The globe is becoming increasingly crowded with people and automobiles. While it may appear that we can and should control the latter, this is impossible due to the direct proportionality of automobiles to humans.

As the population grows, so does the demand for automobiles. However, one of the most typical issues is a lack of available parking spaces. Because the primary goal of smart parking is to lower the parking footprint, the solution to accommodating a growing number of vehicles is not to expand parking areas.

So, what does any of this have to do with parking management software’s process and features? By integrating smart parking techniques, automobile parking management software and its workflow and features play a critical role in maximizing existing parking space and growing parking space within a limited landmass.

The parking management software is a comprehensive parking tool for all parking needs, not just a platform that connects vehicle owners and parking facilities. Read on to learn more about parking management software, which will help you with your parking management business.

  • User Profile:

Just like any other software or mobile application, parking management software also requires a sign-up process. The users must first sign up with the parking management software and create their user profile.
To create the user profile, users must enter their personal and vehicle details. The user profile will help the parking management business to keep a tab of users’ preferences and suggest the best viable parking space. On the other hand, the user profile will help provide all information about parking including payments log to the users.

  • Search:

Whether it is for movies or overseas travel, users would like to have a reserved parking space as it helps them save a lot of time. Finding a parking spot, let alone an ideal one is more often than not a tedious and cumbersome task as they are forced to circle the neighborhood a few times before they could find one.
Therefore, the intuitive search option of the parking management software allows the users to find the right parking spot regardless of where they would like to travel. The intuitive search option will show results based on the user’s vehicle information provided in the user profile, making sure they don’t end up in a tight spot.

  • Reservation and Booking:

Without online reservation and booking options, it would not make any sense for the parking management software to provide search options or even exist. The primary usage of the parking management software is to provide optimal parking service, which cannot be achieved without reservation and booking options.

As soon as the users find an ideal parking spot using the search option, they can reserve it or book it immediately so that the parking spot is not occupied by someone else on arrival. By reservation or booking a parking spot, users can travel with an absolute peace of mind.

  • Payment:

With multiple in-app payment gateways, users can avail themselves of a pre-or post-paid parking spot. In-app payment gateways also ensure smooth and quick payments by allowing the users to pay for their parking space from wherever they are and not necessarily at the payment collection booth.

The online payment option also ensures the parking management business to efficiently keep a track of their day-to-day business. It also eliminates the hassle of tending exact change to the users, which is a common difficulty in cash payments.

  • Features List of Parking Management Software:

The parking management software provides a dedicated dashboard for each stakeholder, complete with a variety of unique features. Apart from the standard features, the parking management software has the following:

    o For Parking Management Business Owners:

    § Manage Parking Space
    § Business Record
    § Payments Log
    § Multiple Payments Option

    o For Users:

    § Intuitive Search
    § Parking Space Availability Status
    § GPS Enabled Parking Space Locator
    § Reserve/Book
    § Quick Payments & E-wallet

    o For Admin:

    § Track/Manage Bookings and Reservations
    § Update Parking Space Availability Status
    § Track/Manage Business Record
    § Quick Encashment
    § List/Block Users

The parking management software’s numerous perks, high revenue-generating capability, feature-rich interface, and ease of accessibility make it not only a viable business opportunity but also a successful one. RentCubo, one of the top parking management software development firms, is the answer to your hunt for reliable vehicle parking management software. RentPark, a product of RentCubo, is a simple-to-use, cutting-edge parking management software. Connect with us right now to get started on your parking business.