Landlord naturally tries their best to limit the amount of time a rental unit stays vacant. Naturally, until the right renter comes across the unit and the landlord both wait for the renter. And the landlord must prepare the document connected with rent and also ensures its habitability before new tenants arrive. There is a small list about what all needs to be done so that it streamlines the process. So below are some points that guide landlords to make sure their rentals are ready for new tenants.

1. Inspection needs to be carried out on the rental property for any damages

Even if you have inspected the property with the tenant who moved out, do another thorough inspection as there might be some changes that were conducted you might not be aware of. Also, this is an important step if you had some work done in the interim, as you have to make sure that after workers left the space is cleaned. Set aside time to walk through the rental at your own pace to observe the condition well. Other important things that you can take note of are:

  • Smoke detectors
  • Security alarm
  • Electrical outlets like lights, etc.
  • Door and windows locks
  • Cupboard locks
  • Water

You can also take photos if necessary.

2.     Record the condition of the rental

Document the condition of the property using a form that you have created. You can record the items and features that are newly added to the property. Also document the one which has gone through normal wear and tear that doesn’t actually call for any repair but is there. Also, take note of those items that do not need immediate repair but need your attention after some time. high priority is essential and needs to be addressed as quickly as possible. Anything that is related to security issues, an indication of pest infestation, lack of heating or cooling facility. Also, call the handy person so that it can be resolved possible before new tenants move in.

Take a note of those things which may not be significant but can cause a major issue in near future, as such things can be addressed beforehand. Like leaking and dripping pipes or sliding door, to which if the force applied can break, or other such issues.

3.     Repair any immediate issues

Now when you have recorded and inspected the property thoroughly and know the condition of the rental, make a high priority list of all repairs and fixed that can be addressed immediately and without much affecting your budget. Like electricity issues, safety locks, and pest infestation issue. For another issue, you can discuss with new tenants to schedule a mutually convenient time.

4.     Preparation for move-in letter for tenants

This is an important part of preparing a move-in letter for your new tenants that will preferably follow a structure you’ve already created. Which will have the details like how you need the rent should be paid, specific instructions on how to deal with emergencies, and how to report any repairs. Procedure or instruction for items included with rentals. Termination procedure that needs to be followed by tenants should be provided to them before they move in.

5.     Organizing your rental files

Some of the landlords have a habit of organizing their files by the rental property they own, or by tenants. Either way, its fine, what is important is organizing and keeping it safe. For the people who have more than one property and have been doing the process for few years, it’s a regular process, but for the people who have started with it like first-time landlords, it could be a bit serious process.

The best recommendation is by choosing rental software for all the tenants.

If you have not been utilizing any property management software it’s high time, you must start your rental business online it’s not only important but it’s very easy and will comfort you more. Opt for the one which has a mobile version and has basic features like online payments, accounting dashboard, and maintenance management. Prior to moving in a new tenant encourage them to sign up for rental software. This will help you build a trusting relationship and you will find it easier when it comes to organizing rentals.