends know where they are staying and the details of their reservation thanks to Airbnb’s safety feature. The address, check-in, check-out dates, and reservation codes will only be visible to those you can trust.

The new tool will also offer automatic suggestions to assist solitary travelers to ask pertinent questions based on research and other travelers’ experiences in that area after a guest has booked a room. The app will advise users to ask their hosts questions like, “Is there anything I should know about the neighborhood?” and “would you be available if I need help during my stay?”

By employing this tactic, they hope to create a safety net and encourage travelers who are traveling alone to book with ease: “We hope that this new product will better equip solo travelers on Airbnb to be more informed travelers by getting their pre-trip questions answered, giving them a better understanding of their surroundings, and informing the important people in their lives about where they will be and for how long.”

Although the new in-app experience is currently only available in English, Airbnb wants to eventually make it available in other locales and tongues. The brand is mostly focused on providing unique experiences for women, but for the time being, the new option will be accessible to all solo travelers, regardless of gender.

New Updates of Airbnb

Recently, Airbnb has been very busy, adding new features to their app, giving useful travel statistics, and even making more platform improvements. To provide tourists with more thrilling and engaging options, the firm has added new buttons and categories for its over 6 million listings, including the OMG houses.

The business has been adjusting to meet the needs of contemporary travelers as the pandemic has been brought under better control and more travelers wish to travel and work remotely. Airbnb has previously taken action to address the needs of remote workers and continuously modifies COVID-related policies in response to regional constraints and global health advancements.

The company has recently added a 24/7 safety line for travelers, a Local Emergency Services in-app experience to reach emergency services locally (recently expanded to 70 countries), and now users can also add an emergency contact to their profile to help the company reach out to a friend or family member in case of emergency. Safety seems to be the main concern at the moment.


By deliberately integrating safety and security with solo travel at its core, Airbnb aims to better arm solo travelers with advice and knowledge, especially so that they may notify the people in their lives who matter most about the specifics of their upcoming trip.

The seriousness with which apps like Airbnb approach passenger safety is comforting. Going on a solo vacation will be safer and more secure with the use of these new Airbnb safety products for traveling.

RentRoom Is The Only Next Generation Rental Booking Script In Market

RentRoom Is The Only Next Generation Rental Booking Script In Market

We’ve all heard it before: the gig or sharing economy is the way of the future. It allows people to rent out their assets or services to others for a price. Provider of online travel and property rental booking services- Airbnb is only one example of the rise of the gig economy. With only a few taps from your smartphone, you can now book hotels, purchase airline tickets, and compare electronics costs. Investing in Airbnb clone mobile app development services is a great way for company owners and travel agencies to increase revenues.

The Airbnb clone is software that is comparable to Airbnb in terms of fundamental features and functionality. Business owners can launch a vacation rental business as Airbnb by using an Airbnb clone script. The appropriate software to start a rental business right now is an Airbnb clone. It is easily configurable, allowing anyone to implement their own business ideas in accordance with market needs.

In the online business sector, there are numerous Airbnb clones. The top-tier ones are determined by the provider’s features, functionality, support, and services. Select the one that is required for your business and proceed to the rental business area. To help you go with it we present to you RentRoom a proficient Airbnb clone app by RentCubo. Undisputedly, RentRoom is one of the best and next-gen rental booking scripts you can get for yourself and we tell you why in this blog.

Why Replicate Airbnb?

Airbnb is one of the most well-known and rapidly expanding travel and property rental booking services in the world. It functions essentially as an online marketplace for property owners and travelers. Travelers can use this platform to rent a space, a room, or the complete property of the actual owners for a set amount of time. The property owner, on the other hand, can use their smartphone to list their flat or home on the platform. The convenience with which you can arrange vacation experiences has made this business extremely popular all around the world.

Why RentRoom is the Best Rental Booking Script like Airbnb?

If you want to make good money and expand your business by cloning the Airbnb iOS or Android app, you must first understand its business model and key features. The structure of RentRoom’s Airbnb clone is built around its home owners and travelers. It operates on an aggregator business model, which is also adopted by other well-known sharing economy startups such as Ola and Uber. People can use this platform to rent out their empty apartments for extra money, while travelers can schedule experiences at low prices. As a result, it’s a “win-win” situation for both property owners and visitors.

  • Revenue generation:

Airbnb, on the other hand, takes a commission on every booking made through its platform. Every year, over 30 lakh bookings are made, equating to approximately 2.50 lakh bookings every month. Both travelers and hosts pay commission fees to Airbnb.

Travelers pay a transaction fee for booking various experiences, Airbnb charges a commission of up to 6-12 percent. Reservation charges (per room charges), housekeeping fees, service charges, tenancy, extra guest fees, currency conversion fees, and so on are all examples. Airbnb also charges its host members a 3 to 5% commission for offering their property on the platform. In addition, for each booking received by the host, a 10% service fee is collected.

  • Return on investment:

Airbnb is a multibillion-dollar corporation that made $4 billion in earnings in 2019. For your business, you can employ a skilled Android or iOS app development company to create an Airbnb clone app. You can make a lot of money if you choose one of the following business models for your Airbnb clone app:

o   Commission – Your website or app will operate as a middleman between property owners and travelers in this business model. You can charge a commission to both sellers and purchasers who use your platform to rent or buy a home.

o   Advertisement – For showing advertisements on your property-rental service website or app, you can charge hotel and restaurant owners. You will charge commission fees to advertisers every time a visitor to your website clicks on a certain ad and is redirected to a third-party hotel or restaurant website.

o   Subscription – Under this model, you can offer a subscription-based service to property owners and travelers, in which they pay monthly, quarterly, or annually for services (such as purchasing airline tickets, renting a car, or booking a vacation package) through your online marketplace platform.

  • Tech stack of RentRoom:

An app like Airbnb can be built using a variety of modern technologies. Swift (iOS), Javascript, Kotlin (Android), and other popular programming languages are used in the development of Airbnb clone apps. Partner with experienced Android or iOS developers to assist you in determining the best technology stack for your needs.


If you have a unique business idea and want to build your own dream app like Airbnb, you should surely team up with a professional mobile app development partner like RentRoom to make your dream a reality. Please contact us at any moment if you have any questions about the development of an Airbnb clone app. At no additional cost, one of our business analysts will provide you with a custom quote for your project.

What Should Be The Tech Stack To Build A Airbnb Like App

What Should Be The Tech Stack To Build A Airbnb Like App

The tourism industry was one of the hardest damaged by the pandemic. However, as Airbnb’s own narrative demonstrates, crises usually bring new opportunities. It began in San Francisco in 2008. Short on funds, two roommates devised a plan to rent out a couple of air mattresses in their rented apartment as a B&B. They soon decided to make it possible for others to do the same on the internet. Their creation currently has over 150 million active users globally and is worth around $130 billion.

The gig economy is thriving currently more than ever, as evidenced by the growing number of Airbnb hosts and Uber drivers. Knowing how to design an app like Airbnb can be the start of a fantastic business, with an increasing number of individuals sharing their homes with travelers as a source of income.

Airbnb is an online vacation rental marketplace that connects customers looking for lodging with homeowners looking to rent their homes. The vacation rental sector is distinct from hotels that provide short-term lodging to their visitors. We, at RentCubo, have put together a comprehensive blog that explains the tech stack required or preferably used to build an Airbnb clone app. Read along.

What is Airbnb?

Airbnb is a renowned vacation rental platform that allows people to rent a local place to stay while also improving the experience for both hosts and guests. Airbnb’s headquarters are in San Francisco, and the company offers online hospitality services through mobile and web applications all around the world.

The company began by developing a simple website where individuals could offer lodging to travelers visiting their area. The corporation launched a mobile application for its product after nine years of consistent sales.

In recent years, Airbnb has expanded its offerings to include a list of experiences and reviews for various eateries and lodging costs for travelers. Furthermore, the firm intends to enhance its user experience by incorporating sightseeing tours and travel guide services provided by local Airbnb hosts.

How do Apps like Airbnb Work?

The most important thing to remember when learning “how to design an app like Airbnb” is that the app should flow smoothly from beginning to end. For outstanding evaluations, the app should be simple to use and deliver a better user experience. Here is the workflow of the Airbnb clone app:

  •  The property owner includes a description of their property, as well as restrictions, rates, amenities, and any other information that will entice travelers to book their stay.
  •  The traveler looking for rental property will narrow down his search by location, price range, and other important factors.
  •  After locating the ideal property that meets his requirements, he will make a reservation request.
  •  The property owner will next decide whether to accept or reject the traveler’s booking request.
  •  The money is deducted from the traveler’s account if the owner accepts the booking request. After the stay, the user will pay the outstanding balance to the owner.
  •  Finally, the property owner and the traveler can compare notes for future reference.

Ideal Tech Stack to Build an App like Airbnb

To properly build the Airbnb app framework, it is required to become familiar with some programming languages and frameworks used to create the application. To create an Airbnb clone app, you’ll need to be familiar with the following tech stack:

  •  Angular.js, Vue.js, and React.js for frontend development.
  •  AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, and DigitalOcean for server-based functions.
  •  Frameworks such as Django, Node.js, or Ruby for backend development.
  •  Technologies like MySQL, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, MSSQL and Azure DocumentDB for database management.
  •  Redis and Nginx for network caching services

The architecture of an App like Airbnb

When learning how to construct an app like Airbnb, you must think outside the box because you never know which one will fail if you build numerous services at the same time. As a result, the app’s structure will be extremely complicated, as each feature you design will eventually rely on others. As a result, if one service fails, the other functionalities will cease to function.


Airbnb is a proficient and world-leading vacation rental management business with a fantastic business app and with the abovementioned tech stack we can replicate the business model in the most successful and profitable manner since it improves all the aspects of an Airbnb business app in the most profound manner

RentCubo‘s developers have developed and scaled digital products for clients all around the world, from MVP to full-scale app development. We help you grow your business by developing high-quality applications for web platforms, iOS, and Android, no matter how diverse or complex your needs are.

Get Modernized Readymade Airbnb Clone Script To Achieve In Your Business

Get Modernized Readymade Airbnb Clone Script To Achieve In Your Business

Airbnb was quick to get up and running. Just two days. Its founders have experienced web designers who knew how to use technology and the Internet to their advantage. However, not everyone is a true coder. The majority of us can code, but will it work? No, right? What if we had the lofty goal of establishing a feature-rich vacation rental website but had no prior coding experience?

The vacation rental business operates on an innovative business concept that provides lodging for both business owners and travelers. Entrepreneurs can use a readymade Airbnb clone script to create their own holiday rental travel website. Many passengers utilize the online travel business to locate their journey destination. It’s becoming increasingly popular and in demand among business owners and vacationing couples

In today’s competitive vacation rental economy, the global travel business is becoming increasingly in demand. Vacation rental websites entered the online travel market in response to the increased need for corporate travel website services.

Vacation rental websites play a significant role in the global market, with direct and indirect revenue exceeding $200 million. Traditional travel agents were displaced by online rental booking platforms, which seized 38 percent of trip planning in the IT sector. The best feature of purchasing a business trip is online payment.

You can get a highly modernized Airbnb clone script from a sophisticated white label rental software development company like RentCubo and make your business a great success, so read along.

The Vacation Rental Marketplace

With its web platform, the vacation rental marketplace employs a unique methodology for providing tailored experiences. In recent years, the rise of Airbnb and Airbnb-like apps has prompted numerous businesses to enter the internet travel market. It’s incredibly simple to start your own vacation rental marketplace with the correct software and travel website.

Choosing the Best Vacation Rental Platform like Airbnb

With millions of customers browsing and buying travel services online, there is an ocean of potential to explore in the vacation rental sector. If you want to start your own holiday rental business, the Airbnb clone script is an excellent option. You may quickly set up an online trip booking website in minutes with the appropriate solution to your problems. RentRoom is one of the greatest Airbnb clones on the rental market, and it perfectly suits your needs for creating an online vacation website.

Features of Readymade Airbnb Clone Script

  • Manage booking:

An Airbnb clone software allows you to track your vacation arrangements and stay on top of them. It allows you to receive all queries in a single, concentrated mailbox. Instant alerts ensure both admin and guest confirmation. Booking is the first and the most preliminary aspect of a vacation rental business and an Airbnb clone script makes this part an absolute breeze with its advanced booking management system.

  • Promote location:

Location is everything when it comes to a vacation rental business like Airbnb since the users are often attracted to properties in a better location. The vacation rental software has a geolocation feature that displays your property’s exact location on a map. It also shows the relative distances between points of interest. With this feature, all properties will get better traction.

  • A glimpse of your property:

Users, while booking, rely heavily upon property pictures. This is mainly because of the bad experience they’ve had in the past in booking a property blindly. Moreover, in this digital era, it is not just the vacation rental business, but all businesses post genuine pictures online for better marketing purposes. In the like manner, attractive pictures of your property improve your business.

  • Guest reviews:

The responsive business templates ensure that visitors receive matching emails and requests for review in a timely manner. You can quickly post reviews, ratings, and comments on your website. You will gain trustworthiness as more loyal reviews are published. It aids in the development of your specialty business’s reputation.


An Airbnb clone script is essentially an accommodation booking script that allows interested persons to construct their own website similar to Airbnb, complete with all of the features that have helped the vacation rental website become a worldwide success. RentRoom, RentCubo’s Airbnb clone software, can be further improved for performance with add-ons and extensions that are widely available today.