Property managers have used paper, graphs, and email for years to maintain financial accounts, write down audit/inspection reports, and tenant demands and assignments. It doesn’t matter what business you’re in these days; the technology you utilize will affect efficiency and profit. As new technologies and techniques have been put into the market, real estate transactions have improved in terms of organization and ease of implementation.

Property managers and businesses are now employing Property Management Software to keep track of their properties, buildings, and daily operations. If you are unfamiliar with how property management software might help your business, it can be complex and demanding. According to business-insider, the worldwide property management software industry is expected to grow at a CAGR of 7% to more than 3.33 million dollars by 2022. Isn’t it massive?

Running and maintaining a real estate property, on the other hand, can be difficult for any business or residential property manager. Dedicated property management software (PMS) can help you streamline your rental operations whether you rent one or numerous properties. Even skeptics are reconsidering their decision to go digital, thanks to a greater focus on analytics and lower administrative costs.

The primary purpose of a property rental script is to make all aspects of a property rental business easy to manage. In this blog by RentCubo, a prominent property rental software development company, we let you in on how exactly your property rental script makes your business easy.

  • Maintenance and Schedule Tracking:

Building maintenance, as previously said, is the single most important aspect of customer happiness. The better you take care of your buildings, the greater your tenant retention rate will be—this will save you time and money in attracting and keeping new tenants, giving you more freedom as a property manager. Maintenance management and scheduling software ensure that routine maintenance chores are not overlooked.

All existing and upcoming maintenance work orders should be visible, and they should be scheduled properly. Many renters will just take a photograph of their problem and send it to you, thanks to the rise of mobile technology and the capacity to effortlessly transmit and receive photos.

  • Screening Tenant Applications:

While having the ideal renter will make your management experience much more enjoyable, you should always be prepared for the unexpected. With practical tenant screening tools, you can ensure that you maintain high-quality renters. Many PMS systems assist you to screen out less-qualified prospects with capabilities like reference verification, background checks, and renter histories, which show you whether the candidate can be trusted to pay their rent on time. Background screening tools are built-in or available through third-party interfaces, and they can raise red lights if any data relevant to a potential landlord is found.

  • Online Payments:

You’ll spend less time tracking down late payments if you make it easy for your tenants to pay their rent on time. Because your tenants may pay their rent from the comfort of their own homes, online payment processing is the easiest approach to streamline how they pay. Many PMS software packages also contain rent tracking features, allowing you to see who has paid their rent and who has not. Automatic late-fee calculators are also included in some solutions.

Landlords can benefit from online tenant portals. These portals provide your clients 24/7 access to information including correspondence histories, rental receipts, and maintenance requests, in addition to paying rent. Not only would a comprehensive tenant portal assist you in receiving rent on time, but it will also reduce administrative workload and improve customer satisfaction.

  • Management Capabilities:

Any landlord will tell you that successfully managing a property requires a large number of individuals, and that big contact lists can rapidly become cluttered and untidy. Comprehensive contact management features allow you to better organize your contacts and spend less time looking for emails and phone numbers.

For a more efficient contact management workflow, you can combine tenants, maintenance personnel, landlords, vendors, and other business partners together. Tenant databases assist you in contacting clients, while vendor databases make it simple to obtain the services you require. Lead management functionality is also prevalent in PMS packages, which ensures that your properties are always completely occupied.

  • Marketing and Advertising:

It’s difficult to keep your buildings occupied if no one is aware of the openings, and a robust advertising and marketing module will assist you in spreading the word. Website management features allow you to show your rental information in a straightforward and understandable manner, while social media integration allows you to reach a larger audience. A well-designed website can also be used to post all existing and future job openings. You’ll be able to market appealing properties such as holiday rentals or student housing, complete with online booking features for optimal ease, depending on the nature of your business.


A rigorous study of your existing PMS system, if you have one, is the best method to get the most out of a Property rental script. You’ll be in a lot better position to make an informed and profitable purchase once you’ve identified the exact characteristics and benefits that you require from a product.

A PMS can be used in a variety of ways, as previously noted. Look for technologies that are compatible with your current IT infrastructure and can be smoothly incorporated into your company’s workflow. Look for goods that provide documentation to help you learn the software and a competent customer support team to aid you with difficulties.