What Will Parking Management Be Like In The Next Decade?

What Will Parking Management Be Like In The Next Decade?

The world is evolving and moving forward where parking management is not greatly come up. In today’s times where the users have become user-friendly and the environment is evolving to become better for user experiences and data-based insights, the new digital solutions which are coming in way of the parking industry are focused on customers.

Major cities throughout the world have long been concerned about and frustrated by the variation in the necessary number of parking places. Infrastructures including houses, hospitals, schools, and recreation facilities struggle to find space in the city while many parking lots lay empty and unused for extended periods during the day.

It is a massive waste of resources that could be put to better use. It is necessary to start making wise judgments because the current trend of wasting vital resources cannot continue in the long run. The usage of technology is increasing in the parking sector since it has become a global solution to many issues.

Even the decision-making and payment options are directed within the hands of the end-user and they require parking facilities that are smart enough to accommodate customers. Therefore, the need for evolution and change has become important. Due to the pandemic also, several changes have become apparent across the world. 

What Is Parking Management?

The parking management system offers parking and payment assistance as well. E-ticketing, a button switch, and cutting-edge technology are all used in the autonomous car parking system. It seeks to optimize parking programs and create an intelligent system. Even so, it offers drivers practical alternatives and generates cost-effective advantages without clogging up the streets.

Parking management should be utilized since it is easy to use and has features compatible with all current applications. A state-of-the-art smart car parking lot management system can open up new economic options for any system that needs efficient parking management. The parking management system was created using highly developed and effective technologies.

The parking management software was previously required to conform to deep human interaction because of a lack of coordination and management. Thus, accuracy and quickness are guaranteed. A minimal amount of human intervention is necessary due to automatic parking management software as well.

What Are Automated Parking Spaces?

The rise in automation has been observed worldwide and it has been to be proved itself as an effective introduction to improving car parking efficiency. Hence even the process is fully automated and technologically equipped. The parking spaces are scanned before getting into the platforms. 

The system functions the same as the automated storage bracket and allows as many as four times the number of vehicles as the conventional parking lot accommodates. The use of an effective space is essential as the vehicle drivers exit from the car before parking and then escape from spaces between the cars. 

Parking lots will get considerably smaller with automated parking systems or there won’t be a need for as many because the ones that are already there will be big enough for the cars. Parking lots will require more vertical than horizontal space since drivers don’t park automobiles machines do.

Future of Parking Management: 

  • Product to platform:

    Parking is getting ready to transition away from the conventional paradigm of labor and reconciliation. It will move forward toward analytical processes like rich data mining in a real-time environment and intelligent service delivery. 

  • Management:

    Cloud computing will eventually replace on-site servers, making real-time management solutions accessible from anywhere at any time. These solutions will support various payment methods and points of sale.

  • Changed human capital:

    Parking management organizations will start to experience more pressure to modernize their infrastructure which will have an impact on maximizing human resources. 

  • Smooth payments:

    Consumers will start to demand and expect faster payment processes as they grow accustomed to quick and simple transactions. The technology is currently available for digital apps to make payments easier. 

  • Greater intelligence:

    The applications enter the market and generate parking data and extract key business insights that manage to market data-driven decisions. Hence this will be facilitated by a centralized data warehouse. 

  • Improved management:

    The management of operations takes place via a series of smart workflows which are made to trigger actions and responses. So, workflow processes and improved incident management systems will improve parking management. 


The future of parking management is going to make a sharp mark in the parking system as today. A dedicated parking management system is reduced, and the need for human intervention in these procedures is subsided by the entire process to reinforce speed, turnover, and accuracy. Also, these benefits will provide extended help in the coming decades like allotting parking lots. The technology will also implement and allow ever-improving coordination, operation, and regulation of business. 

Features Of Smart Parking System

Features Of Smart Parking System

Smart Parking system is one of the most widely used and rapidly expanding Smart City solutions worldwide. Airports, universities, shopping malls, and public garages are just a few examples of organizations that have begun to see the value of automated parking technology. Smart parking is enabled by the Internet of Things’ ability to connect, analyze, and automate data collected from devices.

Low-cost sensors, real-time data, and applications are used in Smart Parking to allow users to monitor available and unavailable parking spots. The idea is to automate the process and reduce the amount of time spent manually looking for the best parking floor, spot, or even lot. Some solutions will include a full package of services, including online payments, parking time notifications, and even automobile search capabilities for particularly big parking lots. Both the user and the lot owner can benefit substantially from a parking solution.

If you are looking to invest in a smart parking system and build your business in the parking management industry then you must know the features it offers. RentCubo, one of the best smart parking software development companies, brings you an exclusive blog highlighting some of the best features of smart parking systems.

  • Vehicle and Employee Scheduling:

If we consider a business with a readily available parking facility, the software must contain data for all in-house personnel and the appropriate space arrangement set for everyone. According to their shifts, the amount of time they spend in the office, the time they come and leave, the position or area they have booked based on their priorities, and so on. If you want to personalize these capabilities, you can design a custom application for a parking management system.

  • Automated Ticketing for Users and Violators:

Users do not have to wait in long queues to get the parking tickets. With a smart parking system in place, they can get their parking tickets generated automatically and pay for them online.

Those who break the regulations or go overboard with any other pre-determined guidelines could be charged tickets online using an online application system combined with an online positioning system. Online ticketing can be beneficial to motorists because it can alert them to such violations in advance through a notification. After all, the most lauded benefit of a mobile-based application is its portability.

  • Tracking Parking Spaces:

A flexible parking management system should be able to track vehicles for available parking spaces and direct them to the correct location. The more exact and accurate the real-time synchronization of the positioning system with the program, the more efficiently an application can steer the seeker.

  • Business Scalability:

A great parking management system should be scalable, and it should be able to function with and for any kind of business, whether small, micro, medium, or large. There are numerous online parking management solutions available on the market, each with its own set of limits and exorbitant fees to pay. However, any purchaser will be disappointed if the program has scalability restrictions.

  • Manage Visitors:

For emergency or contingent scenarios, there must be some buffer space or redundant parking slot feature, so that it can handle a sudden rush with redundant spaces available and better management with agile analysis before the development of any rampant or over-crowded possibilities.

In addition, if the other has a habit of enormous movement at once, the software may direct the visitor to an easier departure or entry channel. If the software performs this, it might be referred to as smarter visitor management through smarter parking management software. Such modification should also necessitate the hiring of specialist developers.

  • Interoperability:

Many corporate solutions fail due to a lack of compatibility. However, nowadays, the majority of solutions come with full compatibility. However, it is this feature that has caused several extremely intelligent applications to lose a significant portion of their user base due to incompatibility issues with other platforms on which they run. It is best to incorporate compatibility into the solution so that it may work smoothly on any operating system, be it Windows, Mac, Android, or iOS.

  • Better Revenue Streams:

Smart parking technology opens up a slew of new business opportunities. Lot owners, for example, can provide tiered pricing choices based on the location of parking spaces. Reward schemes can also be incorporated into existing models to encourage users to return.

  • Improved Safety:

Employees and security guards at parking lots have access to real-time lot data that can aid in the prevention of parking offenses and suspicious activities. License plate recognition cameras can collect useful information. Reduced street-searching traffic can also help to reduce accidents caused by the distraction of looking for a parking spot.

  • Better Customer Service and Brand Image:

A user’s perception of a business or commercial entity can be greatly enhanced by a smooth experience. Visitors will undoubtedly be astonished by the cutting-edge technology and convenience features, whether the location is a retail store, an airport, or a corporate business office.

  • Integrated Payments & Real-time Data:

Returning users can use account invoicing and application payments from their phones to replace daily, laborious cash payments. Customer loyalty programs and meaningful user input could be enabled as a result of this. A smart parking solution can provide data over time that reveals user and lot correlations and trends. These trends might help lot owners figure out how to make changes and enhancements to their drivers.


The deployment of a smart parking system would undoubtedly be a terrific investment for any local government or enterprise, based on only these top 10 benefits. The fact that there are around four parking places per vehicle in the United States demonstrates our existing parking inefficiencies. We still can’t find a spot! As the world’s population grows and urbanizes, it’s critical to put in place a well-thought-out, convenience-driven parking solution that can be used globally.

Parking Management System Is Evolving With Urbanization

Parking Management System Is Evolving With Urbanization

By 2050, urban regions are expected to house 68% of the world’s population. Many rural residents are drawn to urbanization because of the numerous chances it provides to improve their quality of life. However, if urbanization is not carefully planned, many aspects of it can become stressful for a city and its residents.

This is especially true when it comes to public transportation, current transportation needs (such as EV charging stations and electric motorcycles), small mobility services, parking managed services, and other urban mobility issues.

If a city is on the verge of urbanization and is projected at rapid population growth, it must first understand what works, what doesn’t, and how to promptly address the after-effects and repercussions of urbanization. 

What is Urbanization?

People are migrating from rural to urban locations as the world’s population is growing exponentially. Urbanization is a global phenomenon that entails expanding the population of rural areas (those with less than 2500 individuals) and transforming them into cities (a central city and its neighboring areas with a population of more than 50,000 people). More than half of the world’s population currently lives in cities, and a variety of causes are contributing to this transition.

Mobility and Urbanization

There are some variables to be considered when observing the impact of urbanization on mobility and how to deal with it:

  • Driving force of Urbanization: The factors that motivate people to relocate to cities, the cities they choose, and the advantages of urban living.
  • Impact on Parking: Urbanization is developing greater parking choices and more digital impact as more people move to cities, use modern devices and enjoy a wider range of products and services.
  • Impact on Mobility: Cities with more inhabitants have greater traffic, congestion, and pollutants. Cities are already taking steps to ensure a better future for autonomous and electric vehicles. This means that services like electric vehicle charging are crucial for parking assets.

What is Causing Urbanization?

People seek to relocate from rural to urban areas because of socioeconomic, political, and social difficulties, as well as modernizing conditions.

  • Industrialization: Another factor of urbanization is the development of industrialization and manufacturing firms inside a given urban region, which leads to increased job opportunities.
  • Increased Employment Opportunities: Agricultural activities are frequent in rural areas. Jobs that pay better, seem to be more diversified, and would be less physically demanding are created as a result of urbanization and industrial growth.
  • Social Aspects: Many urban regions provide improved living conditions, such as higher educational opportunities, better and affordable healthcare, modernized housing, and more leisure time.
  • Economic Issues: Many people may opt to relocate from the countryside because it is not as economically stable as a thriving urban city.
  • Political Unrest: War, civil disorder, and other forms of political issues are common problems in emerging countries. This volatility and probable danger might drive anyone who wants to get out of there.
  • Modernization: The infrastructure of metropolitan regions is being upgraded by new technology. People from rural areas may be attracted by enhanced communication, healthcare centers, and other social advantages.

How Parking Management System has evolved with Urbanization

  • Centralized Management:

Currently, most cities use different vendors for each aspect of their parking operations. To put it another way, they have a parking service, an enforcement system, a payment processor, and so on, all of which require different integrations and management.

This results in a compartmentalized operation, needless expenses, and multiple procurements, in addition to a reporting burden. When dealing with multiple vendors and backend systems, the question of “How can I unify my parking business and make it easier to manage?” arises frequently.

Modern parking operations are so much more than mere parking, and they should be considered mobility operations. It’s apparent that most cities’ systems are incapable of meeting their full range of needs and objectives.

Cities can handle all parts of their mobility operations, including parking, enforcement, permits, payments, and even micro-mobility, using one system rather than many vendors. This allows city administrators to manage zones, prices, and limits in one back-office, as well as obtain parking rights from numerous sources and examine data-driven reports.

  • Future Adaptability:

Contemporary mobility and parking solutions must be exactly that. Multiple, fragmented systems that don’t completely handle a city’s existing needs, let alone future demands, should be avoided. Vehicles stopped or parked at the curb generate traffic congestion, so towns should endeavor to establish a free-flowing atmosphere to encourage movement and improve parking compliance. This may be accomplished with a single, end-to-end curb, sidewalk, and parking management solution that can address current issues while also laying a solid basis for the future.

Parking management has progressed beyond the administration of fixed parking places. Anything that uses curb space can now be monitored and forced to follow the basic parking guidelines. This entails paying for time spent at the curb and, as a result, being subject to the same enforcement as conventional parking.

Cities can simply monetize, manage, and enforce the entire curb space and the numerous types of transit that occupy it by opting for a uniform and scalable solution like RentPark all from one strong backend system.


One thing is certain: technology is evolving at a breakneck pace. Cities are under increasing pressure to keep up with the pace of development and provide the infrastructure that allows inhabitants to move around as easily and seamlessly as feasible. Cities can acquire a modern mobility solution using revised RFP criteria that optimizes management of the entire parking sector, improves customer experience, and provides the flexibility needed to adapt in the future.

It is time for business owners to invest in a robust parking management solution like RentPark to make the most of the urbanization and the resulting evolution of the parking management system.

What Is The Best Car Parking Management System Software?

What Is The Best Car Parking Management System Software?

The purpose of using parking management software is to save time and increase the efficiency of the current parking management system. In overcrowded cosmopolitan cities, parking methods for management autos must be properly implemented. The system shows information about available parking spaces in the neighborhood, which helps alleviate traffic congestion caused by unlawful and improper parking. It was designed to address the demands of constrained parking while also offering authorities straightforward parking strategies.

Some of the Top Parking Management Software


RentPark parking management software enables you to manage a parking lot from anywhere in the world. It lets you quickly add parking slots to the system, advertise them on the user domain, and collect bookings and payments from users. RentPark allows customers to manage several landlords and all of their parking spaces by categorizing them simply based on size, location, and cost.

The parking management software is built to provide the best possible experience for landlords, users, and administrators. RentCubo‘s expert team of specialists created RentPark parking management software, which is constantly updated on the latest technology in order to provide exceptional car parking management software that fulfills the needs of its customers.


Employees and tenants will be happy with smarter parking. Parkable improves parking experiences, reduces administrative time, promotes parking occupancy, encourages a more equal office environment, and generates more revenue.

The features include EV charger management, gated access, guest parking, park sharing, and occupancy tracking. Users can use the software to share, reserve, and pay for parking.


Parkoffice is a smart corporate parking management system. Cutting-edge technology is used to automate and improve employee parking. Ensure that all of your parking spaces are always occupied to maximize occupancy. Automate the time-consuming process of employee parking administration. Monitor and manage the carbon footprint of your employees’ commuting behavior.


Arrive is the leading provider of last-mile mobility solutions, with both branded and white-labeled options. Businesses and brands can easily provide scalable and frictionless parking and other mobility-related services to drivers, fleets, and connected vehicles with this fully integrated platform. Arrive combines the power of the app, speech, and in-dash technology to make the final leg of modern travel entirely painless. Thousands of people have already used Arrive-powered parking in hundreds of places across North America.

PermitPortals and Permit Administration

PermitPortals and Permit Administration allow customers to develop a simple digital parking permit administration solution that can be adapted to meet even the most complex parking permit workflows. It’s designed to be completely automated, educational, and self-service while yet providing Permit Administrators with the power and information they require.

The program is quick and adaptable enough to communicate with third-party systems, make configuration changes on the fly, and handle any type of permit or procedure, processing thousands of permit applications each month. To enable a range of payment methods and enforcement/control systems, there are a number of integration solutions available. Branding and customization are also options.

Many businesses still use paper, spreadsheets, and/or custom-built bespoke software to allocate and manage permits. These solutions aren’t ideal because they’re slow (not real-time), time-consuming to operate, inefficient, and prone to human error.

Furthermore, in today’s data-centric world, in addition to being rigid by design and costly to update, significant compliance issues arise, which are crucial to both the operator and the end client.

Virtual Manager

The virtual manager is an Android-based smartphone parking enforcement app. The software is based on the concepts of License Plate (LP) recognition, enabling the use of “Pay by License Plate” technology.

Summing Up:

To summarize, businesses utilize parking management software to maximize parking space, control traffic flow, and assure the safety of both vehicles and pedestrians. Businesses can use any parking management software to regulate access to parking lots, manage various forms of fees, and process payments.

Finding the best parking management software is very simple these days, as we can compare costs, reviews, and features, as well as receive a free consultation to assist us in making the right decision.

Launch A Self-Drive Car Rental Apps Like ZoomCar For Your Business

Launch A Self-Drive Car Rental Apps Like ZoomCar For Your Business

Automobile industries are booming like never before, thanks to the Internet of Things (IoT) expansion. According to a Statista report, 79 million cars were to be sold by the end of 2019. The demand for cars and motorcycles is growing by the day, as is the trend toward self-driving vehicles.

If you’re planning a road trip, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? How should I proceed, most likely? Or what is the best mode of transportation for the journey? Even if you own a car, you’ll prefer self-drive rental cars because they make it easier to carry out your travel plans. There will also be no need to deal with drivers or change arrangements based on personal preference.

It’s time to launch an online rental car booking business if you want to increase your internet sales. Particularly in the self-drive rental automobile industry! Well! Self-driving automobiles are not a new notion. However, there is still a small trend of renting them online in a well-managed manner.

So, before you could start your new business, there are a few things you need to consider. This blog by RentCar, one of the global leaders in self-driving car rental app development, will assist you in launching your business.

  • Assess the Trends in Car Rental Startup:

You must keep up with market trends if you want to vie for leadership in the automobile rental sector. If your startup obtains substantial funding, it’s a strong sign that you’re on the right track. Explore scale-ups, firms that have recently received financing in your specialty and assess their inherent ideas, technologies, and features before writing any code or drawing any pixels.

  • Research the Market you Wish to Enter:

In most circumstances, determining whether or not to enter a market is based on weighing the benefits against the dangers. When it comes to opportunities, it’s important to remember that the global automobile rental market was worth $98.14 billion in 2020 and is predicted to increase at a CAGR of 4.6 percent from 2021 to 2028.

North America has the largest market share at 52%, with the United States being the largest. Since it is the world’s largest corporate hub and home to the most popular tourist locations, the United States supplies automobile rental companies with an inexhaustible supply of consumers.

At first, launching your automobile rental mobile app startup in the United States appears to be a good idea, right? Reconsider your strategy because Hertz has 424,000 cars in service, Enterprise has roughly 630,000, and Avis/Budget has about 440,000 and all three companies are headquartered in the United States.

  • Assess your Competition and their Strengths and Weaknesses:

As a new entrant, you need to take a closer look at the established players in the car rental market. This is a crucial step in the development of a proficient self-drive car rental business because the learning curve they present is enormous. Why is it necessary to assess their strengths and weaknesses? First, every business including the global leaders are prone to have weaknesses as much as they have their strengths. Second, by assessing their strengths and weaknesses you can fortify the strengths and mitigate the weaknesses effectively.

In addition, you and your business team can come up with efficient problem-solving strategies for all possible scenarios by assessing their weaknesses. This will help in the immediate implementation of solutions to problems as and when they arise. Moreover, assessing the strengths and weaknesses will also help turn around your business with lesser weaknesses and optimized strengths.

  • Make Yourself Known To Your Customers:

Aside from evaluating your competition, talking directly to your existing consumers is another effective way to uncover app features you need to provide to service clients as well as possible. Forbes published a series of stories in 2020 with intriguing information discovered via consumer development interviews conducted by Enterprise Holdings, Carpassionate, and Europ Assistant experts.

During one-on-one interviews, you may discover consumers’ unmet needs or demands that you were unaware of, or you may discover customers’ lack of interest in things you thought were vital. The more you study what clients are saying today, the better your app will be able to serve them tomorrow.

  • Prioritize the Features of Car Rental App:

Adding functionality to your app can boost client value while also increasing your costs. The quality of your preliminary market research, competitive analysis, and customer development will determine how smartly you prioritize app features for your mobile app MVP and post-MVP versions. Consider going beyond normal functionality and incorporating some sophisticated features to make a competitive vehicle rental app.

  • Define the Profitability Before Hand:

If you decide to change the method your app makes money in the middle of development, you’ll have to change the UI/UX design, frontend and backend development, and project scope. It will take a long time and cost a lot of money. To avoid this, you must first figure out how you’ll monetize your vehicle rental mobile app before moving on to the design and development stage.

  • Choose the App Development Team:

You’ll need to work with the correct mobile app development team to get your vehicle rental app up and running. We’ll go over four key criteria for determining whether a possible development team is capable of delivering cutting-edge car rental software on time and under budget.

  • Take note of the software development life cycle model that they employ.
  • Examine the technology stack that your potential developers intend to use.
  • Remember that your possible development team must have the essential specialists with the appropriate expertise to meet your project’s system requirements.
  • Don’t get caught up in the scam of “cheap and best”. If you need the best car rental app you need to spend for what it’s worth.

Owing to the increased demand, automobile rental apps have gained a lot of traction, and the use of these mobile apps is on the rise. These apps let users put their booking orders on the app and receive notifications with information on the car’s details and arrival times. So, if you are looking for the best self-drive car rental app like ZoomCar, RentCar can provide you with the best platform.

Features & Benefits of Integrated Parking Management System

Features & Benefits of Integrated Parking Management System

The world is becoming increasingly congested, both in terms of people and automobiles. While it may appear that we can and should control the latter, the direct proportionality of autos to humans makes this impossible. Make sure to understand the features and benefits of an integrated parking management system before you could invest in one.

Automobile demand rises in tandem with population growth. One of the most common concerns, though, is a shortage of available parking spaces. The approach to accommodating an increasing number of vehicles is not to extend parking areas because the major purpose of smart parking is to reduce the parking footprint.

Parking systems have become increasingly significant in our daily lives. Parking spots are required in our homes, offices, malls, hospitals, and other places where we go. In recent years, technology has advanced, and one component of that advancement has been the advancement of parking management systems. Parking Management Software is not only useful but also diverse when it comes to controlling the flow of vehicles in a parking lot.

RentCubo is a huge supporter of effective parking management systems. We’ve produced this blog to assist you to understand why we appreciate parking management software and what benefits you may obtain from them.

Parking Management Software Features List

For Business Owners:

  • Manage Parking Space
  • Business Record
  • Payments Log
  • Multiple Payments Option      


For Users:

  • Intuitive Search
  • Parking Space Availability Status
  • GPS Enabled Parking Space Locator
  • Reserve/Book
  • Quick Payments & E-wallet


For Admin:

  • Track/Manage Bookings and Reservations
  • Update Parking Space Availability Status
  • Track/Manage Business Record
  • Quick Encashment
  • List/Block Users


Benefits of Integrated Parking Management System:-

  • Advanced Technology:

Parking management software is well-known for its technological integration. Because most parking management systems are based on improved models and technical developments, they can be employed in a variety of parking lots. Additionally, you can tailor parking technologies to meet the demands and requirements of your parking spaces, whether they are for residential or commercial usage, such as hospitals or workplaces.

  • Versatility:

Another big advantage of parking management systems is their versatility. It is incredibly simple to use for both authorities and automobile owners. It’s also incredibly adaptable and doesn’t pose any problems for its consumers. You can also change the settings based on the number of vehicles on the road.

  • Ease of Management:

It is quite easy to monitor, control, and regulate parking management systems since they are organized in a structured manner. Parking management systems are also user-friendly, so parking attendants will have no trouble using them.

  • Easy Maintenance:

It’s simple to keep your parking management system up to date. Gemini Parking Solutions provides maintenance 24/7. If any portion of the system breaks down, it can be readily repaired, and your operations will be back up and running in no time.

  • Cost-Effective:

Another benefit of having a good parking management system is that it saves you money. You save money because it runs on a low-manpower basis. Parking management software also saves time by allowing vehicles to travel at a higher speed, reducing the cost of wasted fuel.

  • Secure:

Parking management systems can provide you with enhanced security, safety, and privacy thanks to their technologically advanced security features. Unauthorized entrance to your parking lots is prevented by parking management systems, giving car owners more confidence that their vehicles are securely protected.

Owing to the high level of connectivity, customers can, for example, pay for parking with their mobile phone and be led to available spaces monitored by space sensors via a Smartphone application. Without ever having to visit the pay stations, parking operators can boost operational efficiency by collecting space payment data from our backend straight on a wireless handheld enforcement device.

This kind of advanced and integrated parking management software can be yours. All you have to do is get in touch with RentCubo and we will provide you with the best deals.