Factors You Must Consider When Buying A Car Rental Software

Factors You Must Consider When Buying A Car Rental Software

Car rental booking software helps customers in booking their cars. It allows them easy access to notification updates of their services including timing and details. Car rentals are now accessible easily as the time for people is gone when they used to walk for miles and reach their destination. 

Nowadays, rental cars are the more feasible service available. Even car rental provider companies have shifted their focus to car rental apps and begun offering services at the earliest. Hence, with the help of car rental services, everyone can get the benefits of luxurious life. 

A car rental software is developed to create a rental business that allows affordable ways to rent cars on a weekly or daily basis. So this business has gained momentum among users and hence the demand for car rental software has increased. The car rental sector does not require any kind of automobile ownership. 

The car rental system is technologically versatile and advanced but here the app consists of essential features. This solution helps with extracting maximum productivity from the automobile rental industry. 

Key Elements of Car Rental Software: 

The car rental business software is built to explain to car renters and owners about the software. Car rentals are used in three forms: 

  • A rental agreement for a set period of time with a driver.
  •  Renting a car to go a short distance, often from Point A to Point B

While there are other rental options, this one is sufficient. Applications for customers and partners would separate into two distinct apps to provide various forms of car rentals.

Features of a Car Rental Software: 

  • Rental order management:

The serial number allows one to track the availability of a car and specifies rental terms using the calendar feature.

  • Collaboration:

It refers to handling rental orders, and personnel communications, as well as collaborating with stakeholders on a single platform.

  • Inventory management:

This means being focused on the rental product’s mobility, availability, and upkeep of the efficient management system.

  • Automation quotation:

It is only with a few clicks that one can create offers and invoices through a process of sophisticated automation.

  • Notifications:

The consumers are notified of the status of their orders and help in reminding the rental period ends.

  • Cloud-based:

To access all the information using any cloud-based device. It is more reliable if it is not limited to just one.

  • All-in-one:

There is no need to utilize any additional storage software if the data is saved in one space. 

Working Model of a Car Rental Software

  • Book a car:

This feature works with opening the app, finding the car, choosing a time frame, and making a reservation soon. 

  • Upload license:

The customers can upload their valid driver’s license before making any reservations and ensure that they are legally fit to drive. 

  • Unlock the car:

The customers can receive automobile details through SMS as soon as the booking is confirmed. They also can use the app to unlock their automobile at the pick-up locations.

  • Return of the car:

Customers can easily return to the same area and finish the trip as soon as the excursion is complete.

Factors Considered Before Buying a Car Rental Software:

  • One-stop solution:

The car rental business is not in sync with global standards. Hence, it is more important to find a team and recognize both staff and client requirements. 

  • Best support:

Car rental software is consistent with an essential support system. This comes in various available mediums like a customized tech experience. 

  • Technology:

A powerful business model for car rental is much needed for the tech team. Hence, the team is adapting to new trends in business and technology. 

Benefits of a Car Rental Software: 

  • Create quotations

New invoices are created by repeating the same information which can be very exhausting. The rental software help create a database that contains information about the rental products and employees. This can make invoices in a few clicks. 

  • Know the car availability anytime:

Car rental comes making sure that the car is available and by using a serial number it has been already integrated into the inventory. The rental software allows easy tracking of car availability. It also shows how many automobiles are available.

  • Quick booking:

The reservations are easy to manage with the car rental software. Also, customers can rent vehicles easily and use the rental program. The whole process simply includes uploading a few documents as proof. 


Car rental software is integrated software with many features and can be revolutionized based on the data of the customers and payment options that are available. Car rentals have become a robust car rental business software for people. It is the most convenient way to rent a car and also brings with it an important decision about making the whole process easy. 

Cloud Based Car Rental System With On-Demand Features

Cloud Based Car Rental System With On-Demand Features

When it comes to finding a spouse, don’t just use Google as a filter. In several industries, such as tourism, car rental is a major player. Client management might be hampered by hectic work schedules. With global heavyweights or newer game-changers entering the market, the harsh competition is becoming increasingly difficult to endure.

It’s critical to stay on top of changing client trends and expectations if you want to stay in business. We’ve gone through five key characteristics to look for in car rental software that we believe are essential, as well as the requirements for systemized management to ensure your brand is solid when using service.

It’s not easy to keep track of your fleet. Car rental management solutions, on the other hand, allow you to keep track of vehicles and drivers while also improving your online reservation experience. You can rapidly assign vehicles or record damage using point-and-click tools and a simple dashboard.

To determine the best automobile rental software, we examined cost, simplicity of use, integrations, and reporting options across 34 firms. We looked at particular features that help rental companies manage fleets and customer service experiences to narrow down our choices. This blog by RentCubo, one of the most prominent car rental management software development companies, describes the features of the

  • Fleet Management:

As your company grows, inventory management may become a time-consuming nightmare that has a negative influence on your profitability and efficiency. In the meantime, as wealthy as the firm may get, it becomes devious and difficult to govern. Our reliable cloud-based technology enables us to quickly access information via a web module or a mobile app at your convenience.

Our steadfast server management and built-in GPS tracking services are specifically designed to assist you to avoid risk factors like theft, misappropriation, or even maltreatment while in the hands of someone else. In addition, our automated reminder system eliminates the need for a human car maintenance schedule.

  • Booking Management:

Customers are becoming more tech-savvy, and the habit of making reservations over the phone is rapidly fading, sometimes due to limited working hours and accessibility. According to studies, being present during online searches, which occur primarily outside of business hours, is a deciding factor in establishing confidence and generating bookings.

With the Navotar online reservation module plugin, you can say goodbye to your counter workload while also overcoming the limits of business operation hours. The Daily planner tool removes duplicated and overlapped bookings, which is a common problem when dealing with manual scheduling. We’ve also allowed live connectivity with top-tier booking engines like Skyscanner and Kayak, allowing for seamless booking synchronization.

  • Finance Management:

Avoiding situations that stall important stakeholders’ decision-making might be crucial to your company’s success. A crucial feature contained in the Navotar automobile rental software is breaking up the silos of technological constraints and automating the system to adapt to the sharing of real data and information. Whatever the workweek entails, you can take advantage of crucial data such as the Daily Summary, Monthly Financials, Profit and Loss, and the Aging Report, which determines payment collection overdue. We also customize payment gateway connections to meet the needs of our customers.

  • Damage Control:

In this line of work, anticipating every degree of possible damage is critical, as there may be numerous unforeseen events when working under the supervision of another. These damages are not only costly, but they also have a negative influence on profitability. Customers’ driving and usage capacities may differ, making wear and tear tracking a time-consuming operation that can lead to confrontations and shattered client relationships. Maintain precise damage documentation of vehicle alterations throughout the rental process. While conducting the checkout and check-in, you must take a picture or make a video of the cars. We can ensure uniformity, conformance, dependability, and fairness by doing so.

  • User-friendly User Interface:

If the user’s navigation is difficult, even the best-designed software can lose features. To avoid misunderstandings, the site should be simple and easy to navigate, with interesting material, simple storytelling, appropriate descriptions, and a call to action. With simple taglines, succinct use of the content, and strategic visualization, we at Navotar have meticulously built the usability, making it effortless. Our content is mobile-friendly and looks excellent across all devices. Comparecamp.com and Software Suggestion have both given us plaudits for our excellent user experience.


Though this industry is profitable, it also has its share of issues that must be addressed via the execution of strategies and time management in order to run it more efficiently and effectively in the face of competition. You are keeping up with the digital change and the expanding stride of today’s globe by choosing the RentCar rental system. Before you make a decision, contact us for a free demo; we guarantee you will not be dissatisfied. If you’re a vehicle rental firm with specific needs that the market can’t meet, you can consider designing a custom car reservation system with the features you need to run your business the way you want.

An Entrepreneur’s Guide On Online Car Rental App Development

An Entrepreneur’s Guide On Online Car Rental App Development

In recent years, the car rental market has exploded. According to Allied Market Research, the global car rental market could reach $214 billion by 2027, up from $93 billion in 2019. It’s also worth noting that it’s increasing at a CAGR of 10.7%.

The industry is expanding at a rapid pace and is profitable enough to pursue. So, if you’re on the fence about whether or not to invest in car rental app development or establish one, the above growth rate figure should set your mind at ease.

Entrepreneurs who are interested in having an app produced have a limited understanding of what the app development process comprises. This blog by RentCubo serves to be an entrepreneur’s guide to online car rental app development. With the information in this tutorial, you’ll be in a better position to make the best selection for your car rental mobile app development.

How Long Does It Take To Develop a Car Rental App?

This is a frequently asked question. 4-6 months is the quick answer. Well, the first version of the app usually takes longer than 4 months, but in most circumstances, it shouldn’t take longer than 6 months. You’ll frequently come across developers or firms who claim to be able to build apps in as little as 2-3 weeks. Unless they are white label solutions like what RentCubo provides we recommend you to stay away from them.

The length of time it takes to develop an app is also influenced by your budget. A limited budget will cause your developer to rush their work, whereas a large budget will ensure that enough time is spent on development to give no room for error. Finally, each app developer/development business will have slightly varied timescales dependent on their talents, resources, and procedure.

What Platform Should You Go For?

The platform you choose is critical, and you must get it right or your app will fail miserably. Although there are numerous mobile app platforms available today, the two major competitors, iOS and Android, continue to control the most portion of the mobile app industry, and your option will most likely be between the two.

  • Return on Investment:

If you’re looking for a quick and lucrative return on investment, iOS is a superior option. The Google Play Store is overflowing with apps, giving users a plethora of choices. They’re less likely to pay for apps and prefer to consume free material. Although this may appear to be a broad statement, it is frequently the case.

  • Target Audience:

It’s a no-brainer on this one. Your platform choice is heavily influenced by your target audience. When there is a demand for your service, it is much easier to market it. Demand creation is a long shot, and not everyone is ready for it unless they have a game-changing concept to convey. In the world of mobile apps, this is even more true. Given the evident preponderance of iOS users in the US, Canada, Australia, and Western Europe, iOS will show to be a far superior alternative if your target audience is largely located in those regions.

  • Budget:

Another issue that influences your platform decision is your app budget. It’s self-evident that the length of time it takes to develop an app correlates with its cost. The time it takes to develop an iOS app is roughly twice as long as it takes to produce an Android app. So, if you’re on a budget, choosing a platform that requires less time makes more sense.

  • Ease of Development:

Each platform’s development is distinct. With Android, there are a lot of devices and versions to consider, thus there’s a lot of fragmentation to consider. Because of this fragmentation, developing an Android app takes longer than developing an iOS app. Making programs compatible with various versions is a difficult task for developers.

The current version of iOS has a very promising adoption rate. Almost 80% of consumers upgraded to iOS 10 shortly after it was released. When you consider that the Android community has only adopted Nougat at a pace of 7%, it’s clear that things are cluttered in the Android world.

Why Should You Develop a Car Rental App?

Several industries have benefited substantially from the use of mobile apps in their businesses. The automobile rental business is no exception, with well-known brands such as Hertz and Turo already having an impact. You can build a similar auto rental software that allows customers to book or hire a car with a few taps on their cellphones from anywhere in the world, making it quick and easy. You can build a brand and obtain a competitive advantage by establishing yourself as a car rental service provider and providing users with some special services.

How Can You Make Money From a Car Rental App?

  • Commission:

In this revenue model, car owners who have registered with the service provider receive bookings through the latter’s app and must pay the service provider a percentage of the total booking cost. Car owners frequently employ drivers for this purpose (to accept daily reservations) and pay them a monthly fee.

  • Fleet:

This revenue model involves the firm or service provider purchasing or leasing a large number of automobiles and assigning them to registered drivers. On reservations, the firm collects the entire basic fee and gives the drivers a monthly compensation.


Ensure that the app is elegant from a UI/UX standpoint for a pleasant overall app experience. Stick to a limited color palette, stay current with design trends, and avoid becoming overly creative. Make it spectacular, but keep it simple at the same time.

The automobile rental industry is flourishing, and demand for car rental services is skyrocketing. You would not only be able to capitalize on the increased demand for car rentals, but you would also be able to fill a market need by developing a car rental app.

Which Are The Top APIs For Car Rental Software

Which Are The Top APIs For Car Rental Software

Everyone will be quite familiar with car rental software and the supremacies it has bestowed on the entire human generation. Exploring anonymous locations in a rental car provides a myriad of advantages. You can get far off the beaten path, deny spending time searching for public transportation, or constrain your itinerary due to a lack of transport. The car rental market is proliferating at a staggering pace as it is providing extreme flexibility while using.

Importance of APIs

The car rental system may be integrated with a variety of APIs to allow consumers to choose from a large range of vehicles depending on price, the number of passengers, and convenience. The role of automotive APIs in building a coordinated smart car ecosystem is unavoidable. A well-designed coordinated automobile platform can accommodate a wide range of in-car technologies, from entertainment to in-car safety features, navigation guides, and so on.

Car booking APIs give you direct access to all of the data you’ll need to build a cutting-edge website or app for Android or iOS. Customers may take advantage of the cheapest pricing on automobiles from global providers when rental car software is coupled with APIs.

If you’re thinking about starting a car rental business, there are a few things to consider. Apart from comprehending the entire starting procedure, you need also be aware of the systems or XML Travel API that must be connected to your company in order to make your job easier. Because your present business is based on the evolution of digital technology, it is critical that you incorporate features that can help you achieve your goals.

Top APIs For Car Rental Software

Sabre APIs

This is a leading travel technology solution provider with over 37 vehicle rental companies and over 40 thousand locations, covering a wide range of travel sectors. Sabre offers a variety of car APIs for finding, selecting, and booking vehicles from their inventory. The services provided by this set of interfaces can be split into several categories.

City codes and vendor searches were used to locate car rental locations.

  • Vehicle availability, types, and rates
  • Booking cars and modifying those reservations.

Geo-Search API

This API can also be used to find the car rental routes, especially

  • Geo-search using custom radius
  • Polygon search in a precise area returning specific and relevant results
  • Distance betwixt the locations

Amadeus APIs

The Amadeus car and transfers enterprise APIs connect over 69 worldwide vehicle rental operators with regional and local businesses. You may retrieve information about locations, costs, available time, and reservations, much like with the Sabre API. Amadeus offers transfer services in addition to car rentals, allowing you to choose the type of vehicle and its class.

Travelport API

The Travelport XML API collects data from Galileo, Apollo, Worldspan, and Axes, four GDS inventories that the Travelport represents. These provide a variety of information for car searching and booking:

  • Search for availability, images, details, and pricing
  • Vehicle reservation and further operations with it: modification, retrieval, and cancellation

Skyscanner API

Despite the fact that Skyscanner’s primary purpose is to search for airplane tickets, the aggregator now offers a car hire API. Skyscanner vehicle rental is a global car rental marketplace. You can gain the following advantages by connecting to it via API.

  • Car search features(eg, broad search queries)
  • Real-time streaming of car prices
  • Browsing ability and live car price feeds

Priceline API

The API of the Priceline Partner Network, among other things, provides for the retrieval and booking of rental automobiles. The API responds with dynamic automobile rental data targeting over 180 countries, which is supplemented with Rentalcars content. You can use their APIs or create your own white-label booking product.

Smartcar APIs

Smartcar is a technology company that allows third-party apps to access vehicle data via API connections between car computers and third-party apps. The service’s primary goal is to provide remote fleet management. However, the API can also be used for car-sharing.

Trawex API

Trawex APIs connect clients directly to their car rental booking software, allowing OTAs, tour operators, and travel management organizations to offer customers vehicle rental deals in over 70 countries. A booking engine, a reservation system, automobile supplier aggregation, and channel management are all part of the Trawex car booking platform.

There are many features for TraweX car APIs

  • Car availability tracking
  • Vehicle booking with instant confirmation updates
  • Pick-up and drop-off options
  • Live price feeds
  • Fee customization depending on location


The automobile data application programming interface (API) allows a vehicle application to communicate with other apps or platforms. VINs, manufacture details, vehicle characteristics, prices, and a variety of other data points can all be found in such APIs. The servicing and repair of automobiles is another key application of automotive data APIs. Repair shops used to maintain libraries of repair manuals that were updated with each new model before automotive data APIs.

6 Ways Car Rental Software Prevents Revenue Loss

6 Ways Car Rental Software Prevents Revenue Loss

What is the biggest worry that every company has? Increasing profit margins. The car rental industry is no exception. The rental industry is also focused on increasing revenue. As we all know, as infrastructure projects and competition grow, more firms are opting to rent rather than buy the car they need. Renting a car rather than purchasing it outright allows businesses to save money on capital expenditures while still gaining access to the most up-to-date technologies.

While this development is positive for car rental providers, it also means that competition is increasing. Customers who rent cars frequently contact experts at RentCar for assistance on how to increase their revenue. We’ve been advising our customers on what measures to take and how to use RentCar, our entire car rental software solution, to increase revenues for years.

In this blog, we’ll look at how a car rental software may help you deal with some of the most typical issues faced by rental organizations. An effective car rental system will get you back on track, from car lifecycle management to accurate and timely billing. Here are a few ways a proficient car rental software like RentCar prevents revenue loss.

  • Mitigate Rental Car Non-Availability:

The fact that the car is not available for rent because it is being fixed or maintained is one of the factors that can affect revenue flow in the car rental business. Customers frequently complain about the car that has been rented by businesses. As a result, the vehicle will need to be serviced or repaired, delaying delivery to the next customer and hurting revenue projections.

From the moment a vehicle is purchased until it is scrapped, car rental software helps you to manage the asset’s life cycle. You can make the most of the car’s availability by using this option. You could, for example, plan repairs and maintenance during slow periods. Alternatively, you can schedule preventative maintenance by looking at the vehicle’s performance over time. Taking these steps will boost car availability and, as a result, increase revenue.

  • Scheduling:

Another significant impediment to increasing rental car revenue is the time it takes to pick up an asset from one customer and deliver it on time to the next. It is critical to arrange the vehicle’s rent without overlap or excessive downtime. Late pickups might cause deliveries to be delayed, causing you to lose revenue. Transport of a car is another cost issue that must be carefully considered in order for the rental asset to be viable.

A graphical planning board is included in many car rental solutions. A planning board will show you where each vehicle is located and how it is used. You can utilize this to make the availability of each vehicle more efficient. You can assure that you are not overscheduling, losing out on maintenance, and that the car is not idle by having a thorough picture of the operators, the asset position, and even the movement schedule.

  • Capitalizing on Car Rental Packages:

Upselling or cross-selling assets and amenities is a common strategy to make cash in various rental settings. You may, for example, lend a luggage rack to a customer who is renting a vehicle for a long trip because the two are frequently used together. Another example is providing modern amenities to a customer who is tech savvy. There are numerous instances where you can increase your earnings but are unable to do so because you lack the necessary information.

  • Missed Payments:

When you rent out cars to consumers, you must ensure that they are aware of and agree to the rental and usage terms. Some delicate materials, for example, must be handled with care owing to wear and tear or other damage, thus they must be limited. However, because the customer’s location of usage is usually to far away places, you have no way of tracking usage. Rough and overuse of your vehicle results in lost revenue as well as increased wear and tear on the vehicle.

Car rental software can help you maintain track of the movement of your vehicles from one location to another using technology like the internet of things (IoT). You can determine if the customer is utilizing the vehicle in accordance with the agreement by tracking its movement and usage.

  • Gain more Insights:

Due to a variety of macro factors, the vehicle that is in demand in the rental business is always changing. Increased vacation needs, for example, may raise demand for certain types of cars. Another element that influences the need for specific vehicles is technological advancements. There could be other variables as well, such as current trends, quality constraints, safety precautions, and so on.

Information has become the economy for decision-making in today’s world, and having business intelligence from within and across industries can be critical to your company’s success. By delivering business intelligence, your car rental software can assist you with this issue. You may use this data to gain insight into the assets and rates that are in higher demand, allowing you to maximize your revenue.

  • Updates:

From your back office to your warehouses, your field crew, your operations team, and other teams, the rental operation has multiple touchpoints. The personnel that are out in the field, delivering or picking up the cars, are frequently the ones who receive a lot of data and updates from the customer. However, because the field team may find it difficult to return and complete the documentation, these updates and modifications may not reach the back office in time for action to be taken.

Today’s car rental software lets the many teams participating in the rental process use their preferred mobile devices to access the solution. This means that, rather than relying on their recollections or scrawled notes, field teams may update changes in real time using their mobile device. Extra use billing, service requests, and any other changes that the client wants or has made can all be updated to the back office at the same time, allowing them to act quickly.


Technology has had a big impact on how the equipment rental industry operates today. Many of these improvements can be used to boost revenue while lowering costs. Are you interested in learning more about how equipment rental software might assist you? Contact RentCar and we’ll provide you with the relevant details.

5 Best Car rental Hacks

5 Best Car rental Hacks

Rental automobiles are frequently an important aspect of any trip (business or pleasure). And, if you’re a business traveler, you’ll almost certainly be spending a lot of time in a rental car. If you’re a leisure traveler, a rental automobile will almost certainly play a key role in your trip’s success.

The cost of renting a car has risen dramatically in recent years. Rental vehicle firms sold large portions of their inventory in the aftermath of a terrible epidemic in order to survive. However, as travel resumed, they immediately discovered that they lacked sufficient supplies to meet demand.

For this reason, RentCubo, an industry-leading car rental management software development company, brings you the five best car rental hacks that can change your car rental business for good in this blog.

  • Check Prices on Several Versions of a Car Rental Company’s Website:

When hiring a car in a foreign nation, use both your home country and the local version of the car rental company’s website. A user, for example, compared costs for a three-day automobile rental in Glasgow, Scotland, on Alamo.com (the company’s US site) and Alamo.co.uk (the company’s UK site) (the U.K. site). The U.S. site quoted me a cost of $111.71 for a small car with a manual gearbox, whereas Alamo.co.uk offered a rate of 65.88 GBP for the identical vehicle, which works out to just $80.21 at the current conversion rate—a roughly 30% savings.

Couple of things to remember, first, if the price difference is insignificant, your credit card may cancel it out totally if you pay in a foreign currency. Second, if you’re trying to reserve a car rental on a website in a language you don’t understand, this car rental hack can be difficult. Google Translate and other machine translators aren’t always accurate, and you should double-check the terms and conditions before booking.

  • Make Use of Group Memberships:

Do you belong to an organization like AAA, AARP, Costco, BJ’s, or USAA? If this is the case, you may be entitled to car rental savings. The AARP’s member advantages include partnerships with Avis, Budget, Payless, and Zipcar, while Hertz provides AAA members exceptional discounts.

AAA members between the ages of 18 and 24 will also be exempt from the youth driving cost. Costco, BJ’s, and USAA all feature search engines where you may check for vehicle rental deals via their affiliates. Remember that group memberships are only one type of discount and that other, more generous deals are occasionally available. You’re unlikely to be able to combine the two, so shop around before settling on your favorite group pricing.

  • Save One-Way Rental Fee:

One-way automobile rentals are notoriously costly, as the rental company typically levies a fee to cover the cost of returning the vehicle to its original location. But what if you’re truly helping the corporation by driving it to its destination? That’s the basis of Transfercar, a website that advertises vehicles that need to be relocated from one location to another; if you’re willing to drive, you may get a car or camper for a very low price—or even for free.

Transfercar, for example, may have a compact campervan with an automatic transmission that has to be transported from Perth to Broome within the next few weeks. To assist them in getting the campervan back to where it needs to be, you’d be able to drive it for up to eight days for free (with insurance).

  • Look for Benefits on your Credit Card before Buying Insurance:

Is the costly insurance that the rental vehicle salesman is attempting to sell you truly necessary? Perhaps not. If you pay for your rental car using a credit card, you may be eligible for some forms of rental car insurance. It’s worth calling your credit card issuer or checking the terms and conditions of your card to see what coverage you already have. Your personal auto insurance coverage at home may also cover you.

Better yet, your personal automobile insurance, or, if you’re on business, your company’s insurance, should cover the rental. It isn’t necessary unless you have no other insurance options. You’re probably not a business traveler if that’s the case.

  • Take Ample Photos and Videos when Inspecting the Car:

Make sure you stroll around the car you’re renting and inspect it for any damage. Take a picture of it if you discover it, and let the staff know if you have time so they can add it to your rental car record. There’s no use in paying for something that isn’t your fault. Take out your phone and take a few pictures or maybe a video of any dings or scratches during your initial walk around the rental vehicle.

This isn’t a replacement for reporting these faults to a rental business employee as soon as you notice them, but it does provide proof in case your rental company tries to charge you for damages you didn’t cause after the fact. Text the photos to someone for a quick timestamp that verifies the dings and scrapes were present at the time of rental.


Now, rental car safety exists, and as unpleasant as it is, we are all concerned about becoming ill when renting a car. The good news is that it’s a long shot. You can boost your chances by just carrying some Sani-wipes and wiping out the interior of the car before getting too comfortable.

We hope you find these rental vehicle tricks quite useful on your next trip. We’re looking forward to hearing from you. What worked and what didn’t? What rental vehicle tips did we leave out? Join the conversation by tweeting us or leaving a comment.