In the early 50s, working professionals worked from huge corner offices and utilitarian spaces. In the 80s, they worked from their personal cubicles and lavish cabinets. Today, open offices and shared working spaces (also known as co-working spaces) are highly preferred. Coworking space is nothing but a shared office for rent. Co-working Space is changing the Modern World. Workspace has continuously evolved over the years and reached what is believed to be the ideal workspace i.e., shared workspace or coworking space.

It was in the mid-2000s that the coworking space began to grow and eventually disrupt the office space market. Now, a lot of corporate companies have switched to coworking space, similar to Airbnb coworking space, and many more are looking to shift since coworking space is continuing to change the working principle of the modern world. What is the reason behind the growing popularity of coworking space and how Co-Working Space is changing the modern world?

Coworking space

  • Decentralization of Office Space – Huge corporates and multi-national conglomerates host thousands of employees in a multi-storied office building. However, with such work-space setup safety of the employees is an alarming concern as it is difficult to manage such a large congregation in one place. Therefore, such huge corporates and conglomerates are looking to decentralize the office space and coworking space offers them the best available option to successfully decentralize their office space.
    Coworking space also enables the companies to implement the hub-and-spoke working model, wherein the company can have a ‘central office’ and operate a set of ‘satellite offices’ across a city or even multiple cities.
    Decentralization of office space requires coworking management software with appropriate coworking space management tools. A coworking space management software not only helps manage the decentralization process but ensures the best employer-employee practices that will optimize the overall work experience.
  • Customization of Office Space – coworking office spaces are themed as semi-closed offices and open space offices that can be customized to the specific needs of the company. There are several customization options such as offices with nap-pods, gaming and entertainment zones, unconventional and intuitive workstations, a leisure corner with a mini café setup, etc. Airbnb coworking space is one of the best examples of such customized workspaces that are setting the trend for bespoke coworking spaces.
  • Tech-Enabled Office Space – coworking spaces are tech-enabled and feature-rich and knits all workspaces such as individual offices, coworking spaces, work-from-home, and freelancers together. Coworking management software allows for tech-enabled office spaces that include automation, artificial intelligence (AI), mobility, internet of things (IoT) to ensure seamless connectivity, networking, remote management, etc. This next-gen office technology provides collaborative tools to deliver a personalized and seamless office experience for the professional to improve their efficiency.
  • Flexible Office Space – coworking spaces are occupant-centric, thereby allowing for utmost flexibility for the occupants (companies). Coworking spaces are flexible in terms of space, timing, and duration and the occupants have the leverage to demand a safe and tech-enabled workspace and pay only the working hours. With a user-friendly coworking management software both the occupants and the coworking office space can enjoy a mutually benefiting collaboration for however long they wish to.


No wonder the coworking space is changing the modern world and fashionably growing its presence. With such relaxed and stretchable plans and features, coworking space is fast becoming the new normal.