RentCowork Supports Growing Your Coworking Community!

RentCowork Supports Growing Your Coworking Community!

A flexible office or coworking space can and should be a great platform for establishing a culture where people can have a great time while working effectively. Every coworking space owner, I think, will agree, and will understand the need of building a sense of community within their flexible workspace group.

It is common knowledge that visitors do not enter your area merely because a desk and chair are there for them. To live a happy life, they want to be a part of their tribe of like-minded individuals, to feel like they belong, to study and discuss new topics, to talk to people during coffee breaks, etc.

The introduction of community practice in coworking spaces enables flexibility of communication and the same coworking spaces to try to grow and communicate online using Facebook or slack. So hence with consistency, these coworking spaces grow into a community. Even social media are distracting, and attention is the most valuable resource. 

What Is a Coworking Community?

It is defined as a working space for freelancers who came together to build coworking spaces so they could work alongside one another. They sought to combat the social isolation of working alone by establishing a sense of community and order. Coworking facilities have since expanded to accommodate much more than just independent contractors. 

Coworking spaces today include both open and private offices for both people and businesses. They also provide events and social activities to foster strong professional networks. A coworking space is more than just a physical location where people can work. The member-based community is one of coworking’s key benefits. 

People easily make acquaintances, interact, and assist each other professionally in coworking environments. These ties develop using a variety of techniques. Coworking spaces encourage people to interact. Kitchens and coffee makers are positioned thoughtfully to promote chance encounters. Members frequently run into one another in these places and strike up both personal and professional chats. People can establish sincere bonds in such a setting.

Features of RentCowork: 

  • Invoice and payments:

RentCowork is easy for payments and payroll management both in coworking management software. Accepting and processing payment payouts makes the process even faster 

  • Dynamic user subscription:

Using the coworking management software, users can sign up for a coworking space. It lasts for a day, a week, or an entire month and allows them to make their own decisions.

  • Analytics:

Integrated analytics ensures learning more about the coworking software’s users’ behavior which includes how they react to different listings and how many people visit them. 

  • Hassle-free booking:

The coworking software makes an easy checkout process with a confirmed account and the entire process can be finished in less than two minutes.

How RentCowork Help Build a Strong Coworking Community?

RentCowork is a full-fledged coworking marketplace space designed and managed using the coworking management software RentCowork. It analyses and deals with fundamental problems affecting the coworking space industry. In essence, the software’s job is to improve the user experience when looking for a coworking space of one’s choosing.

Building a community with RentCowork will become the basis of the online community. It is a directory of people with huge profiles, self-introduction, and names with contact information. The best thing about mobility and the possibility of having the profile of co-workers is in the pocket. So anyone from administrators to members will confirm having a great impact and personal address book to offer the community. 

The community-building efforts are one major step toward bringing changes to the digital community. It is also a fantastic way to create strong bonds between members and give them ownership of the space so that it feels realistic. Social networking sites come with political news, funny videos, and games. Hence this way and the channel are a unique way of marketing and forming brand awareness. 

Factors Responsible for Building Coworking Community: 

  • Create brand awareness:

A great thriving digital community is in a huge way endorsing the brand and also serves as a form of marketing.

  • Grow your membership base:

The most obvious advantage of beginning an online community is that it helps grow an analog membership base. 

  • Obtain memberships with local businesses:

Leveraging the online community and getting valuable partnerships with local businesses benefits the members. 

  • Validate your ideas:

Launching a successful digital community helps validate ideas around the need for coworking areas.

  • Redefine your audience:

Any specific demographic is drawn into the space by using the information that refines the targeted customer profile.


RentCowork plays a big part in growing the coworking community P2P coworking space rental market. The ability to manage a full-fledged coworking space leasing business is because of the coworking management software. Users should be able to easily reserve seats or rooms in any coworking space listed on your platform for coworking rental.

Manage Coworking Spaces Efficiently With RentCowork

Manage Coworking Spaces Efficiently With RentCowork

The industry nowadays is evolving, and the centers are constantly transforming in innovation, creation, and new business opportunities. The future of managing coworking space efficiently is a must with RentCoWork by using the management strategy and keeping this pace in evolution. Therefore, workspace efficiency defines the brand, scales the business, and strengthens members’ community. 

Coworking spaces are in high demand for a variety of factors including their affordability, availability around-the-clock, ability to forge strong connections, etc. Since they are given access to a professional work environment. Also, there are more chances and competition as a result of the increase in demand. 

Technologies Used in The Managing Coworking Spaces: 

A technological edge when it comes to running your coworking space, online meeting room reservations, contract administration, event management, and similar functions are a huge advantage. All things considered, the world is now online. The solution gives employees the tools to manage how, when, and where they work. Also, the employers reimagine their workplaces.

So to be more productive and remain on top of things, the technological requirements for coworking spaces are focused more. Businesses are constantly trying to get their employees back to the office and coworking spaces have been crucial in giving the flexibility needed for the ongoing pandemic. Because of this, owners and operators of coworking spaces have been forced to include particular technology and utility components to guarantee the security and effectiveness of their tenants. 

How Does RentCowork Work?

RentCoworks’s coworking space software ensures that the software is easily discovered with new workspaces and around the user’s premise. The coworking space marketplace accepts listings from multiple coworking spaces. Three entities work on the office management software. These are

  • Co-working space service provider
  • The user 
  • The administrator

The coworking space providers may quickly list their coworking space and manage or accept new bookings from users. The platform’s subscriptions feature can be chosen by the administrator of the coworking space software, who can also manage listings, service providers, and users. Therefore RentCubo has developed all the elements required for the coworking market to run smoothly while ensuring quality on demand.

Four Important Features of The Rent Cowork Management Software: 

  • Invoice and payments:
    RentCowork is easy integration of payment and payroll management in coworking management software. Accepting and processing payment payouts makes it even faster than ever on the coworking management platform. 
  • Dynamic user subscription:
    With the coworking management software users can sign up for a coworking space for a day, a week, or an entire month. It allows them to make their own decisions.
  • Analytics:
    We’ve integrated analytics to learn more about the coworking software’s users’ behavior, including how they react to different listings and how many people visit them. This gives you the information you need to make decisions that may affect the platform.
  • Hassle-free booking:
    The coworking software ensures the easiest checkout process. With a confirmed account, the entire process can be finished in under two minutes.

How Is RentCowork Useful In Managing Coworking Spaces?

RentCowork coworking management software is used to design and manage a full-fledged coworking marketplace space. It identifies and addresses basic issues that are surrounding the coworking space business. The software is responsible to offer a greater user experience while searching for a coworking space of some other choice. 

Using RentCowork mostly using the tools available on their dashboard leads to multiple coworking space service providers, their listings, and bookings all being managed by the best feasible revenue sources found and implemented. It helps in creating the coworking software with a central dashboard created to oversee them all.

RentCowork gets regular updates with new features and ensures that at RentCubo the software is built by an expert team of professionals who are constantly making products like parking lot management, Airbnb clone script, and storage management software.

Managing Coworking Spaces With RentCoWork: 

  • Community is a priority:
    A community-focused is very important for coworking space success and it’s important to target customers each audience has its requirements which clearly manage structures and actions and also change accordingly. 
  • Hire the right people:
    It is good to know who the customers are and what they need as it is the time to hire skilled people to make your space. Also, the number of skilled people depends on the size of the venue and the services offered. 
  • Avoid common mistakes:
    Many people working in these spaces fail due to particular reasons like lack of advertising, planning, or a bad location with no demands. 

To manage Coworking spaces efficiently with RentCoWork, day-to-day management of space is required. It is from traditional kinds of spaces to big university entrepreneur events, from maker spaces to hybrid office and childcare to women-only coworking spaces that run smoothly and associate well with members of the business growing.

List Of Five Best Workspace Management Software

List Of Five Best Workspace Management Software

Workspace management software is known for careful management of the employees by bringing them back to the office. This is followed by the essential government guidelines to socially distance and keep safe. A large workforce is looking to reduce travel time and work more flexibly. Hence the new office is a place to come, work, and collaborate with team and clients. 

Workspace management software is unique for employees to log office attendance and desk or spaces like conference rooms. It allows managers to track the use of office space, supplies, and amenities. It is also known as hoteling software, hot desk software, desk booking tool, and workspace management software. The business includes

  1. A hybrid policy that needs employees in the office.
  2. A distributed workforce so that the work of multiple co-working hubs is assigned by the company.

The future of any contemporary firm is workspace management software. It is no secret that the workplace of today is evolving. Office workers all across the world have been forced to transition to hybrid employment and it appears that this model will endure the way offices manage their space. Even the people who work there must be reinvented as a result. Coworking reservation software can help with that.

Why Is Workspace Management Important?

Coworking software is the ideal approach to managing shared offices. While some of us want to or have already returned to our jobs on a full-time basis, others genuinely value the freedom that hybrid work offers. This most likely means that managers must make allowances for the possibility that the number of workers at the office will fluctuate from day to day. Therefore, employing workspace management software can produce spectacular outcomes at a time when people are looking for ways to establish a dynamic workplace with a focus on safety and flexibility. 

Features of the Workspace Management Software: 

  • Room booking and reservation:

    The employees can easily access the collaborative workspace and use it. The room booking and its reservation features make sure that the space is available. Also, the notifications help everyone know where and when to come up. 

  • Space planning tools:

    The finest collaborative workspace software has options for planning the layout of the workspace to facilitate teamwork. Determine the amount of room your teams require to collaborate and then provide them with a layout. 

  • Maintenance ticketing:

    There is a ticket for maintenance. The spaces that don’t suit an employee’s needs won’t be used by them. Along with that collaboration software also incorporates maintenance ticketing to make sure that workspaces are warm and inviting.

  • Directory integration:

    Directory integration is crucial if you plan to use workplace software for space booking and wayfinding. It enables more thorough collaboration and specifies specific personnel on the room roster. 

  • Slack integration:

    Slack is a crucial communication tool used by 65 of the Fortune 100 businesses. Your office collaboration activities should be among the numerous crucial business messages and processes that pass via the platform. The Slack integration expands the capabilities of collaborative software by enabling tasks like workspace reservations. 

Five Best Workplaces Management Software: 

  1.  Condenco:

    It is the global leader in workspace solutions. It works on the enterprise level, and the scheduling software is made to provide the employees with the best tools that help them to manage the day. So, by giving employees the flexibility to work remotely, the technology used here gives better business outcomes.

  2.  Officespace software:

    Office space is the world’s leading workplace management platform, and it has everything that is required to reopen offices with confidence to create a safe, dynamic work environment. There are many tools, insights, and reports that are required to manage things. 

  3.  RentCowork:

    RentCowork is a coworking software that makes it simple to manage coworking market space and helps facilitate growing their business. The coworking space software from RentCowork makes it simple to find new offices close to the user’s location.

  4.  Robin:

    Robin assists businesses in enabling employees to perform at their highest level. Robin empowers everyone to comprehend, utilize, and improve their work with an experienced software that is used by organizations like GrubHub, Politico, and TripAdvisor.

  5.  Eden:

    It is a comprehensive SaaS platform that was created to make HR, People Operations, and Workplace teams more effective. Eden provides a user-friendly working environment and operational tools created with the modern work environment and hybrid workplace in mind.


The booking system for workspaces management software is real-time updated. This indicates that information may be easily distributed across all users inside the organization. Everyone can see which spaces or tools are occupied or available for booking while managers can add, remove, or edit available bookings. Also, the system is very important and it boosts efficiency by maintaining a safe and healthy workplace.

What Are The Tools And Software For Co-working Spaces?

What Are The Tools And Software For Co-working Spaces?

Coworking spaces have become a mandatory aspect of today’s work environment as there is a discernible surge in myriads of start-ups and freelancers and they are avidly searching for a flexible work environment that supports seamless collaboration.

Efficient management tools are mandatory in every coworking space as they need spaces and employees to be properly managed. Coworking spaces cannot be practically implemented effectively without efficient software. Hence it is adequately significant to know about certain vital tools for coworking spaces and shared offices to run smoothly.

Essential Tools and Software Required for Coworking Space

  • Cobot

To manage coworking spaces, Cobot is the tool that comes first on the list. Cobot is a management software for co-working spaces, office hubs, and flexible workplaces around the globe. It is the optimum tool to efficiently control the operations of coworking space and it is a supreme requirement that can replace maintaining incessant spreadsheets and complexities of documents. With Cobot, anyone can remarkably manage daily authoritative tasks or automate access management. Another highly incredible advantage is that Cobot facilitates automatic business reports.

  • Nexudus

Everything under one, this is what Nexudus means. With Neexudus the coworking space owners will get a comprehensive coworking space management system. In addition to that, it also supports the administration of membership and payments. Subsequently, it caters to when events want to be easily booked.

  • Optix

Optix is a highly recommended tool as it captivates managers as well as members of coworking spaces. The interfaces are lucid, impressive, and beautiful. To create flexible workflows, Optix also promotes engagement with diverse apps. With coworking space, owners can effortlessly connect with different apps on a single platform.

  • Coworkify

Cowokify is a full coworking management software that concentrates more on simplicity. It includes all the tools from the core such as booking, billing, membership, sales, and marketing without allowing the users to pressurize with so many additional features.

  • OfficeRnD

The other software that you should compulsorily know about is OfficeRnD. It enables the shared workspaces to evolve by efficiently automating operations and enhancing staff experience. You can effortlessly manage complete services from one-off products to seamless memberships.

  • FreshBooks

With FreshBooks, you only need to spend less time on paperwork and can captivate customers with the remarkable professionalism of your invoices. With certain clicks, you can automate tasks such as billing, organizing expenses, and tracking customers. As FreshBooks is a cloud-based software it is not perilous to access anywhere from your desktop, phone, or tablet.

  • Tapkey

With Tapkey, the time taking and pestering key management in the coworking space will come to an end. Tapkey is a phenomenal facilitator for access solutions coming with an app effortlessly organizing all access rights and has full control over all accesses.

  • Essensys

Essensys is a workspace management software that gives a resilient experience for all the shareholders. In a seamless environment, it makes them extremely efficient, promising, and collaborative. They exhibit top-notch services and give an overall business insight into developing online communities. They visualize the large-scale digital transformation. Over 1000 workplaces across 27 countries are powered by Essensys technology.

  • is a web-based application that allows you to manage, animate, and sell flexible workspaces. They provide space managers with a user-centric and open solution that automates 100 percent of administrative operations. Clients may concentrate on providing value to their customers with their white-label tool. Selling more services, working on their occupation, and running their firm with data are all things they do.

Benefits of Using Coworking Software

  • Marketing and Branding Across All Platforms

To be a successful coworking space, it should use an effective marketing strategy. For alluring customers, they should be well aware of the space and what it provides. Co-working software allows customers to know about essential information like real-time availability, amenities, and pricing information. The software also offers a white-label portal that allows for automated tours and sales, making it simple for both you and prospects to curb the level of interaction with the coworking space.

  • Streamlined Bookings

Allowing customers to easily reserve workspaces within your coworking space is necessary to ensure customer retention. Coworking software streamlines the service by allowing users to reserve all the amenities, features, and resources to satisfy their needs and confirm their return.

  • Automated Billing

Automated billing makes it easier for your users to pay for the services they’ve requested. Co-working software facilitates online transactions in a white-label marketplace, provides real-time invoices, and rigorously processes payments. You may also send reminders and updates about bills, contracts, and amendments to guarantee that payments are made on time and that members’ balances are up to date.


Here is the list of the most advanced and useful tools that are essential for the effective management of coworking space and it enables the owners of working spaces to focus more on other imperative things like developing a community or promoting your business to potential customers.

Why Do You Need Co-working Space Management Software?

Why Do You Need Co-working Space Management Software?

Twenty-seven million working-age Americans, according to the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM), are starting or running their own enterprises. When those millions decide to build a name for themselves, one of the first things they invest in is a professional workspace to call their headquarters. This explains why, by the end of the year, approximately 1.2 million people will have worked in a coworking space throughout the world. An efficient co-working space management software can increase your profitability.

If you’re unfamiliar with coworking spaces, they’re membership-based workplaces where professionals may collaborate in a shared, community-like setting. People who work in coworking spaces flourish more than those who work in traditional offices, according to Harvard Business Review. Why? They have greater control over their occupations and still feel a sense of community because they regard their work as more significant.

Do you want to use co-working space management software but aren’t sure if a workplace app is worth the money? If you’ve been in the coworking space rental business for a while, you’re definitely aware of the numerous obstacles it faces. RentCubo brings you an exclusive blog that lets you in on the reasons you need co-working space management software.


  • Automate Bookings:

One of the most important advantages of adopting co-working space management software is that it relieves community administrators of the time-consuming chore of taking reservations and checking schedules to avoid overbookings. This frees up more time for them to deal with walk-in clients and plan coworking community promotional events.


  • Automate Membership Plans:

Community managers can say goodbye to spreadsheets and other manual data entry methods that have historically been utilized to manage membership plans with coworking software. Everything from tracking conference room and office space usage to providing free hours to repeat customers can be automated.

Co-working space management software can also assist managers in gaining a better understanding of how members use different areas of the workspace center. This gives you a better idea of how to eliminate operational bottlenecks, discover underutilized features, and replace them with something the coworking community wants or needs.


  • Automate Billing and Payments:

Another big advantage of adopting co-working space management software is that it makes billing and payment collecting much easier. Community managers are no longer burdened with the time-consuming chore of chasing down invoices, which may be stressful for both management and members.

Members may log into their smartphone app, make a reservation, and pay for it all in real-time. As you can expect, this helps coworking spaces expedite operations while also reducing wait times and repetitive dialogues about invoicing clients.


  • Boost Efficiency by Managing IoT:

A good co-working space management software integrates IoT devices such as sensors, lights, displays, and smart locks to make life easier for both coworking space administrators and members.

Managers of co-working spaces, for example, may monitor all relevant information about the facility, such as temperature, equipment usage, and the number of office occupants, from a single dashboard, which is always convenient. This allows managers to keep an eye on the coworking space’s equipment and common amenities.


  • Benefits and Perks:

Workplace management software may also be used to offer rewards for new and returning members, such as discounts and promo codes. Co-working space managers document these benefits manually with a spreadsheet in a typical setup, which might be forgotten or lost over time.

As you might expect, few things irritate clients more than being denied benefits to which they were previously entitled. Co-working software can help avoid such issues while also saving management the time and effort of keeping track of membership advantages and rewards.

So, here it is – a few compelling reasons to begin using coworking software. You don’t need just any workspace management app. you need one that solves your specific problems, improves member satisfaction, and reinforces your brand, and that’s exactly what RentCowork is – a genuinely proficient coworking space management software.

What the Future Holds for Coworking Spaces

What the Future Holds for Coworking Spaces

Adaptability is said to be of the best attributes of human beings. It is because of our ability to adapt that the human species has not only survived through the centuries but has also thrived with confidence and excellence. However, 2020 tested this ability of ours to the limits when the global lockdown was imposed owing to COVID-19. Work-life probably took the worst hit and several alternative measures such as work-from-home (long term as well as permanent) and freelance policies were taken.

Now, a year later, a lot of things have changed including the onset of work-from-home fatigue. The global market of coworking spaces was expected to decline by 12.9% i.e., from 9.27 billion USD in 2019 to 8.24 billion USD in 2020. Based on research it was revealed that the operators in coworking spaces, like Airbnb coworking, witnessed revenue decline by 50% in March 2020. So, what do these changes mean for the future of coworking spaces?

Meet New Demands

In the wake of COVID-19 and the ensuing lockdown, coworking rental solutions (that was called the “new normal”) had to adapt to stay relevant to the changing scenario. Matthew Ciccone, CEO of Pittsburgh’s Beauty Shoppe, expressed that flexibility was the key to coworking spaces’ survival.

Some of the ways coworking rental solutions can stay relevant are by offering flexible contracts without long-term commitments, lowering overheads for small business and startups, delivering grade-A amenities, etc. This could probably usher in the redistribution of office spaces.

Provide Community

The small size and flexible business model of coworking spaces allow for community and reactivity. Oru, a New South London coworking hub, just like Airbnb coworking, provides its clients with an environmentally responsible workspace, thereby creating a community. Oru aimed at helping self-employed workers and those who lost their jobs due to COVID-19 to relaunch their careers by offering free membership, built-in business networks, and in-house mentorship. The purpose of a community to bring people together to exchange knowledge and learn from one another.

A Refuge

Communal coworking rental solutions are like a refuge for those looking for inspiration, stimulation, a few days break from their homes, or even for those who do not like to travel. It can also be a safe haven, for those living in close proximity, with necessary precautions implemented to mitigate the spread of COVID-19.

This can also be called an agile methodology for coworking rental solutions. Transforming a coworking space into a refuge will result in less fluff and more substance. In order to implement this business model, coworking rental solutions must opt for uncluttered and flexible design.

Health Cautious

COVID-19 has made people realize the importance of health and precaution and the post-pandemic era has become highly health-conscious. It does not matter how coworking rental solutions functioned before, but now the highest safety measures have to be implemented with all possible precautionary actions. This might even become the new normal since everybody has already gotten into the practice of maintaining high health standards almost instinctively.

Although the current trend of coworking rental solutions might look unfavorable, experts opine that remote working will not go too far. The reason being there is a change in people’s attitudes, which is showing some positive signs that will eventually make coworking a preferred option for businesses in the future.        You can even adopt the Airbnb coworking model to be innovative, sustain, and reinvent the coworking rental solutions.

RentCubo can help you reinvent your coworking rental solutions with state-of-the-art coworking space management software. We can help you revamp your business with innovative and intuitive coworking management software and help boost your business’s scalability and profitability.