It’s critical to make an informed, strategic selection when selecting management software for your self-storage facility. After all, the appropriate tool should make day-to-day chores easy to do, if not completely automated, so you can focus on other elements of your business.

Automatic lead collection, auto-pay, e-sign, system integrations, and other features of today’s programs all contribute to a more seamless experience for employees and consumers. It’s critical to make an informed, strategic selection when selecting management software for your self-storage facility.

The problem for facility owners is determining which software system is most suited to their needs. There are numerous solutions open to you. RentCubo helps you go over some essential elements that can assist you in making an informed decision in choosing the right self-storage management software.

Software Update:

It’s critical to have the right software to run your self-storage business. Whether you have a large, established business or are just getting started, you must be able to discover a software solution that meets your individual requirements. Even if you already have older software, it may be time to upgrade or replace it.
You need to consider when the software was launched and how frequently it is updated. It may be time to upgrade to newer, more complete software if it has been a while since the last update. Another issue to examine is whether you are accomplishing jobs manually when you should be able to do it more easily or even automatically using the software. If this is the case, it’s time to upgrade.

Must-Have Features:

There are some aspects that should be deemed non-negotiable, or deal-breakers when looking for replacements. Customer relationship management, job management, pricing and discounting, communication, accounting, reporting, and facility control are just a few of the capabilities available.
It is recommended that you look elsewhere if you come across apps that lack these basic and crucial functions. Furthermore, your chosen system should be simple to interface with other facility systems such as access and security. Integrating your numerous operating systems is critical and will greatly improve the efficiency of your operation.

Standalone or Cloud-based:

When looking into software solutions, it’s important to think about whether they’ll be cloud-based or stand-alone. The dominating format was standalone software through Windows, which is still used today, albeit it is considerably less common.
Your facility’s data, as well as the software, will be saved locally on a computer in a standalone system, with manual backups to external hard drives. Cloud-based software solutions, on the other hand, save your data on external servers and networks, allowing it to be duplicated across several facilities if necessary or in the future.


Apart from the functionality, the software you select should be user-friendly and simple to use – for both you and your customers. Even if a program contains all of the features you’re looking for, it won’t be productive unless you and your team can navigate and apply it effectively.
A demo is an easy method to determine if the software is suited for you or if the learning curve is too steep. While you are not required to master the program during the trial, it will be beneficial to identify some of the features that you find most appealing, as well as to simulate various scenarios to evaluate if the software would meet your needs.


While cheap expenses are undoubtedly advantageous, they should not be the deciding factor in your decision. Don’t be afraid to dive into the weeds while comparing prices. Make sure the quotes you receive from providers include all of the features you’ll need and don’t include any asterisks or small text.
You might possibly inquire with current software users to see whether this company has a history of rising prices. Consider the benefits of new software in terms of time savings, as these may well surpass what may appear to be a somewhat higher monthly cost at first.


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