How much does it cost to start a coworking marketplace?

How much does it cost to start a coworking marketplace?

Coworking spaces are quickly gaining momentum across the globe for a couple of years. The concept of shared office spaces has been in the market for a while, but its popularity has been rising in recent years with entrepreneurs and freelancers looking for dynamic and flexible workspaces. Coworking spaces have disrupted the traditional work environment and are emerging as a rapidly growing sector and are expected to continue in 2020 as well. According to Statista, there will be over 22,400 coworking spaces by the beginning of 2020.

Coworking spaces are shared office spaces that allow both individuals and businesses to share the office space and resources like desks, meeting rooms, and collaborative areas. With the rising demand for coworking spaces among people, more and more brands are entering into the coworking space marketplace business to make it easy for people to find and book coworking spaces. But how much does building an Airbnb for coworking cost?

If you are looking for different ways on how to start a coworking marketplace, you are at the right place. In this blog, we will discuss the cost to create a coworking marketplace, its business model, essential features, and other factors that influence the overall cost.

The business model

Basically, coworking space marketplaces work exactly like Airbnb. While Airbnb is a peer-peer marketplace that connects travelers and hosts, coworking space marketplaces connect shared office space providers and businesses looking for shared office space rentals.

Just like Airbnb, coworking management software is also made for a mass market that connects different markets- Coworking space owners and entrepreneurs or freelancers through customized user experiences. When it comes to the revenue strategy, the platform makes the money from the commission for hosting listings and renting from each booking. For example, Airbnb takes a hosting fee of 3% and a rental fee of 6%-12% for each booking. While the basic revenue model of a peer-peer coworking management software is the commission model, you can employ other monetization strategies like premium listing, in-app purchases, etc.

The Cost to set up a coworking marketplace

Coworking marketplaces are complex and require a lot of work. The overall cost of starting a coworking marketplace depends on a lot of factors. Of course, the functionalities of the platform affect the overall cost. The good news is that there are cost-effective alternatives when it comes to building coworking marketplaces.
Let’s explore the factors that affect the shared office space cost.

Core features and functionalities

When you want to launch a coworking marketplace, it is important to differentiate between the core features and additional features of the platform. The coworking platform has three types of users- The coworking space owners, the renters, and the admin. The most complex part of development is in implementing the features for the service providers. Here are the common features and functionalities you must implement in your coworking marketplace.


To start using your coworking platform, both users (excluding admin) have to register and sign in. The basic option is to allow users to register using email and password registration. You can also allow social media signup to make it more convenient for users. Once the registration is done, users must be able to log into the platform.

Set up user profiles

After signing in, users must be able to create user profiles with their personal information like name, mail id, passwords, etc.

Create listings

Coworking space owners must be able to list their shared office spaces in your platform with details like name, location, type, and images.

Powerful search

This is one of the important features of any coworking marketplace to help users find the right match. Your platform must have an advanced search system that allows users to search for coworking spaces based on location, availability, and various other factors.

Booking system

The advanced booking system of the coworking space marketplace will allow users to check the availability of coworking spaces for a particular time frame. After inputting the desired date, the user must be able to see a list of suitable coworking spaces with all essential details like descriptions, photos, reviews, etc. Once a user makes a booking, the service provider will receive a notification and can choose to accept or decline the booking.

Messaging system

An in-app messaging system is essential to facilitate communication between service providers and renters to discuss things regarding booking a coworking space. This is an important feature that allows establishing trust between users.

Online payment

If you are thinking about how to start a coworking marketplace business, this is one of the most important functions you must implement in your platform. Integrate a full-fledged online payment in your coworking space marketplace to make it easy for renters to pay for booked space and for service providers to receive payment for their rental services. The online payment system comes handy for users to make the payment on the go and for the admin to earn commissions from each transaction that happens in the marketplace.

Building a coworking platform

The most important part of launching a coworking business is to build a coworking marketplace. Building a coworking platform involves planning how to set up one. Do you want to build it from scratch or build the platform efficiently using a white label solution? These factors will play a major role in deciding the overall cost to set up a coworking marketplace.
Let’s cover the two alternatives and the cost involved.
• Building a coworking marketplace from scratch
• Building a coworking marketplace using a readymade script

Building a coworking marketplace from scratch

Creating a coworking marketplace from scratch is the most elaborate and costly method. The cost of starting a coworking marketplace depends on the unique requirements of your platform. There are a lot of aspects that influence the overall cost like the technical complexity, the number of platforms, the number of developers, standard or customized design, etc.
Each feature of your platform must be created and configured on both the client-side and server-side. The server-side tech stack is one of the significant and the most time-consuming part of the entire development process.

The overall cost to build an Airbnb for coworking space can range anywhere between $50,000-$100,000, or more depending on the average rate for a developer. Globally the price differs for an hour of developers and can range anywhere between $20-$500 per hour.

Building a coworking marketplace using a readymade script

Using a white label script to build your coworking marketplace is an efficient and cost-effective way to reduce the coworking space cost significantly. A readymade script is ready to deploy a program that helps to create a peer-peer rental marketplace with all the features and functionalities similar to Airbnb.

If you are thinking about how to start a coworking marketplace on a budget, a clone script saves you a lot of time, effort and yes, a significant amount of money as well. A good script comes with all features like powerful search, advanced filters, booking management system, communication system, online payment integration, multi-currency support, admin dashboard, and monetization features. And, all this will just cost you around $1000-$2000 alone with all the customizations you require.

Wrapping it up!

The trend of coworking space is increasing and is going to continue the same in 2020 as well. The cost of starting a coworking marketplace with a clone script is quite affordable when compared with the cost to build the marketplace from scratch. Building a peer-peer platform for your coworking space business is a better alternative as the work is already automated for you. You can customize it to incorporate any degree of personalization you require to make the final product unique.

Even with the high demand, there is a lack of an efficient coworking management software that connects two user groups to facilitate business between them. For the same reason, launching a coworking management software will always be a lucrative business.

Starting a Co working Rental Marketplace? Here’s what you need to know for launch

Starting a Co working Rental Marketplace? Here’s what you need to know for launch

There was a time when co-working space made heads turn just because they offered spaces that allow individuals from different companies to come together and work. However, today every city boasts coworking spaces and this cool startup culture has become a norm.

Coworking space offers a sense of community and a place to work and rent to both individuals and groups. The business model of Coworking spaces is similar to that of Airbnb. Just like Airbnb offers a platform to rent out apartments and homes to travelers, coworking spaces connect users to open desks, office and meeting rooms. Individual and small groups gain access to space that is more customized than normal space and cheaper than full lease. Airbnb for coworking maximizes the usage of unused corporate spaces and fosters a community of growth and innovation. In this blog, let’s cover the basics of coworking spaces, why they are trending, how they work, things to consider when building a coworking rental platform, core features, etc. Let’s get started.

Why coworking spaces are trending?

When brainstorming about how to start a coworking space business, you must understand the benefits offered by coworking spaces and why people prefer it. With the rising trend of coworking space, more and more businesses are considering starting a coworking marketplace. Here are the reasons.


Even today one of the major advantages of coworking space is the cheap rent. In today’s age of high rental price, having an office or meeting set up in a coworking space is a cheaper alternative for startups. Although startups prefer using coworking spaces for its affordability, it’s not just that. Coworking spaces provide a type of flexibility and convenience that helps professionals to collaborate and expand which is not possible with the traditional office setup. Generally, traditional office spaces can be limited by their very nature and the opportunities to interact are restricted.

Facilities interaction and networking

In a flexible coworking space built on collaboration, the effect is amplified and there are enough opportunities for people to interact with each other. Not within their own businesses alone, but more widely. As already said, coworking spaces give you ample opportunities to interact with people from different companies and backgrounds under one roof. Over a cup of coffee at the cafeteria or over a game zone, many interactions that makes way for better ideas take place as well. It helps in getting new prospects, guidance, market help, and redefine the employee experience too.

Partnerships and events

A growing trend for coworking spaces is to allow different companies to collaborate and organize events. By organizing different events, coworking space helps startups to interact with industry experts and even work with them.

What do you want to achieve by starting a coworking marketplace?

Before you get busy looking for ways on how to set up a coworking space rental marketplace, it is important to take some time to reflect on these things- Why what, and how. Why you want to create a coworking space rental marketplace. Is it because you want to join the competition just to leverage the monetary benefits it offers? Perhaps you want to solve an existing problem in the industry or build a profitable side business. Whatever the reasons are, articulating your motivation and goals to launch a coworking marketplace will help you devise a great strategy and business plan.

What does starting a coworking marketplace really mean?

With increasing competition in the coworking rental industry, coworking marketplaces need a way to differentiate from other competitors. To understand how to start a coworking marketplace business, it is important to understand what you really mean with that. Here are some essential components that define a coworking rental marketplace.

Peer-peer marketplace

Coworking space rental marketplaces are nothing but Airbnb for coworking that connects coworking space providers and individuals or small businesses to offer services to each other.

Location-based search

Like in other marketplaces where the location of the provider doesn’t really matter, in location-based peer-peer rental marketplaces for coworking space rentals, the platform must be able to connect customers with providers who are physically close to each other. These coworking space marketplaces allow customers to search for coworking spaces by locations.

Availability and booking management

A coworking space rental marketplace must have coworking space management tools like availability and booking management systems users can book on dates that fit them. This feature helps in increasing successful bookings, avoid double bookings, and maximize user satisfaction.

Online payment

Peer-peer rental marketplaces for coworking must facilitate online payment to allow users to book and pay through the website. This is convenient for users, secure for the providers, and offers a business model for the marketplace administrator who can charge commissions from each transaction.

Review systems

Coworking space rental marketplaces are all about building trust between two user groups. Each user has their own verified account with their real name and details. Both customers and providers can leave reviews for each other after transactions.

Things to consider before launching your coworking space marketplace

Here are some key factors that contribute to the successful development of a coworking space rental marketplace.

Offer unique USP’s

Once you have chosen a niche, incorporate unique selling propositions to your rental marketplace to make it different from the already existing platforms in the market.

Develop the brand identity

When creating a recognizable product, pay attention to considering the user’s needs and uniting them into a community. People love being a part of a social entity and will happily support your rapidly growing business.

Improve the user experience

Once you have an established audience, the next thing you must focus is on improving the user experience. Make your service look professional and offer the ideal experience to both coworking space owners and users who want to book them.

How to start a coworking marketplace?

Building a coworking space rental marketplace requires a lot of dedication. The most significant thing you want to figure out is how to set up a coworking marketplace. Do you want to develop it from scratch or go for a cheap yet efficient alternative of using a white label coworking management software to build your marketplace?

White label solutions are ready-made website scripts that allow you to build a similar website effortlessly and cost-effectively. For example, if you are building an Airbnb for coworking, instead of building a rental marketplace from scratch, you can use an Airbnb clone to build a customized solution with more space for creativity and for a moderate price.

Core features of a Coworking rental marketplace

Despite the seeming simplicity of the interface of a coworking space rental platform, it is a complex platform combining a lot of features and functionalities. There are three main types of user-profiles: Guest hosts, and admin. Let’s consider the overall features of a coworking space rental platform.

Registration and signup

This page is what both coworking owners and businesses who want to book rental services see first. Ensure you incorporate different methods to register like using email id, phone number, and social media accounts. Once registered, users must be able to login to their profiles successfully.

Profile details

A user profile will contain a dashboard to manage the account settings. Space owners will see a dashboard with their listings, the number of bookings, booking details and other related information. Whereas users will be able to their basic profile details, booking they have made, reservations, etc.


The verification process will be similar for both coworking space owners and renters. It is necessary for both parties to provide a government-issued ID and license.

Search and filtering options

To make the first booking or list their spaces, there must be a smart search with advanced filters so that results can be filtered according to basic and advanced criteria.  For example, the filtering options allow users to discover coworking space with specific amities, pet-friendly, or meeting spaces suitable for handling certain events, etc.


A messaging system is an essential feature for any Airbnb for coworking space. This feature allows both users to discuss the details of booking directly on the platform. To avoid negotiations on the side, you can invalidate data like phone numbers and links so that users don’t exchange their contact information.

Payment system

To carry out financial transactions related to booking coworking space and related services, it is necessary for coworking rental marketplaces to integrate a secure payment system to the platform.

Push notifications

To keep both users updated on the news, offers, and promotions, the rental marketplace needs to send notifications to users’ accounts, mobile devices, and email.

Let’s start building a coworking rental marketplace

The trend of coworking spaces is gaining momentum and is going to rise tremendously in the future as well. Despite the high demand, the supply is less. Hence it is the right time to launch a coworking marketplace to encourage new connections and opportunities for both individuals and businesses. As we now have covered the most important aspects you need to consider before starting a coworking marketplace, it’s time to start building.

Starting a Co working Rental Marketplace? Here’s what you need to know for launch

How to build a coworking marketplace with Airbnb clone script

Airbnb was a completely new concept when it came to the market, but Airbnb’s model to give out business places for rent is even newer. It is a concept that connects an office space provider with the people who want to take the same on rent. Likewise, there are many online coworking marketplaces available where you can rent out a co-working space, too.

The concept is fairly known as Airbnb for office/co-working spaces. Just like Airbnb, these businesses provide a broader range of amenities for corporates. All the corporate amenities are available in one place, which provides professional workspaces at affordable rates than a traditional office.

The shared office spaces or coworking marketplaces are becoming one of the fastest-growing industries in the world. This is because the startup owners mostly look co-working office spaces where they can sit in a bustling space to work amongst other freelancers, developers, and creatives in a productive atmosphere.

The giant companies like WeWork also offer small offices within a shared community of workers on a monthly basis. It recently raised funding at a $16 billion valuation in the USA. The freelancers and entrepreneurs love to work at a collaborative place. They can avail of many other benefits at the co-working office places. This includes good networking, low overhead expenses, events, café, and many more.

If you are looking to provide such a space to the startup community and other entrepreneurs to a supportive environment, this article will surely help you.

The Airbnb of Co-working Spaces- The Deeper Dive:

Let’s have a look at how co-working spaces are more than just a place to work, and how a few companies are changing the model to capitalize on these work trends.

Many commercial real-estate developers are redesigning their spaces to have smaller offices, larger common areas with all kinds of amenities. This shift is taking place in all sorts of firms. It also helps the professionals for interaction, teamwork, and to be innovative while cutting costs.

About 75 million people are the millennial generation in America. They make up nearly a quarter of the total U.S population. This generation likes an open and exposed environment to the work. Thus, the Airbnb office space/co-working space phenomenon has been generalized as an industry nowadays.

Many software companies have emerged in the market and offering flexible solutions to accommodate refreshments, receptionists, and programming. They also provide co-working management software for managing their workspace. These solutions are allowing online entrepreneurs to build marketplace platform that allows the office space owners to rent out there space, desks, common area, and conference rooms to others by day, week, or monthly basis.

Every co-working space’s vibe, workshops, events, layouts, hackathons, and perks are slightly different. If you want to collaborate all the vast network of shared office spaces in one platform, then the Airbnb clone scripts are the best option for you. You can keep on trying with new co-working spaces and network with other entrepreneurs.

How to use Airbnb clone scripts to rent co-working spaces?

Set a clear goal:

Before getting into hands-on, set your purpose. It helps to provide seamless customer service in the rental sector by connecting the owner and provider.

Get a platform:

Getting a suitable platform is the most important phase in this process during your app development stage. Decide whether the app platform is cross, native, or hybrid. If you’re tech-savvy, you can code a platform like Airbnb from scratch. However, it is time-consuming and expensive to build from scratch.

There are readymade turnkey solutions available in the market, which you can use to build one without spending excessive time and resources. These custom solutions permit quicker executions and give better security and guaranty of improved involvement.

Benefits of the Readymade Rental Co-working Software:

The readymade software helps the entrepreneurs to build powerful coworking marketplaces. You will get the 100% source code and you can customize it based on your requirements. These are white label solutions and enable unique branding with custom logo, colors, styles, layouts, functionalities, and much more.

The purchase model of these scripts is quite hassle-free, as they ask just a one-time payment for letting set up your marketplace/rental platform. It provides scalability to extend the capabilities and perform further developments on top. These clone scripts enable you to scale the platform when your business is in the growth stage.

Essential Features of Airbnb clone script:

  • The Airbnb clone script allows you to manage all administrative tasks with ease. It also allows you to focus on growing your business without a worry.
  • You can easily manage your front desk, sign up new members, and keep track of every administrative task on a single software.
  • As the Airbnb clone script has white-label customization, you can personalize colors and add your own logo.
  • The cutting edge technology stack power up your rental coworking marketplaces.
  • The Airbnb clone script also allows you to expand the business into multiple locations and manage all spaces on the screen.
  • You can integrate third-party APIs to make your platform into a powerful tool. You can also explore each feature and highlight the internal management system of the co-working space.
  • The features for the coworking marketplaces include managing member profiles while checking member data, update plans, preview invoices, and manage bookings and passes.
  • The software helps you to track your members, revenue, bookings and more to get real insights. It also helps to automate and track your invoicing and payments with convenience.
  • The co-working software also allows users to create a dynamic subscription of plans on-the-go.
  • It allows the members to experience a seamless and quick booking via a one-click booking feature.
  • Member management and report management are some of the essential features in the Airbnb clone script.

Best Co-working management software:

Rentcowork (Airbnb Clone) is a coworking marketplace that helps startups to build a web application that has the online booking system, payment process, reservations, and much more functionalities. It can also be customized to start an array of rental businesses

You can set up your co-working rental website immediately with the Airbnb clone script. There are many scripts available in the market. But before you purchase any script, look at the demo, find out the essential features and their supportive measures.

Top 10 Co-working Space Management Tools in 2020

Top 10 Co-working Space Management Tools in 2020

The freelance economy is growing day by day as the Millennials and Gen Z tenants are finding themselves in freelance work. It is indeed a promising sign to see an upsurge of startups and independent professionals.

These entrepreneurial minds need workspace – an office to be precise. However, with booming property prices, it is not easy to purchase or rent an office space. Especially, if they work alone or just start a small company, a majority of startups cannot afford office space.

This is where the concept of co-working spaces appeared.

A shared environment for professionals to meet, share ideas and work together. The creative freelancers and start-up owners can co-work in such spaces, while the space owner will take care of their logistical requirements.

The idea of co-working spaces is letting these solopreneurs and tiny companies share a workspace and get an office ecosystem at affordable rates.

According to coworking resources, an estimated 2,188 spaces were opened worldwide, out of which almost 1,000 were in the U.S. itself.

Before choosing the right software for you, know how to choose the right co-working management software. Plenty of digital Co-working space management tool is available in the market to transform your business experience. Let’s have a look at the top 10 tools coworkers and co-working spaces are using to maximize their productivity.


Cobot is a management software solution for co-working spaces and office hubs. The software was developed by a team to automate their daily tasks and run other things smoothly.

Key Features:

You can find all the relevant features in a simple and intuitive interface in one tool. For example, automated billing, invoicing, room booking, etc. Cobot is an easy way to manage the co-working space, register new members, review member data, and assign tariffs. You can also customize your colors and design to give your members a special look that can create a seamless brand experience for users.

Cobot provides an endless possibility by connecting it with all the apps you already use. For example, integrating with payment tools like Stripe, Gocardless, and PayPal, etc. It is multilingual and mobile-optimized software that supports spaces around the world. It also provides free support from small community hubs to large multi-location business centers.

The pricing of Cobot is €49/month up to 15 members, €109/month up to 40 members, €209/month up to 85 members, €399/month up to 180 members, and €789/month up to 425 members.


Nexudus is a complete co-working space management tool that includes multiple features. This tool is already being used in 100 countries.

Key Features:

The common features include membership management, automated billing, payments, events, newsletters, and email monitoring. This scheduling tool has a powerful CRM named as MRM (Member Relationship Management) that helps you to keep track of contacts and leads.

You can book meeting rooms and keep track of everything in the software. If you want to organize your own co-working events, you can manage the tickets directly. This is cool, right?

Nexudus also offers its own interface for integrations. It has already integrated with Ezeep and Stripe. These apps make it possible to customize the platform to individual needs.

The pricing for Nexudus is free up to 5 members, €15/month up to 10 members, €30/month up to 25 members, €45/month up to 40 members, €85/month up to 80 members, and €125/month up to 150 members.


RentCoWork is a well-known and flexible co-working management software that has a seamless platform for co-working, shared, and flexible office space management.

Key Features:

The key features range from customer relationship management (CRM), membership management, space management, and contract management. The white-label app allows you to manage all administrative tasks with ease by allowing to focus on growing your business without a worry.

You can track your members, revenue, bookings and more to get real insights. The automated and tracking of your invoicing and payments make ease of use.


Optix is ​​a mobile co-working software best suited for the members of co-working spaces. Optix platform includes two tools: A white-label mobile app and a web platform for managers.

Key Features:

The intuitive interfaces allow your members to book desks and know the availability of meeting rooms in real-time. The features include: booking management, invoicing, member-to-member messaging, and support.  All the bills are generated automatically with a single click on the software. You can also interact with your community. It helps to create custom workflows by interacting with a variety of apps. It lets you connect all your necessary apps on one platform. For example, you can integrate your apps from Google Calendar to Zendesk.


Zapfloor is a management software for business centers and flexible workspaces. The features make your everyday life easier.

Key Features:

You’ll find all the essential data in the dashboard from utilizing your space to open invoices. Every information is generated automatically. You can book and manage the meeting rooms via this tool. In addition, you can integrate more apps through this tool like payment platforms Xeros, Stripe, and PapercutMF. This solution also offers a white-labeled solution to provide a consistent experience to the coworkers.

The pricing is available on request from the user.


Coworkify is a complete co-working office management software with simple and intuitive design.

Key Features:

It includes features like booking, invoicing, membership, sales, and marketing. This software doesn’t contain any unnecessary bells or whistles. Thus, making it for ease of use with a high-ranking quality.

You can try it for 30 days for free and $99 buys you managing up to 80 members. It charges the users by their size, not by the number of features. Therefore, it is getting an overwhelming response in the market.


Kube is a new and highly reviewed co-working space management tool that provides many additional features.

Key Features:

Kube provides a self-contained solution for co-working space occupiers. For example, Apart from CRM and Billing, it has features for door access, Wi-Fi, network control solutions, and easy member management. It also has an integrated marketplace that helps in filling your desks and rooms. A separate booking calendar helps simplifies the management of rooms & co.

Kube offers both hardware and software support to the tenants. It also offers an open API enables the integration of different payment platforms and financial applications.

The pricing for Kube would be available on request from the customer.


Habu is a co-working management software that has users in more than 25 countries.

Key Features:

This platform focuses on major areas of features like the member management, space management, and automation of invoice. Habu offers integration with payment platforms like Stripe and Adyen. You can also integrate with an accounting software ‘Xero’ in a few minutes.

The pricing for Habu is €1 per member and €20 per location/month.


Coherent is a co-working management software that solves the common problems occur in co-working spaces like managing the availability and collecting payments.

Key Features:

It is a robust system that makes sure the availability is accurately tracked and up-to-date. It takes care of all aspects of workspace admin empowers your community.

The features include independent host, member dashboards, lead management, analytics, access control, and integrations with your favorite products. You can access all your workspaces from a single interface and manage bookings, memberships, member data, invoices, and more from a single dashboard.

Coherent charge just 1% and additional VAT on your monthly invoices with unlimited workplaces and unlimited members.


FreshBooks helps businesses get paid by their clients with ease. The key motive of this tool is to make sure to so as little of paperwork as possible.

Key Features:

The tool works with different payment providers. It also allows freelancers and startups to spend less time dealing with paperwork. In a shorter period of time, users can automate various tasks including billing, organizing expenses, and tracking customers. These smooth-looking features make it easy to create professional things. You can manage your projects and base your billing on an hourly rate. You can also monitor how many hours your team members spend on each project, also share files and discuss the project with them.

The pricing is $10 per month for 50 billable clients, 20$ per month for 500 billable clients, and custom pricing if the number exceeds 500 clients.

Wrapping up:

We hope this guide has helped you with all the necessary features for different co-working space management tool. We have also summarized the features and pricing in the article. You can find the right software according to your requirements.

13 Must-Have Features in Your Co-Working Space Management Software

13 Must-Have Features in Your Co-Working Space Management Software

As more and more successful organizations are shifting to co-working spaces rather than having regular offices, the more difficult it is for the shared office space businesses to manage the co-working space; which cubicles and seats are being occupied by which companies, the booking procedure, an estimate of rent etc. All of these essential requirements make it necessary for a shared office space business(For eg: wework and Space-EX) to deploy a co-working space management software. After all, the world speaks technology.

Co-working space management software is not only to compete on the same level as your competitors, but to also manage your own workspace in a better and hassle-free manner; to preserve time and money and increase the efficiency of your space. You can have robust accounting, Internet Listing services, automated bookings, Customer-Relationship Management system, real-time reporting etc. and that too, all in a single place.

You don’t settle for the average in everyday life. Why should it be any different while selecting your co-working space management software? Now that we’ve understood the necessity of having Co-working software, we really want to share 13 important things that you must have in your co-working space management software if you want to advance in 2019.

Great software should not only take the workload off your shoulders but also add value to the experience of the users. As you go through the features, you can also understand in greater detail why you need co-working space management software:


#1: Technology: You’d never want to compromise on this. This is the fuel of the software.

#2: Responsive Design: To get an amazing user experience across devices with any size and layout. It is always amazing to have responsive software and users really love it!

#3: Admin Panel: Backend Access to get complete control of your platform’s performance.

#4: Revenue Model and Dashboard: Set dynamic prices as per your needs, understand and monitor the revenue-driving segment of your business through a dashboard and get the best out of sharing season!

#5: Advanced Filter: For an easier search. When you search right, you find right and then you definitely build right.

#6: Multiple Payment Gateways: Any mode of payment gateway, you can get your way.

#7: Review system: Customer satisfaction is always important.

#8: Verified Providers: Service providers or hosts should be verified. Trust is the most important factor.

#9: Easy to Customize: This makes it the most user-friendly platform for your brand.

#10: Social Media Integration: Marketing is as important as being tech-savvy. So, integrate your Social Media Channels to engage your customers and drive more sales.

#11: Booking Status Management and Rebooking: For booking and reviewing and managing booking statuses. Co-working spaces can be confusing, but that won’t be an excuse to skip on managing the space. The space on your fingertips, that’s how things have to be going in 2019.

#12: Email Notification and SMS integration: To save you from the hassles of billing and invoice communications. Adding Email notifications not only helps your customers to stay up-to-date but it also helps you build a connection with them.

#13: Member Management: Manage member information and communication on one platform. With hundreds and thousands of members sharing a single space, we certainly can’t rely on the human brain for everything, right? Thus, your co-working space management software must have a feature to manage the members in your co-working space.


RentCubo has got a complete solution package to the on-going demand in the marketplace and we named it RentCoWork. Apart from these features in RentCoWork, we provide 24/7 technical support, free installation of the software and free upgrades for a lifetime! What’s more? You also get 100% of the source code (Co-working space clone script) with a scalable architecture built just for a high-demand marketplace. And all of this at a very affordable pricing range. You don’t believe us? Check out our Website for the pricing we offer.

We won’t tell you to trust us before you try us. This is the reason why we have Free and Live Demo available on our Website. The documentation we provide is easy-to-understand and will help you comprehend the blueprint of the Website Clone script before you modify it according to your needs.

We are driven by providing value to our clients. You can always contact us for the tiniest troubles that you face. We understand your challenges and thus, we are here to lend you a hand.

How to Choose the Right Coworking Management Software

How to Choose the Right Coworking Management Software

In this post: we look at factors which help you buy the best software to run your coworking business. And we see why an Airbnb clone script is the best software.

What entails running a coworking space

A coworking business has to create a seamless process to help users sign up, renew, pay for services easily. This is the crux of running a successful coworking space. From marketing and sales to inviting potential users via social media, all of this need to be integrated with the business’ central software. Making it easy to track engagements and sign up users in a quick and smooth process. These are the challenges faced by coworking spaces, around the world. Here are some of the most common and must have facilities a coworking space needs to provide:

  • 24-Hour access – easy check-ins and check-outs
  • Invitation to entrepreneurs and guest speakers
  • After hours activities such as workshops
  • Cafes or snack bars with option to pay via mobile phones
  • Gaming workstations with timed passes
  • Timed access to in-house video or podcast studios
  • A platform to flag issues and track solutions
  • Internal communication platform – emails, newsletters
  • Timed parking facility with auto renewal and payment

Your community at the center of the coworkring management software

The life and blood of any coworking space is its community. Once we move past the basic amenities such as clean desks and other utilities, what defines success is how well the community can access services and how well the community can be engaged.

Learn how to make it big in the coworking business

In a world where services are driven by and delivered via mobile phones and laptops, similar standards have to be met to cater to users at any coworking space. From booking a desk, renewing and making payments to booking meeting rooms and accessing in-house cafe, all needs to be accessible via a user’s laptop or mobile phone.

These are the best ways to engage your members in your coworking space

The software you use should make it easy to manage each and every task and help you gain insights through reports and data visualization. Helping you to understand and modify services to better retain and bring on more users.

Smooth transition from your existing coworking management software

Any software upgrade should make it easy to switch from your existing one to the new one seamlessly. Importing data, integrating marketing activities, frictionless renewals and payments, and performance insights, all of these factors need to be synched in unison when you choose a new software.

The best coworking management software should provide you with API integration

The software you choose to manage your coworking space should allow for API integration. It should allow you to bring vendors on board and integrate their services into your software through their APIs easily.

Say you hired a new coffee vendor, and they have their own ordering software. It should be easy to take their API and integrate it with your new software.

Wasabi wants to offer discounted cloud server spaces for your community? You should be able to integrate their API onto your software and make the service easily accessible to your users. Your community will love you for making transactions easy and quick.

What features are a must in a coworking management software

  • A comprehensive CRM dashboard
  • User data repository
  • Invoicing and payment platform
  • Integrating other billing softwares if needed
  • A beautiful booking calendar
  • A platform to create any number or combinations of membership plans and prices
  • Community portal to engage members
  • A KPI based reporting engine built into the software

Managing a coworking business can be simplified with the right software

Managing a coworking business which is diversified in culture as well as service variety is a challenging task. Did you know that many aspects of a coworking business can be managed, administered and automated with the right software application.

Flagship coworking brands such as WeWork have mastered this service delivery. Visitors can easily check in on the phone. All updates within the community is delivered through their flagship app. Members can book resources on the go etc.

Isn’t building a website, a mobile app and integrating them both via cloud services an expensive effort? Well, no, to be honest.

Have you used Or its mobile app? Aren’t their platforms so easy to use? So, here’s the deal. We have cloned the Airbnb platform (web and mobile) and have redesigned in a way to suit the nature of a coworking business. Think of it as an Airbnb for your coworking business. We call it RentCowork.

Not only that, we offer round the clock tech support and free software upgrades (web and mobile) for life. The best thing about RentCowork is that it is 100% customizable. Put your own logo, color scheme, fonts etc. It is your platform, mould it the way you want it.

Thinking if the platform may not be the right fit for your business? Do not worry, check out the LIVE DEMO to experience the platform. Also, you can download the LITE version of the software for free – to try out the features for real.

If you have any questions about the platform or service or design, just reach out to us at or connect with us via WhatsApp.