Choosing A Self Storage Management Software

Choosing A Self Storage Management Software

It’s critical to make an informed, strategic selection when selecting management software for your self-storage facility. After all, the appropriate tool should make day-to-day chores easy to do, if not completely automated, so you can focus on other elements of your business.

Automatic lead collection, auto-pay, e-sign, system integrations, and other features of today’s programs all contribute to a more seamless experience for employees and consumers. It’s critical to make an informed, strategic selection when selecting management software for your self-storage facility.

The problem for facility owners is determining which software system is most suited to their needs. There are numerous solutions open to you. RentCubo helps you go over some essential elements that can assist you in making an informed decision in choosing the right self-storage management software.

Software Update:

It’s critical to have the right software to run your self-storage business. Whether you have a large, established business or are just getting started, you must be able to discover a software solution that meets your individual requirements. Even if you already have older software, it may be time to upgrade or replace it.
You need to consider when the software was launched and how frequently it is updated. It may be time to upgrade to newer, more complete software if it has been a while since the last update. Another issue to examine is whether you are accomplishing jobs manually when you should be able to do it more easily or even automatically using the software. If this is the case, it’s time to upgrade.

Must-Have Features:

There are some aspects that should be deemed non-negotiable, or deal-breakers when looking for replacements. Customer relationship management, job management, pricing and discounting, communication, accounting, reporting, and facility control are just a few of the capabilities available.
It is recommended that you look elsewhere if you come across apps that lack these basic and crucial functions. Furthermore, your chosen system should be simple to interface with other facility systems such as access and security. Integrating your numerous operating systems is critical and will greatly improve the efficiency of your operation.

Standalone or Cloud-based:

When looking into software solutions, it’s important to think about whether they’ll be cloud-based or stand-alone. The dominating format was standalone software through Windows, which is still used today, albeit it is considerably less common.
Your facility’s data, as well as the software, will be saved locally on a computer in a standalone system, with manual backups to external hard drives. Cloud-based software solutions, on the other hand, save your data on external servers and networks, allowing it to be duplicated across several facilities if necessary or in the future.


Apart from the functionality, the software you select should be user-friendly and simple to use – for both you and your customers. Even if a program contains all of the features you’re looking for, it won’t be productive unless you and your team can navigate and apply it effectively.
A demo is an easy method to determine if the software is suited for you or if the learning curve is too steep. While you are not required to master the program during the trial, it will be beneficial to identify some of the features that you find most appealing, as well as to simulate various scenarios to evaluate if the software would meet your needs.


While cheap expenses are undoubtedly advantageous, they should not be the deciding factor in your decision. Don’t be afraid to dive into the weeds while comparing prices. Make sure the quotes you receive from providers include all of the features you’ll need and don’t include any asterisks or small text.
You might possibly inquire with current software users to see whether this company has a history of rising prices. Consider the benefits of new software in terms of time savings, as these may well surpass what may appear to be a somewhat higher monthly cost at first.


RentStorage is a cloud-based self-storage software that allows you to manage and fully automate a large portion of your valet and self-storage business. Manage all of your client information and order history through our management interface, automate move-ins and move-outs, develop variable pricing models, and much more. Using our ever-expanding custom integrations and tools, create automated workflows with other systems.

Rent Like A Champion and Airbnb Features Comparison

Rent Like A Champion and Airbnb Features Comparison

Rent Like A Champion is a forerunner to AirBnB having been launched two years before the company was created. The major goal of this business venture was to allow homeowners in college cities with big-time football programs to post their homes on the Rent Like A Champion website when they were ready to rent them out.

Those who wish to spend their weekend watching this major football event can go to this specific website and make a reservation. People who agree to rent from a property must sign a contract, pay for the rental, and give details about their rental, such as check-in and check-out times.

One of the most significant advantages of Rent Like A Champion is that large groups of people may remain in a single place rather than being dispersed throughout the city in multiple hotel rooms, which are sometimes scarce during game days. Rent Like A Champion made money by employing several flexible practices, such as requiring homeowners to pay a 15% commission to Rent Like A Champion, plus a 2.9 percent credit card processing fee, etc.

Following that, there were other appealing plans for luring homes, such as a full-fledged insurance scheme in the form of a $1,000,000 liability and structural damage coverage. As well as the $5,000 for included material in each rental property.

It was a source of extra revenue for the homeowners who were expecting an average of $1100 in rent for one weekend and could put their property on the internet as much as they wanted during football season. This method of business has created a significant departure from traditional business models, and it has grown in favor of this modern era.

When Rent Like A Champion first launched in 2006, the founders were providing a solution to one of the most common problems faced by football die-hard fans. When they have to watch a football match, they frequently have to travel long distances, and once they arrive, the massive threat is finding a suitable place to stay. A substantial proportion of the populace was able to find suitable lodging because of the outstanding ideas of the Rent Like A Champion team.

Airbnb Business Concept

Airbnb is a marketplace, which is web-based, that links people looking for a place to stay with people who want to rent out their homes. This particular business venture is rapidly expanding due to its multiple benefits.

For hosts, listing their house on Airbnb is a fantastic method to earn extra money by listing their property and its tempting characteristics to a large number of potential customers.

Without a doubt, every home that is listed for rent is at risk of being damaged by the renters, and for the guests, the advantage of Airbnb rentals is comparatively inexpensive lodging with the risk that it may not appear exactly as the picture depicts.

There are many positive attributes for Airbnb such as adequate selection of properties, chargeless listings, hosts being free to set their price, prioritized searches, additional services, etc.

Present Scenario of Airbnb Business

Airbnb is the greatest marketplace to search for an appropriate place to stay because it lists a variety of properties – single rooms, suites of rooms, apartments, enormous castles, etc – on the Airbnb website. As a result, it gives customers an overwhelming experience because they may acquire information about any type of property.

Furthermore, hosts are not required to pay any fees to list their property on this website. Descriptions, photographs with subtitles, and a user profile where potential customers can learn more about the hosts can all be found in listings.

Besides, it is the sole discretion of the hosts to set the price, how much to charge per night, per week, or month for the property, which they intend to rent out. Subsequently, guests will get an exclusive feature of searching the Airbnb database by prioritizing their preferences. For example, they can search in Airbnb website sorting out by date, location, price, type, amenities, etc.

Airbnb has recently grown significantly by offering attractive options to its users. Despite providing information on the sort of lodging, people learn about a variety of topics relevant to that location, such as classes and sightseeing, popular restaurants to visit, and so on. Restaurant listings also include dependable and trustworthy evaluations from Airbnb hosts, which has proven to be a fantastic tool for attracting new consumers to Airbnb.



To recapitulate, Airbnb and ‘Rent Like A Champion‘ are the forerunners and leaders of this digitalized era, which has proven to be a huge success by providing an alternate perspective to established business models. The most interesting aspect is that whatever we can sell on the e-commerce site can also be rented. When ‘Rent Like A Champion’ launched in this technology era, they were the only ones with such a unique concept, renting out houses through software, proving that peer-to-peer rentals still have a lot of room for new entrepreneurs.

The Problem With Manual Parking System

The Problem With Manual Parking System

Purchasing an automobile is no longer regarded as a luxury. Having a car is more of a necessity than a luxury. Individuals are growing their automobile ownership as their financial situation improves. The complexities and tensions of parking grow as a result of this. For parking lot spaces to run well, cooperation and collaboration along with efficient parking management software are essential.

From a simple coffee machine to a massive tractor, everything in today’s society is automated. Modern machines have made our lives so much easier that we can’t understand how we would function without them. And, as if simplifying work wasn’t enough, more and more attempts are being made toward complete automation of common tasks, which will benefit us on a whole new level.

The parking sector was also introduced with a similar change through automatic parking systems and Airbnb for parking. The automatic parking system has proven to be 100 times more efficient than the traditional parking system because of robust parking management software. The reason for the integration of automatic parking systems through software for parking management is because typical and conventional parking systems, which are currently in use, have a number of flaws.

The traditional parking system’s functionality may have been satisfactory in the past, but modern buildings face new challenges that necessitate newer solutions such as Airbnb for parking. RentPark, a leading parking management software provider, has listed out some of the most common problems with manual parking systems.

  • High Dependence on Guards:

Since traditional parking systems are completely manual and require someone to open and close boom barriers at all times, they are completely reliant on guards. The guards are also in charge of manually entering information, handling payments, updating availability status, and managing the overall operations of the parking lot.

  • Deterrent to Security:

With manual parking management systems, vehicle details are not properly recorded, hence there is a lack of proper security measures of the parking space. The error in recording vehicle details is primarily because the entries are made by guards. The room for error is prone to exceed with higher traffic.

  • Manual Checks:

Parking managers count permits and non-permit cars manually, which is a time-consuming task. A physical inspection of the vehicle’s status and handwritten tickets are required in this scenario. In this case, such a manual approach results in 50% entry errors, resulting in significant losses to the bottom line.

  • Paper-Based Record System:

Manual parking systems maintain a paper-based records system since data collection and entry are manually done by parking personnel. Therefore, it is challenging to sift through such a big volume of data. Parking lot managers must spend hours searching for files containing the exact information in order to complete this work. These kinds of paper records cause a slew of issues.

  • Increased Labor Cost:

Reading, writing, and entering data takes a lot of time and effort. Capital expenditures are increased unnecessarily as a result of money spent on labor that performs repetitive manual operations that can be easily and efficiently automatized. In addition, the labor cost involved in the maintenance of a manual parking system is more since all operations have to be done manually.

  • Long Wait for Customers:

In manual parking management systems, customers must wait in line for long periods of time to both enter and exit the parking lot due to outdated or manual operations. Customers’ time is squandered as a result, and the company’s long-term viability is jeopardized.

  • Ineffective Management of Visitors:

Visitors are frequently allowed entry into premises by guards without first confirming with the person they are visiting, which might result in the wrong persons being granted access. As a result, a high-risk factor is prevalent in manual parking management systems putting others and building residents in harm’s way.

Manual parking systems offer more disadvantages than advantages. Switching to automated car parking systems with the help of fully integrated parking management software would be the best way to fight this issue. They are eco-friendly, simple to use, and cost-effective.

RentPark’s automated parking system is carefully built and tailored to meet the demands of each and every customer. This is ground-breaking software for parking management that transforms any parking spot into a parking experience. So, with RentPark, make your parking a safe and easy experience, because smart cities cannot be established without smart parking.


How to Start A Chauffeur Service Using the Rental Management Software?

How to Start A Chauffeur Service Using the Rental Management Software?

Launching a chauffeur service is an arduous task, to say the least, but it can definitely be a profitable business if done right. Car rental services cannot thrive without car rental software, at least not in the present era. Since car rental software has become an integral part of the car rental business, it is important for car rental businesses to consider how car rental software can be used to begin car rental business verticals such as chauffeur services.

Chauffeur services are becoming popular as an increasing number of people are opting for them. Despite the growth of chauffeur services, the rate of integration of chauffeur services in car rental businesses is less. Evidently, only a few car rental businesses offer chauffeur services making the respective market less competitive and rich in opportunities. The prevalence of car rental software among the car rental businesses makes it easier to launch a chauffeur service almost immediately with the right resources available.

Chauffeur services can be one of the most challenging startup initiatives; however, if it is handled well it can certainly carve a niche for itself in the car rental market. Neil Abrams, President, Consulting Group Inc., stated “car rental business is full of tough issues and great opportunities”. He also believes that it is a great way to generate revenue, especially, during an economic crunch.

Benefits of Car Rental Management Software

The rise of car rental software is mainly because it offers several benefits in managing, growing, and making the car rental business a great success. Better car rental management software leads to better business leads, efficiency, and growth rate. Here are a few benefits of Airbnb for car rental management software.

  • Instant Booking – customers have the leverage to go through the listing and quickly book a vehicle at their convenience. Simple booking steps allow for immediate bookings from wherever the customers are.
  • Easy Listing – there is an umpteen number of vehicles available for the customers to book and the straightforward interface allows for easy listing of the vehicles.
  • Quick and Secure Payments – no need to carry exact change to pay for the ride. Customers can pay for the ride through multiple in-app payment gateways. Secure payments are now just a click away.
  • Real-time Navigation – tracking the ride is now a breeze. The in-app navigation feature allows the customer to track their ride and be sure they are headed the right way.
  • Comprehensive Ride Report – Airbnb for car rental management software records all data about each and every ride, store them in the cloud, analyzes the data, and generates a comprehensive ride report. These ride reports can be used to track the business traction and the profit margin for a set period of time.

These are just a few of the benefits offered by car rental management software. These benefits can be made appropriate to chauffeur service and thereby make it a grand success.

How to Start a Chauffeur Service?

Whether it is an existing or a new car rental software that is set to launch, integrating chauffeur service is quite easy and the software developers can do it in no time. Upon the integration of chauffeur service into the Airbnb for car rental management software, it is quite easy to manage the business with built-in features.

  • Fleet Availability – first and foremost step toward starting a chauffeur service is to have a chauffeur-friendly fleet. There are several vehicles made available in the market by various car manufacturers that are specifically designed to be chauffeur-driven. Chrysler’s Limousine, Mercedes Benz S600 Maybach, Audi A8 L Extended, Rolls Royce Phantom, Jaguar XJ, are some of the examples of chauffeur-driven vehicles.

Although it is not necessary to start with a large fleet, it needs to be adequate to manage the business requirements.

  • Onboarding – this is one of the preliminary aspects of starting a chauffeur service. The fleet of chauffeur-driven vehicles needs to be onboarded to the car rental software and the onboarding process is completely different from the listing process. The onboarding process involves a lot of legal and documentation processes must comply with the government regulatory boards. This helps mitigate any kind of legal disendowment in running the fleet for business purposes.
  • Setting Up Payments – unlike the usual car rental services, running a chauffeur service is a costly affair, hence is on the expensive side of the billing process. Since chauffeur services attract huge payment, a robust and highly secure payment process needs to be set up. Payment options must include more secure banking options such as encashment of cheques and direct bank transfers. Payment set up must also include an advance amount that needs to be paid upfront as a security deposit.
  • Well-Articulated Terms and Conditions – the usage of chauffeur driven vehicles are subject to several risk factors such as damage of vehicle or vehicle’s properties, misuse or abuse of luxury features, levying post-use cleaning charges, etc. Therefore, before starting the business operations of the business enterprise must put together a detailed and well-articulated terms and conditions agreement, which the client must agree to before using the chauffeur services.
  • Background Check & Verification Process – the car rental business enterprise must be careful in knowing the client before offering chauffeur services. This is mainly because the business enterprise must make sure the services are not used for any kind of activities that may involve legal risk factors. The Airbnb for car rental management software must require the clients to upload their documents for a quick verification process. This will ensure a peaceful and safe ride both for the clients as well as the car rental business enterprise.

It is not an easy task to incorporate these steps in starting and managing a good and reliable chauffeur service. This is where the Airbnb for car rental software comes to aid, as it simplifies all these processes by automating most of the abovementioned tasks. Car rental management software is more important to start and run a successful chauffeur service than one might think. Therefore, it is necessary to have reliable, robust, and resolute car rental software to manage the high-end business requirements of chauffeur services.

Are you looking to start a chauffeur service and in need of state-of-the-art car rental management software? RentCubo can help you have the right car rental management software with state-of-the-art features, stout functions, intuitive and interactive interface, backed by the latest and powerful technology stack. RentCar can be your elect chauffeur service rental management software.