Many people have been drawn to the idea of a home away from home. In 2007, the world was first introduced to Airbnb’s global platform. Apartment-finding services and travel apps are among the most popular, attracting users from all walks of life. Airbnb has become a global phenomenon for the majority of people, whether they are travel aficionados, corporate travelers, or remote employees who operate from wherever.

Apps like Airbnb don’t just appear out of nowhere. It’s the result of a combination of variables, including a powerful messaging appeal, a global presence, and appropriate emotion at the appropriate time and place. According to statistics published lately by a reputable magazine, there will be 45.6 million Airbnb users by 2022.

Do you believe there is merit in all of the aforementioned factors?

What is Airbnb?

Airbnb is a worldwide platform that aims to improve travelers’ experiences. Airbnb is a travel marketplace where tourists can quickly find and book incredible accommodations all around the world using their tablets or smartphones.

Airbnb isn’t simply about reserving hotel rooms. Users can reserve a suite, an entire apartment, a yacht, or even a houseboat based on their preferences.

Airbnb describes itself as a peer-to-peer web marketplace that allows anyone to list or rent their residential property for short or long-term visits. As a result, Airbnb functions as a broker, assisting people in leasing any type of lodging for those who wish to hire it privately.

Airbnb presently has its presence in 192 countries, with a total of 300,000 accommodations in about 65,000 locations. On Airbnb, anyone who wants to rent a room, apartment, villa, cottage, or whole property may do so.

Features of the Airbnb App

It’s usually a good idea to understand the major features of an app like Airbnb before deciding how much it costs to produce an app like Airbnb. Both hosts and guests have unique characteristics.

Similar for both Guests and Hosts

  • Sign up/Login via social network or email
  • Settings such as notification settings, change the email or password
  • Profile (personal details)
  • Notification system and panel
  • User-friendly dashboard.

Exclusive Features for Guests

  • Manage Profile (Personal Information)
  • Browse properties
  • See listings
  • Send and communicate via messages
  • Create new claims
  • Accept and Decline offers
  • View and manage bookings
  • Rate hosts and leave reviews
  • Manage payments and view transaction history

Exclusive Features for Hosts

  • Create a personal page to become hosts
  • Manage page information
  • Manage to list (information like details, photos, prices, and schedule)
  • Communicate with guests via messages about their booking
  • Accept or decline bookings
  • See past and update booking details
  • Rate and write reviews for guests
  • Manage payment and see transaction history

Factors Influencing the Cost of Developing an Airbnb-like App

It’s critical to understand the fundamental aspects that influence the development of an app like Airbnb. You can choose a variety of tactics, but the core structure and factors that influence app development will always be the same.

The Platform: Android or IOS

Airbnb is available on both platforms, but one thing to keep in mind is that the cost of developing an iOS mobile app differs from that of developing an Android app. The cost of creating for the Android platform is typically 20-30% greater than that of the iOS platform.

The Design

If you want to create an app like Airbnb that has a unique and appealing design, you should be aware that the cost of development will be affected. You must pick between a standard design and a bespoke design.

Technical Complexity and App Testing

Any new feature added to the app, the technological intricacies of that function, as well as testing the app before launch, may incur additional costs.

Manpower Employed on the Project

The cost of developing an app will increase as the size of the development team grows. It is strongly advised that the team size be kept modest and simple. A project manager, UI designer, administrator, and other members of the team are usually present.

How much will it Cost to Develop an App like Airbnb?

A big issue that influences the expense of establishing a trip planning software like Airbnb is the company’s rate per hour. The cost of developing the app is calculated by multiplying the number of hours by a specified rate set by the company.

Let’s start with $50 as the average pricing to start with.

Now, let’s go over the specifics of constructing the app one by one, and how much each stage will cost:

First Step:-

It is impossible to begin the project without taking certain basic procedures. The process of creating a similar but basic app like Airbnb may take between 49 and 60 hours. Where,

  • Setting up the strategy will take 20-25 hours.
  • 20-25 hours for implementing the API
  • 10-12 hours for the database setup
  • 14-18 hours for performing services and libs.

So, if the company is charging $50 per hour, then it will cost around $2500-$4000.


The user will have to register with their phone number and email address, just like with other apps. Then accept the app’s terms and conditions.


The development time for this feature is anticipated to be around 12 hours, with a cost of around $300.

Create a Profile:

The user must fill up their personal information. The developer, on the other hand, will have to establish two separate profile pages, one for the guest and one for the property owner. The user must provide information such as their phone number, email address, user name, birth date, gender, address, and a few other important details.

The specific user profile will allow you to keep track of each customer’s favorite places and touring patterns, allowing you to send personalized special or generic offers to them.


This feature will take about 24 hours to integrate and will cost around $600.


If the user is a guest, he or she can begin searching for a viable host, but if the user is a host, he or she can add his or her property.

A user may need to provide the following information to find the correct host: house, apartment, shared bed, pricing, lodging, photographs, and so on.

As a guest, the user has the option of selecting the best host, and there are other filters to help find the ideal lodging.

  • Place you are going to visit
  • Check-in and check-out dates
  • Total number of guests

Rooms (Choose the right room)

  • Property type
  • Room type (private room, apartment, shared room, etc.)
  • Sort by price
  • Size (How many beds, bathroom, bedrooms, etc.)
  • Instant book and super host option
  • Amenities
  • Neighborhoods

It could take up to 24 hours to construct the search/filter feature, and the cost will be roughly $1200.

Room Variants:

Following the application of the filters, the results page will display all of the alternatives that satisfy the filters. Any of the displayed results can be chosen by the user. The user will see the following information after tapping on a result.

  • Pictures
  • Reviews
  • Ratings
  • Description
  • Location Map
  • Terms and price

This information will assist the user in becoming acquainted with the chosen lodging.

The house regulations (if any), cancellation policies, and minimum booking period will also be displayed to the users. And there are additional fees for things like meals, laundry, and so forth.

The dates of availability can also be checked using a calendar view.


This process can take up to 180 hours or more to finish.

  • 20-24 hours for the list of variants
  • 40-45 hours for property information
  • 16-18 hours for the host’s profile
  • 15-17 hours for ratings and reviews
  • 40-42 hours for the booking feature
  • 16-18 hours for setting up the check-in and check-out dates
  • 16 hours for the calendar view of available dates
  • 16-18 hours for developing the “message/text the host” feature

The amount incurred will be around $9000 for this part.

Become a Host:

Anyone who wishes to rent their space can do so by signing up as a host on the app. To become a host, users must first create an account by filling out a profile and then posting an ad for their apartment, room, or house. The user can find out how much he or she can charge for their location using the smartphone app.


It will take around 20 hours to develop and the cost incurred will be about $1000

Backend Development:

The development of the server-side component-backend is the most important aspect of the development process. It is impossible to develop an app without working on the backend in order for the app to function properly. As a result, it’s a time-consuming and tough process.


The backend development is the foundation of the app; it typically takes 600 hours to complete and costs roughly $30000.

The Airbnb app’s creators took care of everything, so the user doesn’t have to worry about juggling any other third-party apps.


After adding up the times for each procedure, it’s evident that it’ll take between 1090 and 1200 hours. We get a range of $54,500 to $60,000 after multiplying the hours by $50 (the average development cost).

The pricing range indicates the approximate amount of money needed to construct a $900 million revenue-generating service such as Airbnb.