In this post: we look at the genius of multi storey car parking facilities and why they are the future of city planning. We also look at why an Airbnb style app is the best car parking management software.

Cities are getting cramped

Nearly a third of the entire world’s population is predicted to live in cities – urban areas by 2050. Cities offer better standard of living, better healthcare facilities, lot of job and business opportunities. When most of us move to big cities, they tend to get cramped for space. This causes a lot of headache for city planners – especially as they got to accommodate more people, more vehicles – meaning cities need better and smarter infrastructure design solutions. And multi storey car parks – though not an old concept – fits right into any cramped city.

Top Trends in Parking Lot Management

Multi-storey car parks solves many problems

With subways and roads going underground, there’s only one way car parks can grow – upwards. There are numerous rewards for constructing a multi storey vehicle parking unit from the ground up. Here are five reasons why they work.

#1 Lack of space

Multi-storey parking facilities can store a lot more vehicles than any other parking space. If we combine automated ramps and lifts which can lift cars and park them without the need of a valet, then we can accommodate more vehicles in such parking spaces.

#2 Reduce traffic congestion

Timelapse of a multi storey car park construction

Because multi storey car parks are built from the ground up, they do not occupy too much ground space to accommodate a large quantity of vehicles. Leaving more space for walking strips and roads. This reduces traffic congestion.

#3 Better parking management

Marina City multi storey car parking complex

Even at multi-storey parking facilities which are operated manually – no robots or automated ramps or lifts – valet drivers are much more efficient and quick in parking and retrieving vehicles. Thereby allowing for better management of car parking facilities.

#4 Better suited for technological upgrades

Modern day parking facilities are better equipped to install cutting edge parking technological solutions – such as IoT enabled sensors to highlight empty parking spaces and parking management apps with in-built navigation which takes the car owner directly to the empty slot.

Car parking robot – Stanley Robotics

A guide to choose the Best Parking Lot Management Software

#5 Safe from floods and heavy rains

Because multi-storey parking facilities are built from the ground up, they survive better against heavy floods and rains. As global warming affects major cities – especially the ones which are close to rivers and oceans – multi-storey parking facilities not only stand strong against natural calamities, but also protect vehicles from getting damaged. These facilities can also offer shelter to people during drastic times as well.

Parking spaces are difficult to manage – the right software can solve most problems

Have you used Airbnb’s website or mobile app to book a room or a home for vacation? Isn’t the platform easy to use, find properties, and pay securely? This is what we have brought with RentPark. RentPark is an Airbnb clone designed specifically to manage parking spaces of all sizes in countries such as America, Europe, UK, and Australia. Here are some of the features of RentPark:

  • An Affordable Parking Solution: Manage all slots and multiple facilities with RentPark
  • Keep Track Of Everything: Easily sift through vehicle license plate numbers, visitor names and tags on the easy-to-use dashboard
  • Managing Visitor Parking: Say goodbye to papers and clipboards. Allow users to register from any device within seconds
  • Real-Time Navigation: Allow users to re-book slot(s) with just a few clicks or touches and let the app guide them to the parking space via live mapping
  • Manage Time Limits For Visitors: Set time slots for any day of the week. You can schedule a variety of time limits for different time slots.
  • Manage Free and Paid Parking Hours: You get complete control to manage free or fee based parking to match demand.
  • Dynamic Pricing: Demands don’t stay the same. The app allows you to set a variety of prices to cash in on weekday or weekend/holiday demands.
  • Inventory Management: A single location with a few slots or multiple locations with varied slot sizes, RentPark allows you to manage all your inventory on a single dashboard.
  • One Touch Payment: Make is easy and secure for users to avail parking slots and pay you with one touch.

Buying or investing on software solutions is a tough ask, especially with multiple platforms offering similar features.

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That is why we have built a LITE version of RentPark which can be downloaded for FREE. Experience the platform before you buy it. At Rentcubo, we offer round-the-clock technical support to help you from the day you buy the platform till the day you take it live.

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