Airbnb Booking System For Vacation Rental Business

Airbnb Booking System For Vacation Rental Business

Airbnb is an online platform that connects hosts who are renting out properties with clients who are seeking accommodation for a much more affordable price than a hotel or conventional motels. Airbnb provides an opportunity to sort out the properties that help clients to locate the proper lodgement, a chat system that connects hosts to clients directly, and deals with secure payments through the Airbnb platform. Airbnb gets a 3% commission from bookings and a 6-12% servicing payment from clients. The online booking system of Airbnb is comprised of

  • Back-end, a database that accumulates information like tour products or other resources to appoint.
  • Front-end, the web pages that present this information and retrieve forms from the user.
  • Middleware is the software that operates information between the database and the web pages.

Airbnb Booking System

Every guest who has reached a particular unique destination will be in a hastened state of mind to book hotels. However, the Airbnb hosts will end up, receiving numerous calls, which is extremely hectic and tedious to answer the same for every caller. Having the option to book online gives diverse advantages that are not only beneficial to the customer but also for the hosts as well.

Online booking system makes it easy for anyone to exhibit their property on a common platform and it will spontaneously bring multitudes of inquiries and generate more bookings. Answering phone calls and replying to messages manually is extremely time-consuming and inefficient.

It is not something an individual can do every time. There might be people asking for the availability of certain dates and to provide more photos of the specific property. Moreover, as a host, you will also need to get the information related to them.

Then after collecting all the data, you need to manually enter all the required information, ask them to pay the deposit, and have manually followed them up, which is an obsolete procedure.

Property Management Software

A proper software to maintain all these essential procedures will make both the hosts and the customers at ease. Reservations, showing availability status, property photos, price rates, collecting guest data, payments, booking confirmation, and receipts everything can be done effortlessly with the implementation of a fully-featured software.

The software helps to block a particular date before any guests book that date, or else if the guest wants to amend their booking or cancel due to some uncertainties, everything is easily possible with the help of software. Airbnb management software is an incredible tool that helps hosts and property managers to automate all the day-to-day tasks, streamline operations, prevent human error, and save costs.

Hosting is a herculean task especially if you possess multiple rental properties.  In order to generate maximum revenue out of it, the hosts have to expose their properties on multiple vacation rental platforms. Airbnb property management software provides a connection between your property listings and the software itself. If you have multiple properties to manage, this type of software allows you to manage your properties from one place by organizing them with a centralized dashboard. In addition, they include various functions that automate vacation rental management tasks such as

  • Guest messaging
  • Real-Time Calendar Synchronization
  • Reviews Creation and Send-Outs
  • Cleaning Management
  • Team and Task Management
  • Pricing Management and the list goes on.

Benefits of Using Airbnb Property Management Software

  • Ensures Incessant Guest Communication:

Airbnb guests expect customer service 24/7 without any interruptions. Responding to calls and messages properly is a terrible task for the hosts and it can kill the time of hosts like anything.  To handle guest communication effectively, there were many traditional techniques such as employing more labor and man-hours, but all these become ineffective to a certain point of extent, so the most effective way is to automate the communication with guests.

  • Helps to Grow the Number of your Reviews:

If you want to develop the number of reviews, you should be the one to make the first move. Once you leave feedback for your guests, Airbnb will compel them to review it in return. The more reviews you possess, the more trustworthy you seem to be in the vision of the guests, both are interconnected.

  • Boost Your Airbnb Ranking:

Making and setting up a list is not enough to make the rental business profitable. Airbnb uses an algorithm to rank listings in the search results to help guests to find the right listings for their needs. To attract potential guests your property name should be at the top of search results.

  • Synchronizes Your Calendar in Real-Time:

If you list your property on diverse platforms, it will hamper the process to keep the calendars synchronized. However, automated channel management can reduce your stress by receiving double goals. Therefore, utilizing a software solution allows you to manage multi-channel listing from a single dashboard.


Airbnb management software and automation tools have become imperative assets for the successful operations of rental management businesses. Subsequently, this vital software will not only escalate the efficiency of the business but can also help to cut down unwanted expenses. Airbnb management software doesn’t need massive investments or there is no need to enlarge the team. At the same time, it keeps your business under control by handling normal routine operations. Now it has become the opportune time to opt for a supreme Airbnb management software to explore all the supremacies of automation.

10 Unique Ideas To Market Your Vacation Rental?

10 Unique Ideas To Market Your Vacation Rental?

“If you put it on the market, people will come.” As much as vacation rental owners wish this were true, simply listing your home and then waiting isn’t enough these days. To help potential guests find and book your rental home, you’ll also need to put on your marketing hat.

The good news is that vacation rental marketing does not necessitate a marketing degree. Here are some suggestions on where to market short-term rentals in order to increase bookings.

Vacation rentals are a great way to make money. But what’s the secret to maximizing those profits? The key is to maintain the space booked by eliminating vacancies. Of course, that’s easier said than done, especially when the competition heats up in most American cities. The correct marketing methods, fortunately, can assist.

Do you want to keep your vacation rental business and continue to make money? RentRoom, one of the best vacation rental management systems, has corroborated a detailed blog on how to market your vacation rental property and business.

What is Digital Marketing for Vacation Rental Business?

Any method, strategy, or instrument for placing your vacation rental business in front of potential guests is referred to as digital marketing for your vacation rental. Even though digital marketing will be done online, there are some methods that can be done without using a computer.

If you have a vacation rental website, online marketing is even more important to get your name out there. You can still profit from a deliberate effort to promote your listing in front of people if you don’t have your own website and have merely posted your rental on services like Airbnb or VRBO.

How to Market your Vacation Rental Business?

Search Engine Optimization:

The use of Search engine optimization a.k.a SEO is a great way to get noticed when people are looking for anything on the internet. SEO is a broad term that refers to a variety of tactics that can help your property rank higher on Google and other search engines. The following pointers just touch the surface of what SEO can do, but they’re a terrific place to start.

  • Claim as many online business listings as possible for your firm.
  • Include prospective search terms in the title and description of your listing. Keywords could include items that visitors will look for in your areas, such as important landmarks, tourism attractions, and local events.
  • If your vacation rental has a website, check sure it is mobile-friendly and includes relevant keywords.

Social Media Marketing:

For your short-term rental, Facebook and Instagram can be excellent promotional channels. For one thing, they allow you to get quite specific with your ad targeting. You can target customers who have recently booked vacations, users who are interested in travelling, those who live in specific geographical locations, and more. Ads on these sites are also quite inexpensive in comparison to other advertising possibilities.

Create your Own Website:

A dedicated property website may be an effective marketing tool, especially when combined with the power of SEO (SEO). Include regional material such as area guides, restaurant recommendations, and more, and make sure to promote it on social media as well. You should also think about including a booking calendar on the website.

Cultivate and Post more Reviews:

Why spend more money on marketing when you can have happy and satisfied customers do it for you? Ensure that renters are well-cared for and satisfied during their visits, then follow up with a request for a review or rating. Higher-rated properties will receive more views on listing platforms.

Content Marketing:

Content marketing is more than just a phrase; it’s the process of providing excellent content that attracts a specific audience while also promoting your business. What if a traveler was looking for beach safety guidelines for children and came upon an article on your site? You’d be providing a potential guest with the information she needed while also building brand awareness and trust. The chances are that she will consider staying at your property for her next beach vacation.

Google Ads:

Google had 93% of the global search engine market share as of September 2019. If you have some money to spend on pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, Google Ads can be an excellent place to start. Google Ads may be simply customized and turned on or off. Guests who are looking for residences similar to yours will come across your adverts.

Email Marketing:

Although most individuals do not believe email marketing is as effective as other channels, data demonstrate that it still generates a high return on investment ($38 for every $1 spent). The purpose of email marketing and content marketing is to improve relationships between vacation rental hosts and potential, existing, and prior guests. Through quality material, this method gradually persuades repeat reservations.

Social Media Ads:

Following the creation of social media pages for your rental home, you may consider running social media ads to target people who could be interested in your property. If you have a 3-bedroom home near the beach, for example, you can advertise it to families who want to travel and enjoy the beach.

Facebook is a terrific place to start simply because of the platform’s large user base. They’ve simplified the process of creating Facebook and Instagram advertising using the same user-friendly platform.

List on Online Travel Agencies:

When you list on many famous online listing sites, you reach a larger audience than if you only list on one. It’s also simple to copy and paste your listing onto multiple listing sites once you’ve made a show-stopping listing.

With active listings on major OTAs such as Airbnb, Vrbo,, and Tripadvisor, you can take advantage of each website’s traffic and audience. You can broaden the reach of your listing by doing so.

Use Google My Business:

Google My Business is a useful tool that allows you to build a free business profile on Google. This means you’ll be more easily found by returning customers and interested travelers looking for your business. Google and other search engines are huge, with some 175 new websites being produced every minute! Any opportunity to make your company and website stand out from the crowd should be seized.


Partner with a professional business that knows how to promote your short-term rental and knows the industry through and out to get the most out of vacation rental marketing. The full vacation rental management program offered by RentCubo assists you with everything from selling your property to dynamic pricing, housekeeping, and marketing.

If you’re a passionate entrepreneur seeking a vacation rental franchise opportunity, contact RentCubo now, to learn more about how we can help you get started in the vacation rental management company and expand it with our vacation rental software.

How to Avoid Becoming a Vacation Rental Horror Story?

How to Avoid Becoming a Vacation Rental Horror Story?

Travelling is blissful, people spend a lot of time planning, preparing, creating an itinerary, booking the stay, etc., and in the end, if something does not work out the way they expected, it becomes a disaster. If your stay is the problem, you are yet another vacation rental horror story. Most people have been subjected to vacation rental horror stories for various reasons, it could be leaky pipes, squeaky floors, loud neighbors, slow Wi-Fi or bad mobile reception, shaky beds or stained sheets, smelly rooms, lackluster service, glitchy room booking system, etc. These are largely due to poor rental property management.

If you own, manage or look to start a rental vacation business, you need to understand that there are so many things that could possibly go wrong and you could be the next vacation rental horror story waiting to happen. Therefore, it is imperative that several preemptive measures need to be taken to avoid becoming a vacation rental horror story.

How Wrong Could It Be?

Here are some of the horror stories, as narrated by some of the guests.

Our vacation home was located in the flight path of an Air Force base, with jet planes roaring overhead randomly. We couldn’t sleep, watch TV, speak, or hear each other. Sometimes, when the jets would fly low, we felt tremors!

The vacation home we stayed at required us to wash (and hang dry!) our own sheets before leaving — otherwise, we had to pay extra for laundry charges. It took us almost two hours to wash and hand dry them. We ended up hating that vacation altogether, though we had so many memorable moments apart from it.

The list could go on, but you get the idea, right? These are some of the extreme stories, but the intention is to learn from these business owners’ mistakes and avoid them, and improve the overall rental property management.

How Can You Avoid Becoming a Vacation Rental Horror Story?

One thing you, as business entrepreneurs, need to understand is that any property and not just vacation rental stays is prone to such incidents and inconsistencies, but it depends on how well and soon you can handle them. Having said that, it does not mean that you need not be prepared to avoid these things from happening.

  • Preemptive Measures – This is a must-do for all businesses and particularly the hospitality industry. Regular inspection of the entire property and a comprehensive quality assessment report can help you identify those things that could go wrong and preemptively fix them before your next guest arrives. This will save you the trouble and embarrassment of a last-minute fix.
  • Read Your Reviews – Customers or in this case, guests are the best critiques who can give you an honest and forthright insight into your business through online reviews. The guests, with their hawk eyes, can notice even the littlest of things that can actually help perfect and make your business successful. Therefore, pay careful attention to what your guests have to say about your business and make those changes that are plausible. Good rental management software like airbnb clone can help you with respect to this.
  • Attention to Detail – To thrive in the hospitality industry one needs to have an eye for detail because it is the details that can make or break a rental vacation home. By detailing your rental vacation home, you are not only creating a great rental vacation home to stay in, but also ensuring a happy, satisfied and enjoyable stay for your guests. Happy guests can become repeat customers and great marketing agents for your business. In this case, it is a win-win scenario.
  • Provide Concessions – Despite all the measures things can go wrong and this is a common factor among some of the established motels, inns, or even luxury hotels. In such occurrences make guests happy by giving them concessions for their stay and offers to encourage them to use your services again. Your guests can at least pay less for the trouble they had been through. In this case, less is more!
  • Rental Management Software – Some of the established rental vacation businesses use robust rental management software. By integrating technology into your rental vacation property, rental property management is now more efficient with less effort. Also, a good and comprehensive rental management software needs less maintenance and supervision. Once installed, rental management software will promptly go about executing its task, which results in increased productivity, high levels of accuracy, and revenue generation.

It doesn’t matter where you are in your rental vacation business you can still make it big. By neglecting your business, you are headed down the slippery slope to failure and maybe even to the point of no return. So, take the necessary steps, make those changes, and transform your business right now and avoid yourself from becoming yet another vacation rental horror story. 

Essential tips to renovate and revamp your rental property

Essential tips to renovate and revamp your rental property

Renovate and revamp your rental property to increase rental income and property estimations. While renovating a rental property, it tends to be hard to limit costs while maximizing your return on investment (ROI). However, you can without much of a stretch renovate a little property for less money, including revamping the kitchens and washrooms or thumping down a wall to make a more open and breezy feeling. Remodeling your rental property can be a mind-boggling and costly cycle. It’s justifiable that most landowners push this sort of project to the heating surface. Rentcubo is a multi-vertical rental management software that takes into account different use cases depending on your necessities. In any case, periodically remodeling your rental property has a huge load of advantages, for example, making your unit more attractive to possible tenants, keeping it lined up with market esteem.

As you think about what to renovate, it’s essential to realize which patterns to evade. Kitchen and washroom patterns can be particularly dependent upon the popularity of the second. When that second has passed, you can be left with an apartment that looks exceptionally outdated, which can turn expected renters off.

Where to begin?

When choosing which redesigns to embrace first, start with the most seasoned, generally dated, or shabbiest zone of the unit first. The objective of any improvement is to revive the space and cause it to appear to be spic and span once more. Start with the project that assists this objective the most. You ought to give more concentration on what will wear the best over the life of the rental. These sorts of changes can drastically increase your property’s rental worth and your rental income. Be it in any rental space – Irrespective of everything, RentCubo has covered everything for any rental business that you planned.

At last, renovations improve the quality and presence of the home. You need to guarantee that when a potential tenant first walks in and thinks whether they could live there, they answer with a reverberating Yes!

Renovating your property

There is no reason for over-renovating a property, or taking a stab at “picture awesome” norms. The main objective is to ensure the property looks welcoming and decent.

Here are a few hints that will assist you with improving the rental property without going through an excess of money, while augmenting your rental’s income potential.

Fix prior to replacing

Numerous property managers will surge in, get out the substance of the house, paint the whole inside, set out some new covers, and afterward introduce a few renters as fast as could be expected under the circumstances.

While this sounds reasonable, remember that this is costly and seldom does the whole house should have been updated. Here are a few hints on the best way to fix certain pieces of the rental:

Make certain to track your receipts, so you can guarantee tax allowances.


Landowners regularly have an exacting timetable in which they replace the floor coverings like clockwork or somewhere in the vicinity. Attempt to clean the floor coverings prior to selecting new ones, and understand what you can charge tenants for if there was harm. An expert can frequently make the dingiest of floor coverings look clean, and will just charge a small amount of the expense of another rug.


Roofs once in a while should be painted. Except if the past tenants were hefty smokers or amazingly untidy cooks, the roof will most likely look clean.


Think about utilizing a Magic Eraser to clean the dividers of scrapes and fingerprints prior to painting over them.

Clean regularly and replace fixtures

You don’t need to upgrade whole rooms to redo a property. Regularly, some minor fixture replacements will help your property put its best self forward.

Clean, clean, clean

Play out a careful cleaning at each turnover. In the event that you don’t have the foggiest idea of how to clean, pay for an expert house cleaner administration. Truly, it’s that significant.

Paint the walls no less than at regular intervals

A new layer of light-hued paint will make your property look spic and span. The conventional business standard is a light tan, which functions admirably in kitchens, yet I generally incline toward light blues or even white in the restroom.

Buy and replace fixtures

Instances of fixtures that need replacing:

  1. Door handles that stick
  2. Toilets that continually run
  3. Lighting more seasoned than 1990
  4. Cabinet equipment that is lost its completion
  5. Mini-blinds with missing supports
  6. Faucets that dribble

These reasonable fixes will help update the property, appeal to likely tenants, and lessen afterward support.

Focus on kitchens and restrooms

Kitchens and restrooms generally give the best “goodness” factor. Renters, similar to every other person, don’t have any desire to wash in a grimy or rotten restroom. They additionally don’t have any desire to cook in an obsolete kitchen from 1970.

On the off chance that you intend to offer your property in the following five to ten years, a pleasantly refreshed kitchen or restroom will generally give you about an 80% degree of profitability, which is higher than most redesigns.

Minor arranging can have significant advantages

Despite the fact that it’s less significant, the outside will be the principal thing a potential renters sees, so make it look clean and thought about. Every one of RentCubo’s products is worked with front line technology to fulfill all necessities and be large and in charge, So you can go for it too. Easy and quick indeed! They especially work on each custom detail requested room rental too on schedule. This rental management software permits you to work and focus on your business viewpoint while its group set it up for you. On the off chance that your property has a front yard, ensure that it looks thought about and kept up.

  1. Mow and edge the grass before an expected appearance
  2. If you have shrubberies and flowerbeds, spread some new mulch down to give it a solid shine
  3. If there’s a nursery, guarantee any congested shrubs or trees are scaled back so as the full size of the nursery can be seen
  4. If there’s a beautiful view, for example, a mountain or lake, be certain that nothing is hindering it. At long last, ensure outside spaces are free from any and all harm by checking all door pivots, making sure about free strolling stones, and eliminating any wrecked cement
  5. The outside of the property doesn’t need to be great, simply perfect, and safe. Your candidates’ minds will wrap up

These tips will help in revamping and renovating your property and increasing the value of your property. If you have any further questions, please feel free to reach out to us at

Steps to Boost Off-Season Bookings For Vacation Rentals

Steps to Boost Off-Season Bookings For Vacation Rentals

As the late spring vacations have reached a conclusion and children have gotten back to class, it doesn’t infer there is nothing left for you to do in your vacation rental business. You may think the interest in taking some time off has gone down and accepted that you won’t get the same number of reservations.

All things considered, you simply need to adjust to this ‘calmer’ time. Each vacation rental has an alternate low season because of nearby seasonal interest. While a ski lodge in the mountains may perceive the warm late spring a very long time as off-top, a seashore vacation rental is probably going to be less well known in the cooler winter months. As a vacation rental proprietor, you must characterize precisely what season your low season happens, and execute your off-top promoting technique as needs be.

1. Change Off-Season Booking Prices

Carrier tickets decrease in cost during the off-season, thus do inns, accordingly, your vacation rental should do likewise. By adjusting to the current conditions, your vacation rental will mix in when visitors are hoping to take some time off. Try to get your evaluating level right for off-top bookings. You would prefer not to reduce costs for quite a long time in the event that you as of now have a lot of intrigues, however, a cost too high could discourage visitors from even browsing.

So how would you set unavailable rates? Recall that you don’t need to depend exclusively on your own judgment when setting costs; start by taking a gander at the opposition. Look at what your rivals are offering by taking a gander at vacation rental sites and posting destinations for properties in your general vicinity, or play out a brisk Google search to discover other vacation rentals close by.

2. Lower your Minimum Nights

Not exclusively will you have to change the cost, yet in addition, you have to bring down the base night remains during off-season travel. For instance, if your vacation rental has seven least evenings remaining, transform it into two or even permit visitors to remain for only one night.

3. Offer Promotions

By offering your visitors included worth arrangements, for example, three evenings at the cost of two, or an entire week at the cost of four evenings, you may discover you’re ready to fill significantly more of your schedule than you initially suspected. You can likewise remember a rate for a limited arrangement such “as 30% off”. This way it will be all the more engaging for voyagers as they probably are aware they are improving arrangement. Additionally, it’s an extraordinary method to showcase your vacation rental. Uncommon arrangements are an extraordinary reason to contact past visitors or follow up requests that didn’t transform into bookings. All things considered, everyone adores a deal!

4. Distinguish Potential Guests

Take a gander at your past bookings and characterize the socioeconomics of visitors who incline toward an off-season break. You may discover it’s seniors who need to get away from the hordes of high-season vacationers, sentimental couples searching for a comfortable pre-winter end of the week or dynamic gatherings of grown-ups needing to appreciate outside interests without the mid-year warmth (or winter day off!). So think about shutting off most rooms, at that point re-promote your vacation rental as a couple of room homes at a more suitable cost.

5. Know about Public Holidays

Remember that there are really vacation days during the low-season. In Europe, albeit every nation contrasts, they do have public occasions and many use this chance to move away.

6. Give Reasons for Guests to Stay at your Property

Give visitors motivation to take some time off, and all the more significantly, to remain in your vacation rental home. Incorporate exercises voyagers can do close by, for example, climbing, mountain biking, or fun exercises, for example, pumpkin picking – reasonable for all ages! On the off chance that you are arranged in a city or a region where they aren’t the same number of activities, offer your visitors extraordinary eateries, bars, films, bowling alleys, and so forth Exploration neighborhood functions and celebrations going on in your general vicinity, consider some fresh possibilities with this one!

Whatever you think of, you can wager there’s somebody who might be listening searching for the ideal spot to remain. Let potential visitors think about things occurring close to your vacation rental through a progression of painstakingly created messages and measure enthusiasm with your current organization utilizing posts via online media destinations.

7. Begin Planning for the Next Season

Utilize the low-season to plan for the pinnacle season. On the off chance that your vacation rental has popularity in the colder time of year, for example, a lodge or ski chalet in the mountains, etc. Utilize this event to prepare everything and market your property. Interestingly, a few visitors might need to get away to a hotter area for Christmas, as it might be cold in their nation of origin.

On the off chance that your vacation rental is a seashore house and high-season is throughout the late spring months, find different motivating forces to assist visitors with picking your place in winter. Maybe they might want a Christmas by the seashore, or as a rule, invest energy in a bright and hot place. Preparation is key with regards to dealing with your vacation rental’s pinnacle season. Any errand you can finish ahead of time will limit the unavoidable remaining burden you should oversee carefully when the time shows up.

8.Unique packages

Just as markdown costs, your inn promoting should zero in on different variables that may interest your visitors. Incentives like spa packages would interest couples on sentimental ends of the week or a young ladies’ end of the week away; limited or included gym enrollments may be ideal for those business explorers hoping to fit everything in, and little additional items like free champagne or a blessing crate upon appearance can make the outing more than beneficial for a few.

Packages can incorporate totally anything and have the special extra combos of removing a portion of the problem from reserving for the visitor. This can bid especially to a minute ago bookers who are searching for a holding nothing back arrangement with little to stress over. A few models can incorporate Couple’s Packages, Family Packages, or Newly-Wed Packages to engage those searching for something unique.


By following our top tips, you’ll before long be headed to making sure about more low-season bookings. Remember that the way to draw in unavailable visitors is innovativeness and adaptability – what would you be able to give that your rivals can’t? You can generally refresh your posting portrayals relying upon the season to reflect exactly what your visitors can hope to do, see and experience! If you have any further questions, please feel free to reach out to us at

What are the significant marketing factors to consider when Listing Vacation Rental?

What are the significant marketing factors to consider when Listing Vacation Rental?

Deciding to manage and operate a vacation rental can be overwhelming in the beginning. Particularly; when you are not working with any property agent, and you are the decision-maker. About half the people who purchase a second home have the aim of generating revenue from it. If you strategically market your vacation rental property in the right way, you will make your property visible to the right people who can make a reservation. 

So it’s very crucial to have a strong marketing strategy behind the advertising to potential customers. Here are some points that should be kept in mind to do the right marketing:

Working on your Property Listing

A compelling listing requires your time and effort. Be very thoughtful when you’re working on your property listing description and the photographs of the property. The title and the body of the listing description should be compelling and include all the required information a guest would be looking for in a vacation rental.

 If you’re not sure how to begin writing, perform online research to see how others have described their property. Once you’re confident, frame a compelling description of your property. Also, give attention to photographs you are tagging; it should clear and good resolution images of your beautiful property.

Displaying pricing information

Displaying the price range of your property is another important aspect that should include in the listing. An understanding of the peak and the off-peak season pricing is quite imperative. Always ensure that your reservation calendar and pricing is updated accordingly. You can also automate this process.

Offering discounts and offers can also be used as a marketing strategy to attract guests. You can strategically work on your weekday and weekend rates. Perform a thorough research on competitor pricing and try to work on pricing that you would list to attract your potential guests.

Listing the detailed list of amenities available for guests

Provide an exhaustive list of the amenities available for guests on your property. These lists can help with decision making for the guests. Some of the guests may be looking for a few facilities that could be important for them and help them in making the right decision while selecting your property. Therefore it’s quite imperative to list everything that you’re providing the guests, which will make their stay convenient and comfortable.

Prompt response to inquiries

When people are looking for booking a vacation rental, they expect a prompt answer to their inquiry, based on which they can make a decision. So try the respond to any inquiry within an hour or so. If it’s taking 10 hours or a day to answer a guest’s inquiry, there is a high chance that your potential customer has already moved on with booking a different rental. There is a solution; if you are busy enough to attend to the inquiries, you can hire a property manager who can give a timely response to your guest within an hour.  

Know your target audience

Develop a marketing strategy and have a strong plan of action, it’s essential that you know whom you are marketing to. Senior travelers may not have the same needs as a guest who travels in groups or those with a family with children and also sometimes pets. If you know your target audience you can create special offers to appeal to them. For instance, if your guests are families with children, consider providing a discount to a nearby theme park. You can target your audience through the social media platform as well.

Explain the experience you are selling

Every potential client is looking for a getaway destination to get away from their hectic routine and relax. So you need to prove to them why they should pick your vacation rental property. Make strategies to attract with information about nearby attractions, places to dine, amusement park, shopping center, and so on. Use pictures and expressive words to describe your property and location to appeal to them. Guests should feel that visiting your property is worth their time and money. 

Showcase your reviews

Reviews play an important role in promoting your property. A positive experience of another guest will have a positive impact on other guests looking for vacation rental properties. It will play a key role when travelers are looking for booking a vacation rental property. If they have are choosing between a few rentals in the area, they would go for the one with the most number of positive reviews and ratings. Therefore, it is important that you request your guests to leave reviews and ratings to attract future potential guests.

An exclusive vacation rental website

A website for your vacation rental can be useful and help you better manage bookings. It is one way of listing your property online. You can manage direct bookings and create a brand identity. Display professional photographs and entice your guests with the beautiful scenery of your location and your property. It will help you increase your credibility as a host.

Final Thoughts

By using the above strategies for marketing your vacation rental, you will receive more bookings, as it will gain more exposure for your property. We at Rentcubo are known for our skills in developing user-friendly vacation rental software and websites.