How To Build A Car Rental Software With Advanced Technology?

How To Build A Car Rental Software With Advanced Technology?

Have you ever tried to get a car over the phone with all lines busy, or in a noisy environment where speaking is difficult, or vice versa, somewhere you must be quiet? Isn’t it a difficult chore at times? Modern life is hectic and fast-paced. It’s no surprise that people want to get their hands on anything that can make things go faster and easier. The advancement of automobile rental software greatly streamlines the entire process of booking a car. It also helps car rental companies to compete on a more level playing field.

Sixt in Germany and Hertz in the United States, for example, have been renting automobiles for nearly a century. After their clients were given the option to reserve automobiles online, these companies’ websites became the primary source of information on vehicle availability and rental rates.

Following the success of companies like Sixt and Hertz, numerous car rental companies have emerged and a lot more are in their developmental stages and they are all in need of proficient car rental software. RentCar brings you a detailed blog on how you can build car rental software for your business.

  • Research:

It takes a lot of planning to create a high-quality automobile rental system that is both smooth and effective for all consumers. The initial phase is to create a car rental website, plan the database and service structure, and create user scenarios that illustrate how the system might be utilized. A car rental system’s features are chosen to ensure that the product functions properly.

Starting with the MVP is something we often suggest. A Minimum Viable Product (MVP) is a product that may be launched with only a few features to test the market and the product. In subsequent iterations, the product can be enhanced and refined. At this point, it’s also time to prioritize the MVP features.

  • Design:

You can start designing after you’ve finished the first stage of research and planning. When it comes to vehicle rental website design, the main focus should be on UI simplicity and efficient use of company identity. The same goes for the mobile app design you create because creating an online car rental reservation system isn’t the same as creating a platform. In today’s world, no effective and convenient service system can be built without the use of mobile apps.

It’s critical to think about multiple user categories in your system and applications, and maybe offer different UIs for each user category, projecting a certain User Experience.

  • Development:

After you’ve agreed on the overall design and functionality, you can go on to development, which should be broken down into iterations. The front-end and back-end development, as well as the essential integrations, are all agreed upon at this point. You should think about API at this point. What is the purpose of API? Development for numerous platforms would become time-consuming and costly without API scaling and mobile apps.

  • Testing and QA:

The testing stage begins as soon as development is completed, whether it’s an MVP, which we generally urge our clients to start with, or a full-featured version. Depending on the project requirements and contract, we check the generated items using automated methods, manually, or both. If there is a mobile app, we assist with its submission to Google Play and App Stores, as we are familiar with all the details of how to do it correctly. We are always willing to share our knowledge and shorten the time it takes for our items to reach the market.

  • Support:

RentCar provides post-launch assistance for the solution developed and released in a large number of projects and continues to work on its improvement and optimization. Each customer determines whether or not this stage is required; nonetheless, we recommend that all customers sign post-support agreements because it entails further development, maintenance, bug fixes, stability checks, infrastructure testing, monitoring, and updates.

The out-of-the-box solutions may be as nice as gold, but they provide the same functionality to their clients. You can configure such software items, but you can’t update or add anything new to them. You may even be forced to pay for features that you never use in your organization.

Top Car Rental Software Development Companies In USA

Top Car Rental Software Development Companies In USA

Predominantly, car rental software helps to keep track of every car that you have deployed in your car-rental business. Subsequently, it is the software that controls every rented vehicle and supervises them efficiently. With the help of car rental management software, you can not only list out the available cars but also sell other equipment.

The car-rental software has become an indispensable tool for all those who rent out cars to earn a fixed income. Moreover, the car-rental software helps to manage the accounts well at the same time as managing the car rentals and it can be also developed in a customized way according to the specific business needs.

Everyone’s business implementations will be different so each will be having different needs thus while using software makes the car rental owners very comfortable and convenient in maintaining a rental business.

The main overwhelming advantage of car rental software is that it reduces the tremendous workload and saves a lot of time for both the potential customers and the rental business owners. The software helps in generating timely reports for the business owners, drivers, and customers.

Car rental software can be customized according to the personal preference of the owners. The client needs are assessed to provide specific programs for specific car rentals. 24/7 operations are effortlessly possible with this software. The software ensures accurate payments which help to run the business promptly.

Top Best Car Rental Software in the USA

There is a plethora of rental management software in the USA. Among them, the most popular ones are Rentcar, Fleet X, Mobiag Solutions, Ratality, OpenFleet, etc.


RentCar’s car-rental software provides you with all the essentialities that are needed to start a self-driving car rental business easily. That car rental facilitates you with a dedicated dashboard for the administrator, fleet owner, and passenger. The user side of car rental management software features is extremely remarkable for the users to use it.

Users can choose to rent a car at any time or sometime after in the future and the car-rental software helps to choose a suitable car according to the customer’s budget. Once the user submitted the required document and after the payment is made, they will get the car of their choice and can start using it.


Fleet X is a car-rental software that was developed in the USA in the year 2018. Kota Peter is a software organization based in Hungary that offers a piece of software called Fleet X. Moreover, Fleet X offers online and 24/7 live support. This car rental management software includes features like penalty management, fleet management, price chart, reservations management, and split billing.

Mobiag Solutions:

Mobiag solutions enable you to oversee and manage all the business operations effectively and efficiently. It has been designed by people based on experiences from many mobility business experts to ensure that all the features are included that are essential for the car rental business to run smoothly.


Ratality ensures the control of both vehicle and the fleet. It is the only software solution where you can manage entire bus, coach, and vehicle rental companies from a single cloud-based platform.  


OpenFleet easily monitors the vehicles, make your drivers effort-free while traveling, optimize your fleet use. OpenFleet help you to rationalize your vehicle fleet, whether it is a short/long term lease, corporate/peer-to-peer car sharing, autonomous vehicle services, etc.



Car Rental Service has emerged as a new trend of business in this present modernized era. Even though there are a lot of geographical limitations the nature of functions and the way it conquered the market is extremely appreciable.

In order to reduce the manual work as well as to save time an exclusive software to manage all the functions related to car-rental business is absolutely essential. With the help of software, customers rent a car just by sitting in their comfort zone, hence saving a copious amount of time. This makes the car rental service popular and Car Rental Business Software highly sought after amongst rental companies these days.  

How Car Rental Software Works For Your Business Growth

How Car Rental Software Works For Your Business Growth

Many automobile rental companies are integrating Car rental software, which has shown to be beneficial to their businesses. Regardless of size or location, the car rental industry has operated manually for many years. Vehicles are purchased or leased by rental companies and rented to clients for a long or short period of time. Travel, tourism, and hospitality are all intertwined in this industry. Expecting long-term growth, on the other hand, seems unlikely.

With the digital revolution sweeping the globe, the automobile rental industry is no exception. The main tasks of automobile rental firms include managing daily activities, recordkeeping, and acquiring complete control over resources. With technology-enabled business solutions, all of this may be simplified.

Adopting digital trends aids business growth and profit maximization. As a result of this advancement, a web-based automobile rental system has become an indispensable instrument for growing a business.

If you own a car rental company or are intending to establish one, embrace car rental software to expand your business. You will be compelled to switch to online vehicle rental software if you have a limited understanding of the best characteristics of car rental software. RentCar, one of the leading car rental software development companies, provides details on how you can grow your business with car rental management software.


  • Booking Management:

With the advancement of technology, a growing number of clients are opting for online vehicle/ car rental software. This booking functionality allows the user to manage numerous bookings at once, avoiding duplicate or overlapped reservations.

  • Fleet Management:

This capability is very useful for users that manage a large fleet. On a single page, you can look up information about your vehicles such as insurance, registration, maintenance, driving history, and more.

  • Fleet Tracking:

The most sought feature of car rental operators is having complete control over their fleet and being able to locate vehicles in real-time. Modern GPS-enabled car rental software can locate and track your vehicle from virtually anywhere. The modern way to go is to use online automobile rental software.

  • Damage Control Management:

The rental solution aids fleet operators in keeping track of unanticipated fleet damage. Before and after hiring a vehicle, you can snap images of it and keep a database. These photographs serve as legal proof in the event of a mishap following the rental agreement.

  • Documentation:

Any business that uses paperless paperwork saves money on administration. Reporting capabilities are also included in online automobile rental management systems. You can also acquire a report that is tailored to your company’s needs. Cloud storage has taken the role of unnecessary paper-based paperwork. You can access and alter them at any time and from any location.

  • Efficient Communication:

Any firm with a lack of communication is a disaster waiting to happen. Information collaboration at all levels is aided by online automobile rental software. Owners, customers, drivers, and other rental firms can communicate rapidly by SMS or email about bookings, cancellations, payments, bills, car positions, and other topics.


Benefits of Car Rental Management Software

  • The online reservation system makes it simple to make multiple automobile rental reservations. Bookings are easier to confirm when you have up-to-date information on the status of your car.
  • Both manual and online payment options are available with online car rental software. Customers who prefer to pay online can do so safely.
  • Most contemporary software has a real-time tracking feature that allows owners to monitor vehicle and driver activity at any time.
  • Agreements, renewals, insurance claims, and performance reports are all kept in a safe environment.
  • You can expect a strong return on investment and increased profits. One platform can facilitate communication at all levels. You have the ability to connect and manage your business from anywhere at any time.
  • Customer comments and reviews on a regular basis would assist you to improve your services and raise brand awareness.

To improve your business, look for software that is dependable, secure, and expandable. Online business solutions or car rental software can undoubtedly assist your car rental company in surviving and outperforming the competition. All of the features and advantages stated to show that online car rental software is a must-have for any car rental company. Finally, give your consumers the best rental experience possible.

What Are the Major Advantages of Using Airbnb Clones for Cars?

What Are the Major Advantages of Using Airbnb Clones for Cars?

Who doesn’t like Airbnb? Whether it is for lodging, commuting, parking, etc., Airbnb and its business model are preferred by millions of people around the globe. Although it had humble beginnings, Airbnb is now a world leader in multiple hospitality and service-oriented industries.

Airbnb’s impeccable business model, outstanding customer service, unbeatable prices and many other advantages are the reasons for its huge global success. Simplicity lies at the heart of Airbnb’s business model and it has helped the business come a long way.

The success of Airbnb can be told by the number of Airbnb clone apps that have come up and are successful in their respective markets. As a matter of fact, an increasing number of people prefer to use Airbnb clone apps than the Airbnb app itself.

The various advantages of Airbnb clone apps serve as compelling contributing factors to this trend. RentCubo, one of the leading rental Airbnb clone app development companies, brings you some of the major advantages of using Airbnb clone apps for car rental services.

  • Multiple Ride Options:

Airbnb clone apps for car rental services provide multiple ride options to its users. You can either choose to have the car for yourself or share the car with other riders who are taking the same route.

Both of these ride options are highly beneficial. While having the car for yourself gives you the leverage to use the car to its full potential, sharing the car can save you at least half the ride cost.

  • Wide Range of Cars:

Unlike car rental aggregators whose fleet is limited to a certain type of cars, Airbnb clone for car rental services offer riders a wide range of cars. This is because in an Airbnb clone business model private car owners rent out their cars to the riders.
So, whether you are planning a weekend getaway or regular office commuting, you can pick a car accordingly ranging from a 7-seater SUV to a 2-seat electric car. A wide range of cars will help you save money on all your rides.

  • Multiple Payment & Currency Options:

Almost all Airbnb clone apps offer multiple payment options including an e-wallet. As a rider, you do not have to worry about carrying cash or debit/credit cards with you to pay for your ride. You can just scan the QR code and make an instant online payment.

Airbnb clone for cars also accepts payment through foreign currencies. So, if you are a tourist who is visiting a country for the first time, you do not have to worry about exchanging currency before taking a ride.

  • Free Listing:

This is undoubtedly one of the major benefits a car owner can avail of from Airbnb clone for car rental services. The car owners who wish to register themselves with an Airbnb clone for car rentals can list their cars for free.

Most car rental aggregators charge a nominal fee just to list their cars. Therefore, this feature of Airbnb clone for car rentals comes as a huge relief for car owners. With this feature, car owners can get a real-time response for their listed cars.

  • Value-Added Services:

This feature of Airbnb clone for car rental services is a win-win situation for both the car owners and riders. For the riders, they can select the value-added services from what the owners have enlisted; therefore, they do not have to rent travel equipment separately.

For the car owners, they list a set of value-added services for riders to choose from and make extra money apart from the car rental cost.

In addition to these major advantages, Airbnb clone for car rentals also gives the leverage to the riders to extend their travel on the go. The versatility of Airbnb clone apps allows both the car owners and riders to have a comfortable, convenient, and memorable ride each and every time. RentCar, the brainchild of RentCubo, is one of the best Airbnb clone apps for car rental services that is available in the market. Contact us now to know more about RentCar.

Online Car Rental Marketplace: Everything You Need to Know in 2021

Online Car Rental Marketplace: Everything You Need to Know in 2021

The consumer demand for rental products and services is increasing like never before. Whether you like it or not, the Novel Coronavirus and the ensuing global lockdown played a huge role in the current demand trend.

Moreover, the online rental industry is comfortably penetrating into various niches and one such influential niche is the online car rental marketplace.

A lot has changed over the last year, especially since the devastating events of COVID-19. The impact of the Novel Coronavirus has been inconceivably colossal, so much so that the past and the current era is defined as pre-and post-COVID respectively.

Almost every aspect of the world order and our lives have been changed to accommodate preventive measures against COVID-19.

The online car rental marketplace, in its entirety, has changed. As mentioned earlier, the demand for car rental services is also increasing and it is quite tempting for business entrepreneurs to just jump right in and start a car rental business.

However, it would be unwise to act impulsively, at least not in 2021, as things have changed drastically in the online car rental marketplace.

RentCubo, one of the leading car rental software development companies, brings everything you need to know about the online car rental marketplace in 2021 – the post-COVID era.

  • Advance Booking:

Ever since the world was hit hard by the Novel Coronavirus, people have been confined to their homes. Now that the lockdown procedures are being relaxed, and travel and other routine activities are slowly resuming, people are found more eager than ever to travel.

However, since the situation around COVID-19 is not yet completely resolved and the precautionary norms are still in effect, people are more cautious about travel. For this reason, a new trend of planning their travel ahead is being witnessed among those who would like to travel.

Therefore, the advance booking option is coming back into prominence. A proper advance booking calendar should essentially allow the users to book a car rental service a few days if not weeks ahead of their travel date.

  • Flexible Rental Duration:

Let us remind you that people stayed indoors for almost a year, which is likely to have caused mental distress. Travel is apparently one of the greatest and most preferred ways for people to unwind.

Although the travel may be planned and booked ahead, families are most likely to extend their travel/vacation at the spur of the moment. In such cases, the car rental services must have flexible rental duration plans, wherein the travelers can extend their travel on the go.

The more flexible rental duration options a car rental software provides, the more traction the car rental business gains.

  • On-Demand Services:

We live in difficult and desperate times and business enterprises need to be ready for the best as well as the worst. One of the ways car rental business can be prepared for current times is by providing on-demand services such as:
o   PPE and sanitization kits

o   Emergency medical aid

o   Sanitized hotel partners to maintain the bio-bubble

o   Campers and camping kits

o   Nearby recommendations of eateries, hospitals, healthcare centers, etc.

It is better to hire business strategists to integrate as many on-demand services as possible in Airbnb for car rental software.

  • Simple Pricing Packages:

In the pre-COVID era, people preferred one type of car rental pricing that was defined by the duration and distance of the travel. However, the tables have turned in the post-COVID era and people are looking for pricing packages since most travelers are planning for a long trip.

As for long trips, pricing packages are preferred over the traditional pricing model as it works out cheaper for the travelers. Therefore, it is necessary for car rental services to offer several pricing packages for travelers to choose from.

Your pricing packages should be both affordable by the travelers and profitable for you. Having said that, do not overly complicate your pricing packages rather keep it simple yet efficient.

  • Collaborative Promotions:

People have lost their jobs to COVID-19 and families are bearing the brunt of the aftereffects of the Novel Coronavirus. As business owners, you must be sensitive enough to offer discounts and promotions to travelers. However, you cannot do it by putting your car rental business in jeopardy.

Collaborative promotion is the best way to offer discounts and promotions and still make a profit. Look for like-minded business enterprises that are willing to partner with your car rental business to offer discount coupons and membership cards to your travelers. In return, you can promote their products and services.

The car rental marketplace is lucrative in nature and if it is done rightly, then business enterprises can grow, establish, and become a market leader. Along with it, they can also reap financial and other profitable advantages. As business entrepreneurs, you need to get out of the old mold of business strategies and adapt to the new norms.

RentCar, the brainchild of RentCubo is a readily available Airbnb for car rental software that is future-ready. RentCar is what you need for an online car rental marketplace in 2021.

Online Booking App- Why It’s Becoming All-Imperative for Car Rental Companies?

Online Booking App- Why It’s Becoming All-Imperative for Car Rental Companies?

Integration of technology is the need of the hour as it makes life simple regardless of the industry. Ever since the emergence of technology, businesses across the industries have been shaped differently and have been accommodative to integrate technology into their business process. The travel industry is no different either, with the competition rising steadily car rental business enterprises are looking to capture the market and are resorting to technology in the process.

Online booking application is one of the most in-demand technology advancement that has disrupted the travel industry. The primary reasons for the increasing demand for online booking apps are convenience and ease of access. On the other hand, car rental business enterprises are aiming to expand their market by widening their customer reach and increasing their profit margin.

As car rental business enterprises, if the booking process is lengthy and cumbersome, they are bound to lose their customers and thereby their hold on the market. With the growing demand for car rental services, technologically proficient online booking applications are becoming all the more imperative.

Why is Online Booking App All-Imperative?

  • Easy Booking – There was a time when people used to queue up at booking counters. Later, online booking apps were introduced that were in a nascent state and now these online booking apps have become a norm as they are easy and quick to use. Booking is the first step toward using a car rental service; therefore, it needs to be user-friendly and convenient.
  • Convenient Payment – Payment was considered as one of the most cumbersome tasks since cash payments involved a lot of risk elements such as the integrity of the bill, unavailability of change, non-acceptance of certain denominations, etc. However, with an online booking app, payments are hassle-free since multiple payment options are available including but not limited to bank transfer.
  • Efficient Fleet Management – A greater number of car rental business enterprises means a greater number of cars, which results in a greater need for proper fleet management. However, online booking apps have made fleet management easier than before. Analytics along with real-time GPS tracking has allowed for efficient fleet management.
  • Data Organization – Collating data is a tedious and laborious task. Larger the fleet, more data points to collect, organize, analyze, and store, which makes it even more difficult to organize the data. Data organization is made easy, fast, and efficient with the help of technology.
  • Customer Support – This one was particularly difficult when manually done. Imagine the effort and time that goes into collating information about every single ride of each and every customer to extend customer support and resolve customer feedback. With the tech-enabled platform, customer support is now a breeze. With an immediate response to customer queries car rental business enterprises are able to provide quick customer support and optimum customer experience.

These are some of the key reasons along with many others of why online booking apps are becoming all imperative for car rental companies. These tenets help us understand that the online booking app is not just for availing a car rental service, but it has a host of other important features making it all-imperative for car rental companies.

How Can Car Rental Companies Benefit from Online Booking App?

  • Greater Reach of Audience – When everybody can have access to the online booking app of a particular car rental business, that company can have a greater reach of the audience. With an online booking app, you are essentially taking your car rental business to the mobile device of your target audience.
  • More Business Lead – The data analytics provided by the online booking app helps generate more business lead. Business leads are great for the growth of the car rental business as they can be converted into clients.
  • Instant Payment – Both car and platform owners can now enjoy quick receipt of payment. This is one of the best benefits of an online booking app since payments were always considered to be troubled waters. Not just instant payment but managing the payments is also now easy with the integration of technology.
  • Ease of Business Management – Running a car rental business is an arduous task as it is and with the market demanding so much from the car rental business enterprises, it is even more difficult to keep up with it. However, online booking apps make it easy to manage the business.

There is a lot at stake in the car rental market and car rental business enterprises must do what it takes to capitalize the opportunities it provides. Online booking app is a key component that can either make or break a car rental business, which is why car rental business enterprises must make it their priority to have a robust online booking app. RentCar can help you capitalize on the growing trend by developing a robust and proficient online booking app. Partner with us now and enjoy the full benefits of the best online booking app possible for your car rental business.