Unconventional Marketing Tips For Equipment Rental Companies

Equipment rental companies are often known as rental yards or rental centers. It lends out equipment and supplies to consumers in several industries, such as construction, landscaping, and event organizing.
These companies typically maintain a large inventory of equipment, ranging from small hand tools to heavy machinery, and a wide range of products are available for rental on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

One of the main advantages of renting equipment is that it allows customers to have access to a wide variety of tools and machinery without the need for a large capital investment. 

It is particularly beneficial for small businesses and contractors who may not have the financial resources to purchase the equipment outright. 

Additionally, renting equipment can also be a cost-effective solution for customers who only need a specific tool or piece of machinery for a short period.

Some industries that commonly use equipment rental services include construction, events, industrial, oil and gas, etc. While there are small, independent rental companies, large, global companies also exist.

Overall, equipment rental companies play a vital role in supporting a range of industries by providing access to the tools and equipment necessary to complete various projects and tasks.

Different types of equipment rental companies

Equipment rental companies come in all shapes and sizes, each catering to the specific needs of their customers. From small local operators to large national chains, these companies offer a wide range of equipment for rent, including tools, machinery, and heavy equipment.

Equipment rental company specializing in construction and industrial equipment.

These companies typically offer a wide selection of heavy machineries, such as bulldozers, backhoes, and cranes, as well as smaller tools like jackhammers, concrete saws, and generators. They are often used by construction companies, builders, and contractors for large-scale projects.

Equipment rental companies focus on party and event rentals.

These companies provide equipment for weddings, parties, and other special events as tents, tables, chairs, and lighting. 

These types of rentals often serve customers, organizing a one-time event and not looking to purchase the equipment for their own. Rental companies specialized in providing high-end, specialty equipment. 

Equipment rental companies that focus on outdoor recreational activities 

It includes camping, fishing, and boating. These companies offer a wide range of equipment, such as camping gear, fishing rods, canoes and kayaks, and even RVs and boats.

Each of these different types of equipment rental companies offers a unique set of services and equipment to meet the needs of their customers, whether they are building a skyscraper or planning a backyard BBQ.

Marketing tips for equipment rental companies

Research the market.

Any business plan should be based on reliable facts. Concrete data will provide your company with a robust online base.

Market research is a necessary stage. To build a niche in the online world, whether you’re a startup or an established company, you must first examine the market and your rivals. Here are some suggestions.

  • Determine your target market.

Find out how to approach the potential clients to whom you want to market.

  • Investigate your competitors

Know your top competitors and what they’re doing properly and wrong.

  • Determine market gaps

You’ll have a better understanding of the equipment rental market and how you can fill it now that you know your customer and your competition.

Utilize social media

Use platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to promote your equipment and services, as well as share industry news and tips.

Create a referral program

 Reward existing customers for referring new business to your company.

Budgeting and accounting

Accounting is an essential component of any organization, whether it is huge or small. You will never be able to stay afloat without a robust financial structure.

Although it may appear time-consuming at first, it is critical to iron out the details of your financial operations, such as invoicing, bookkeeping, cash flow tracking, and payment tracking.

Make sure you have a separate bank account for your business and your personal finances. Consider other financial systems, such as waivers, rental agreements, and penalties, while you’re at it.

Create a company blog

Building a website is a vital thing you can do to help your business take off. Your website serves as your online storefront. Having this internet presence provides numerous benefits to your brand, including the following.


Renters will always have access to critical information with a website, such as the type of equipment they have available, pricing, store location, operating hours, and more.


Posting high-quality material that provides value to your audience builds rapport, credibility, and consumer relationships.

Utilize email marketing

Create an email marketing campaign to notify customers of new equipment arrivals, and upcoming promotions, or simply reach out to them and ask for a business.

Provide excellent customer service

Respond promptly to customer inquiries and concerns, and go above and beyond to ensure their satisfaction with your equipment and services.


Optimize your website to improve its visibility on search engines like Google, so that potential customers can easily find your business when searching for equipment rental companies.

Use Google Ads or other paid search options

Use paid search advertising to reach people searching for equipment rental companies in your area.


In conclusion, equipment rental companies can benefit greatly from effective marketing strategies. 

These may include targeting specific industries or niches, emphasizing the convenience and cost-effectiveness of renting equipment, and utilizing digital marketing tools such as social media and search engine optimization. 

It is important to stay up-to-date with industry trends and developments to stay ahead of the competition. 

Overall, a comprehensive and well-executed marketing plan can help equipment rental companies increase visibility, attract new customers, and grow their business.

Build The Ideal Rental Software Plan With RentCubo

Build The Ideal Rental Software Plan With RentCubo

Rental software plans are designed to streamline the process of managing rental properties. Whether you’re a property owner, property manager, or real estate agent, our rental software can help you save time and increase efficiency. 

With features such as automated rent collection, tenant screening, and maintenance tracking, our software makes it easy to manage all aspects of your rental properties.

This software majorly includes user-friendly interfaces that allow to access important information.

Every property is unique, that’s why the software is customizable and can be tailored to meet the specific needs of the business. Whether you need to track multiple properties or manage a large number of tenants, the software can handle it.

Benefits of Rent Software plans

Rental software plans offer a variety of benefits to businesses that are looking to streamline their operations and improve their bottom line. 

  • One of the biggest benefits of rental software is the ability to save money on upfront costs. Instead of having to purchase expensive software outright, businesses can pay a monthly or annual fee for the software they need. This allows them to keep their costs low and avoid large, upfront expenses.
  • As businesses grow, they may need to add more users or features to their software. With a rental plan, it is easy to upgrade or add users without having to purchase new software. It also allows businesses to avoid the cost of upgrading their software every few years.
  • Rental software plans also offer businesses the ability to try out new software before committing to a purchase. It allows them to test the software and see if it meets their needs before making a financial commitment.
  • Rental software plans often include support and maintenance. It means that businesses don’t have to worry about keeping the software up to date or troubleshooting issues on their own. Instead, they can rely on the software provider to handle these tasks, saving them a significant amount of time and money.
  • Rental software plans are an excellent choice for businesses that are looking for a cost-effective way to improve their operations. It can help businesses stay competitive and improve their bottom line over time.

RentCubo- The ideal rental software plan

RentCubo is a multi-vertical rental management software that can accommodate a variety of use cases dependent on your requirements. Room rental management software, car rental management software, boat rental management software, Rent Cowork, and Rent Park are all available. With the help of turnkey products, anyone may quickly launch their own rental management marketplace.

Benefits of RentCubo

100% original code

You will receive the whole source code. Change the design or add new features and UI components. You can accomplish it all using white labeling features.

Architecture that can be scaled

This is a scalable technology back-end designed for marketplace business demand; you’ll never have to recreate it.

Intelligent Filters

Allow your consumers to drill down and select the best location that meets their budget, city, nation, or other filter choices accessible on the Rental Marketplace platform.

Upgrade for Free

Receive free software updates and upgrades whenever there is a new release. Forever free!

To get an ideal rental software plan with RentCubo, here are a few pointers that you should consider:

Assess your business needs and requirement

Identify the specific features and functions that you need in rental software to support your business operations. Look for software that is effortless to use and navigate. Make sure that the software interface is intuitive and user-friendly.

Consider scalability

As your company expands, you’ll need software that can keep up. Evaluate the customer support and training options offered by the software provider. Ensure that you have access to the support you need to get the most out of the software.

Compare pricing and plans

Look for software that offers a plan that fits your budget and meets your business needs.


Overall, RentCubo is a comprehensive rental software that can help businesses of all types and sizes to improve efficiency, streamline operations and make better data-driven decisions. With the right plan and support, RentCubo can help you achieve your business goals and grow your rental business.

Why Self Storage Software Is Key For Small Business

Why Self Storage Software Is Key For Small Business

The storage industry has seen various changes as a result of technological advancements. When self-storage management software is used in the storage industry, it leads to increased production, better control, increased efficiency, and, ultimately, better customer experiences. These are, understandably, vital features if you want to stay ahead of your storage competition and generate significant earnings as well as multiple opportunities for progress and development.

Self-storage facilities are used by a wide range of consumers ranging from individuals to large conglomerates. While the usage of self-storage is comparatively less among individuals and large corporations, small businesses heavily depend upon self-storage because of the size and resources of the business.

This blog by RentCubo, one of the leading self-storage management software development companies uncovers the reasons why self-storage software is important for small businesses.

What is Self-Storage Software?

Broadly put, a self-storage management platform is a system that allows storage proprietors to manage their units remotely while also having access to all pertinent information at all times. You can quickly access information on available units, client balances, accounting, payment processing, and customer remarks, among other things.self storage software

This allows you to concentrate more on your business, save time, and get more control over your workflow. You obtain a winning combination when you blend it with a functional, well-organized, and eye-catching website that follows the rules of excellent Chicago web design, for example.

Advantages of Self-Storage Software for Small Business

Now, coming to the prevalent question of why self-storage management software is important to small businesses, we will look at some of the advantages it offers. In all fairness the importance of self-storage software lies in the benefits it can offer.

  • Keeps your Self-storage Business Well Organized:

Quite so many boxes and a lack of room cause a lot of stress. This burden can be alleviated by renting self-storage. However, owning a storage facility should not be used as an excuse for disorder and disorganization. Sort your belongings into categories to make the most of the additional space.

Make a list of what’s going into storage and what the movers will take and label everything. When it comes to storing objects, it’s best to maximize the vertical space available. Items and boxes should be stacked on top of each other. It does not need to be attractive; it only has to be functional.

  • Recurring Billing:

Self-storage software, unlike traditional accounting software that was in use until recently, allows owners to apply recurring billing for prorated prices. Clients can access a detailed report on payment details at any time while using your services, which is a feature they highly enjoy.

The self-storage management software helps eliminate the need to manually generate and send out bills, which in itself is a cumbersome task. Furthermore, by automating the billing process business owners will not have the risk of missing out on a billing cycle or late billing.

  • Full Information of the Inventory at Hand:

The software keeps track of important details about your storage facilities, such as their type, volume, location, and availability, in a database. Storage proprietors can retrieve these pieces of data in a matter of a few seconds whenever they need it.

The traditional method of maintaining inventory in small businesses is through the use of hard copies, which keeps bulking up with the growth of the business. Moreover, it is also impractical to carry around the inventory. However, self-storage management software is fairly simple and can be expanded along with the business with much ease.

  • Keep Track of Offers and Deals:

You can keep records of all the customer bargains and special offers. Self-storage management software can assist you in keeping track of a wide range of packing, rent, and time-based arrangements, as well as keeping this information safe, up to date, and accessible at all times. In addition, business owners can also mitigate any kind of unwanted or unauthorized offers or deals from the comfort of their hand-held devices.

  • Revenue Management:

Strong self-storage management software will cover a wide range of tasks, from the simple billing to customizing rates for specific customers based on a set of complex rules. This helps in the overall and all-important task of managing the business’ revenue efficiently.

Revenue management is a non-negotiable and non-compromising aspect of any business and it involves a lot of paperwork and documentation is done in the conventional method. Now, with the help of robust self-storage management software businesses can minimize the paperwork to a large extent and quickly gauge the ways to maximize profits.


It is impossible to stress the importance of keeping your belongings clean. Moving during a coronavirus pandemic comes with its own set of challenges, including keeping everything clean and safe. You may store your sterilized things in storage, safe in the knowledge that no one else will touch them. Take extra precautions during the relocation itself, disinfect your home, and keep sanitizing supplies available.

Search for a tidy, dry storage unit regardless of COVID-19. Mold and moisture may do a lot of damage to your stored items. Before you commit to a rental, arrange a time to look at the potential unit. If you require assistance in selecting the appropriate storage, please contact the property manager for assistance. In all these things an efficient self-storage management software will be your best business companion.

Best Self-Storage Facility Management Software In 2022

Best Self-Storage Facility Management Software In 2022

There is no such thing as flawless software for everyone. This is especially true in a vertical market with such a wide range of products, such as self-storage. Facility-management software began as a simple way to manage units and track payments, but it quickly expanded into a central core of operations that now encompasses much more than that.

These relatively basic platforms now offer an incredible variety of capabilities and integrations, including advanced revenue management, tenant communication, and marketing automation. However, with fancy features comes the risk of unwelcome change. Even if you fell in love with management software only a few years ago, it may now look, feel, perform, or even cost a lot more than it did when you first bought it.

In this blog by RentStorage, a leading self-storage management software development company, and a subsidiary of RentCubo, one of the best rental software development companies, we bring you a list of some of the best self-storage facility management software in 2022.

What is Self-Storage Software?

Both single- and multi-property managers employ self-storage management software. It gives them access to facility maps, electronic signatures, and payment management. Advanced systems can give consumers more options by connecting with customer relationship management (CRM), financial, and work management software.

The Prevailing Question

The most important consideration when selecting management software is how you want your system to work. There are two types of platforms available: standalone and cloud-based.

Although standalone software was the original format, Windows or even DOS is still used today, albeit it is far less frequent. Your applications and data are stored locally on your computer in a standalone system. Manual backups are often performed and stored on a local or external hard drive.

The majority of industry software providers now provide a cloud-based product since it offers the most potential benefits to the end customer. Providers, for example, host their data on tried-and-true data networks. This allows your data to be stored close to you, allowing for a quick and reliable software connection.

List of Best Self-Storage Management Software

  • Storeganise:

In more than 25 countries around the world, Storeganise delivers sophisticated management software to self-storage enterprises of all sizes. Give your customers a mobile-friendly option to book, manage, and pay for storage space right from their phones. You can also set up entirely automatic move-ins, allowing you to run unattended sites while keeping an eye on everything from afar.

  • Unit Trac:

Unit Trac is a self-storage software solution that allows customers to manage their facilities over the cloud. Lease management, credit card processing, facility mapping, business bookkeeping, and multi-device compatibility are all important aspects.

Users may construct leases, track payments, customize deposits and rent costs, and produce invoices using Unit Trac’s lease management system. It maintains track of rental payments and sends out reminder emails to tenants when rent is due. For payments made with credit cards, Unit Trac ensures security and PCI compliance.

RentStorage is the brainchild of RentCubo, one of the leading rental management script developers. With years of experience in the rental management business, RentStorage is developed in partnership with industry-leading self-storage experts. RentStorage is a feature-packed software that provides seamless operations, interoperability, and great scope for scalability increasing profitability all through the way.

  • WebSelfStorage:

WebSelfStorage is an online property management software that assists businesses in managing facilities, reservations, tenant insurance, and other aspects of their operations. Deposit tracking, a property map, customer management, access restriction, and late charge computation are all important elements.

Customers can use the platform to receive rent dues reminders, transfer payments, and track rent histories all from one place. WebSelfStorage also allows teams to use site map tools to construct maps and color-code relevant information.

  • Yardi Breeze:

Yardi Breeze is a delightfully simple property management software that was created with one objective in mind: to give our users a single platform that is simple to use and makes use of the most recent breakthroughs in cloud-based technology. You can promote, lease, and manage your portfolio from anywhere, on any device, with Breeze.

Self-storage facilities rent out storage units, such as rooms, containers, lockers, and warehouses, on a weekly or monthly basis. Individuals and organizations such as merchants, importers, exporters, transporters, and manufacturers are typical self-storage customers. Self-storage firms give additional services such as insurance, biometric access, video monitoring, climate control, and personal guards in exchange for a small monthly fee.

Choosing A Self Storage Management Software

Choosing A Self Storage Management Software

It’s critical to make an informed, strategic selection when selecting management software for your self-storage facility. After all, the appropriate tool should make day-to-day chores easy to do, if not completely automated, so you can focus on other elements of your business.

Automatic lead collection, auto-pay, e-sign, system integrations, and other features of today’s programs all contribute to a more seamless experience for employees and consumers. It’s critical to make an informed, strategic selection when selecting management software for your self-storage facility.

The problem for facility owners is determining which software system is most suited to their needs. There are numerous solutions open to you. RentCubo helps you go over some essential elements that can assist you in making an informed decision in choosing the right self-storage management software.

Software Update:

It’s critical to have the right software to run your self-storage business. Whether you have a large, established business or are just getting started, you must be able to discover a software solution that meets your individual requirements. Even if you already have older software, it may be time to upgrade or replace it.
You need to consider when the software was launched and how frequently it is updated. It may be time to upgrade to newer, more complete software if it has been a while since the last update. Another issue to examine is whether you are accomplishing jobs manually when you should be able to do it more easily or even automatically using the software. If this is the case, it’s time to upgrade.

Must-Have Features:

There are some aspects that should be deemed non-negotiable, or deal-breakers when looking for replacements. Customer relationship management, job management, pricing and discounting, communication, accounting, reporting, and facility control are just a few of the capabilities available.
It is recommended that you look elsewhere if you come across apps that lack these basic and crucial functions. Furthermore, your chosen system should be simple to interface with other facility systems such as access and security. Integrating your numerous operating systems is critical and will greatly improve the efficiency of your operation.

Standalone or Cloud-based:

When looking into software solutions, it’s important to think about whether they’ll be cloud-based or stand-alone. The dominating format was standalone software through Windows, which is still used today, albeit it is considerably less common.
Your facility’s data, as well as the software, will be saved locally on a computer in a standalone system, with manual backups to external hard drives. Cloud-based software solutions, on the other hand, save your data on external servers and networks, allowing it to be duplicated across several facilities if necessary or in the future.


Apart from the functionality, the software you select should be user-friendly and simple to use – for both you and your customers. Even if a program contains all of the features you’re looking for, it won’t be productive unless you and your team can navigate and apply it effectively.
A demo is an easy method to determine if the software is suited for you or if the learning curve is too steep. While you are not required to master the program during the trial, it will be beneficial to identify some of the features that you find most appealing, as well as to simulate various scenarios to evaluate if the software would meet your needs.


While cheap expenses are undoubtedly advantageous, they should not be the deciding factor in your decision. Don’t be afraid to dive into the weeds while comparing prices. Make sure the quotes you receive from providers include all of the features you’ll need and don’t include any asterisks or small text.
You might possibly inquire with current software users to see whether this company has a history of rising prices. Consider the benefits of new software in terms of time savings, as these may well surpass what may appear to be a somewhat higher monthly cost at first.


RentStorage is a cloud-based self-storage software that allows you to manage and fully automate a large portion of your valet and self-storage business. Manage all of your client information and order history through our management interface, automate move-ins and move-outs, develop variable pricing models, and much more. Using our ever-expanding custom integrations and tools, create automated workflows with other systems.

How to Create a Profitable Income by Renting Storage Space?

How to Create a Profitable Income by Renting Storage Space?

There is an evident increase in the need for storage spaces across the globe. In the US alone the storage industry generates a revenue of a whopping $38 million from as much as 1.7 billion square feet of rentable storage space every year. Neighbor, a storage space company is shaping the storage industry quite differently by creating an alternative option for storing space. The unique platform brings together the people with extra storage space at their homes and the people who are in need of storage space.

Following the trend set by the Neighbor app, an increasing number of people have begun to use the platform to rent storage spaces in their homes and earn extra money. This model of the storage business is cheaper than the conventional storage space by 10%-50%. In this blog, we are going to discuss a few ways to create profitable income by renting storage space like Airbnb for storage space.

  • Become a Part of Online Storage Space Platform:

Neighbor is one of the examples of an online storage space platform. Just like Neighbor, there are several self storage management software and they are highly profitable. These Airbnb for storage space apps are simple to use, quickly accessible, and less expensive than the conventional storage spaces, which are the reasons for their success. Find suitable self storage management software, rent your storage space, and start earning.

  • Offer Value-Added Services:

Value-added services are of huge advantage among all business and especially the storage industry. There are several value-added services you can offer along with your storage space such as.

o   Paid Storing Service – most people do not want to go through the trouble of strategically storing their things for the optimal usage of the storage space. It is both time-consuming as well as cumbersome; therefore, wouldn’t mind paying few extra dollars to avail a storing service.

o   Regular Maintenance Service – storage spaces generally collect more dust faster than other places. They are also prone to molds, termites, stench, and other unhygienic factors. Therefore, to maintain the integrity of the things stored they have to be regularly emptied, cleaned, disinfected, and restored. These tasks can be taxing; therefore, will be easily availed as a value-added service.

o   Inventory Service – creating and maintaining an inventory is a difficult task and in the case of more things to store, then it becomes even more difficult to create and maintain an inventory. Anybody would be willing to outsource this tedious task. Based on the volume of the storage capacity you can charge for creating and maintain an inventory.

  • Start Your Own Storage Management Software:

This is even better than becoming a part of a self storage management software. Nowadays, developing self storage management software is an easy task as there are several software developers who can provide you with a readily deployable Airbnb for storage space clone apps. With the right resources, you can start your own storage business just like Airbnb for storage space. RentCubo, a leading software development company, can help you develop your own storage management software similar to RentStorage – its very own storage management software.

  • Customize Your Storage Space:

How do you like the idea of renting your storage space to multiple clients? Yes, by offering customized storage space, you can rent your storage space to more than one client at a time. Customizable storage space is in much demand since people like to pay for how much space they are utilizing than the entire storage space. Give your clients the leverage to choose how much space they need within your storage space. And then customize the space according to their requirement, this way you will have enough space to accommodate more clients within your storage space.

  • Expand Your Storage Space:

Almost every house has a built-in storage space that can be rented out, but a closer look at your home will help you assess a lot of unused space. These unused spaces can be converted into storage space that can be rented out, which in turn will result in more profitable income. You can assess your home for unused spaces in a timely manner to help expand your storage space consistently. The profits that get out of the rental storage space business can in turn help you acquire larger storage space ensuring consistent business growth.

When you get creative with your storage space the possibilities are almost endless. You can convert any unused space into a passive profitable income; however, you must make sure that it complies with the protocol of local ordinances, homeowners’ association if you live in a community, insurance company, etc. It is impossible to eliminate the need for storage spaces and those with unused space and creative initiative can make the most out of the ever-growing demand.

The CEO of Neighbor storage space company said that the company is already witnessing a 500% annual growth rate and that the home-based storage space idea could soon disrupt the storage space industry. So, go ahead and be your own boss by renting out your unused space.