In this post: we look at factors which help you buy the best software to run your coworking business. And we see why an Airbnb clone script is the best software.

What entails running a coworking space

A coworking business has to create a seamless process to help users sign up, renew, pay for services easily. This is the crux of running a successful coworking space. From marketing and sales to inviting potential users via social media, all of this need to be integrated with the business’ central software. Making it easy to track engagements and sign up users in a quick and smooth process. These are the challenges faced by coworking spaces, around the world. Here are some of the most common and must have facilities a coworking space needs to provide:

  • 24-Hour access – easy check-ins and check-outs
  • Invitation to entrepreneurs and guest speakers
  • After hours activities such as workshops
  • Cafes or snack bars with option to pay via mobile phones
  • Gaming workstations with timed passes
  • Timed access to in-house video or podcast studios
  • A platform to flag issues and track solutions
  • Internal communication platform – emails, newsletters
  • Timed parking facility with auto renewal and payment

Your community at the center of the coworkring management software

The life and blood of any coworking space is its community. Once we move past the basic amenities such as clean desks and other utilities, what defines success is how well the community can access services and how well the community can be engaged.

Learn how to make it big in the coworking business

In a world where services are driven by and delivered via mobile phones and laptops, similar standards have to be met to cater to users at any coworking space. From booking a desk, renewing and making payments to booking meeting rooms and accessing in-house cafe, all needs to be accessible via a user’s laptop or mobile phone.

These are the best ways to engage your members in your coworking space

The software you use should make it easy to manage each and every task and help you gain insights through reports and data visualization. Helping you to understand and modify services to better retain and bring on more users.

Smooth transition from your existing coworking management software

Any software upgrade should make it easy to switch from your existing one to the new one seamlessly. Importing data, integrating marketing activities, frictionless renewals and payments, and performance insights, all of these factors need to be synched in unison when you choose a new software.

The best coworking management software should provide you with API integration

The software you choose to manage your coworking space should allow for API integration. It should allow you to bring vendors on board and integrate their services into your software through their APIs easily.

Say you hired a new coffee vendor, and they have their own ordering software. It should be easy to take their API and integrate it with your new software.

Wasabi wants to offer discounted cloud server spaces for your community? You should be able to integrate their API onto your software and make the service easily accessible to your users. Your community will love you for making transactions easy and quick.

What features are a must in a coworking management software

  • A comprehensive CRM dashboard
  • User data repository
  • Invoicing and payment platform
  • Integrating other billing softwares if needed
  • A beautiful booking calendar
  • A platform to create any number or combinations of membership plans and prices
  • Community portal to engage members
  • A KPI based reporting engine built into the software

Managing a coworking business can be simplified with the right software

Managing a coworking business which is diversified in culture as well as service variety is a challenging task. Did you know that many aspects of a coworking business can be managed, administered and automated with the right software application.

Flagship coworking brands such as WeWork have mastered this service delivery. Visitors can easily check in on the phone. All updates within the community is delivered through their flagship app. Members can book resources on the go etc.

Isn’t building a website, a mobile app and integrating them both via cloud services an expensive effort? Well, no, to be honest.

Have you used Or its mobile app? Aren’t their platforms so easy to use? So, here’s the deal. We have cloned the Airbnb platform (web and mobile) and have redesigned in a way to suit the nature of a coworking business. Think of it as an Airbnb for your coworking business. We call it RentCowork.

Not only that, we offer round the clock tech support and free software upgrades (web and mobile) for life. The best thing about RentCowork is that it is 100% customizable. Put your own logo, color scheme, fonts etc. It is your platform, mould it the way you want it.

Thinking if the platform may not be the right fit for your business? Do not worry, check out the LIVE DEMO to experience the platform. Also, you can download the LITE version of the software for free – to try out the features for real.

If you have any questions about the platform or service or design, just reach out to us at or connect with us via WhatsApp.