Businesses from all industries are feeling the effects of the pandemic. In many locations, the threats and problems that have arisen as a result of the global lockdown are vast and insurmountable. Several sectors are on the verge of shutting down, with pay and worker reductions becoming the norm.

This means that sections that are unable to deal with the sudden shutdown will be brought to an end, while those that adjust to the new situation will remain operational. However, while this is true, the rental automobile sector is a different situation.

As businesses reopen amid efforts to restrict the outbreak of Covid-19, the need for mobility services is more important than ever. With individuals seeking to avoid public or shared transportation to avoid contracting the virus, and the idea of purchasing a private car taking a backseat due to the current recession, furloughs, and pay cuts, the demand for self-drive vehicle rentals will undoubtedly increase, according to the chiefs of self-drive vehicle rental companies.

COVID-19 has unquestionably altered the fundamentals of our economy. What was the norm until 2019 has become obsolete in recent years? As a result, each industry must adjust to the new standard. To that aim, the automobile rental sector is well-equipped and ready to serve its consumers.

Car subscriptions are predicted to experience an exponential increase in demand, especially given the present recession. Car subscriptions can be a better choice than ride-hailing, as well as a more economical and faster manner of getting a car, providing a secure personal mobility replacement. You can read all about it in this elaborate blog by RentCubo.

The Growth in the Midst of Pandemic

Carpooling or sharing transportation is a thing of the past. The most major emphasis during the pandemic-induced lockdown has been on self-quarantine and maintaining a social distance. There is an increasing sense of unease about the cleanliness and security of one’s immediate environment.

This is when the rental car comes into play. People are resorting to rental automobiles for transportation, rather than the pre-pandemic habit of sharing with other passengers. It’s not as if the rental program didn’t exist prior to COVID. Even before the outbreak of the epidemic, it was booming.

The global financial crisis has only encouraged the uptake of rental automobiles to unprecedented levels. It actually works pretty well for automobile rentals on a macroeconomic level, because you can deliver something that is sanitized, clean, individualized, private, and inexpensive.

The Advent of Subscription Model

In recent years, the subscription service has become the image of the car rental industry. This concept has been popular, especially among the younger generation, because it allows customers to enjoy brief ownership of a vehicle without having to worry about additional expenses such as service and insurance charges. Service providers are going to great lengths to guarantee that the highest levels of safety and hygiene are maintained.

Additionally, they are utilizing cutting-edge technologies like AI and ML to integrate elements such as keyless entry technologies, 24×7 chatbots, and more to provide clients with an exceptional experience. Furthermore, even front-line workers are required to complete rigorous safety training.

Car membership is essentially the most cost-effective and time-efficient method of obtaining a vehicle that is also a safe mode of personal transportation. Imagine having a hatchback or SUV delivered to your door in just one day, with no money down! We offer a variety of subscription choices, but the most popular are one, three, and six months. Car memberships will continue to develop and expand into more flexible arrangements with longer lease terms of 12, 24, or 36 months.

The Demand in 2022

Now in the post-pandemic era, the rental automobile sector has advantages to exploit, fueled by unprecedented demand. The main reason is that car ownership is not without its drawbacks. Maintenance costs and issues like insufficient parking space, variable fuel prices, and growing insurance rates must all be considered. All of these annoyances are ingrained in the thoughts of people who are considering purchasing a new vehicle but are turned off by the prospect.

As a result, the passion for buying new cars has waned in recent years. With an ever-increasing population in metropolitan areas, a shared mobility solution appears to be the only logical step toward a long-term answer. Furthermore, the pandemic has caused numerous people to lose their employment, putting a strain on their finances and limiting their spending to necessities like food and pharmaceuticals. Subscription models are a more convenient option because they have shorter lock-in periods and low prices.

Furthermore, the focus has shifted from ownership to experience. A seamless and safe experience can be had by subscribing to a car. Additionally, subscription-based models are ideal for those who enjoy experimenting with automobiles and prefer diversity because they do not require you to commit to one vehicle for an extended length of time.


The subscription model, in fact, is the most effective approach to retain confidentiality, flexibility, and hygiene. As a result, a subscription to a rental solution is the most sensible option for anyone wishing to enjoy vehicle ownership without paying additional fees. Furthermore, companies in the rental industry are going above and above to provide clients with a superior user experience. They’re employing technology to give their wide range of services a facelift, enabling the subscription model a perennial answer even in the event of a pandemic.