Airbnb was a completely new concept when it came to the market, but Airbnb’s model to give out business places for rent is even newer. It is a concept that connects an office space provider with the people who want to take the same on rent. Likewise, there are many online coworking marketplaces available where you can rent out a co-working space, too.

The concept is fairly known as Airbnb for office/co-working spaces. Just like Airbnb, these businesses provide a broader range of amenities for corporates. All the corporate amenities are available in one place, which provides professional workspaces at affordable rates than a traditional office.

The shared office spaces or coworking marketplaces are becoming one of the fastest-growing industries in the world. This is because the startup owners mostly look co-working office spaces where they can sit in a bustling space to work amongst other freelancers, developers, and creatives in a productive atmosphere.

The giant companies like WeWork also offer small offices within a shared community of workers on a monthly basis. It recently raised funding at a $16 billion valuation in the USA. The freelancers and entrepreneurs love to work at a collaborative place. They can avail of many other benefits at the co-working office places. This includes good networking, low overhead expenses, events, café, and many more.

If you are looking to provide such a space to the startup community and other entrepreneurs to a supportive environment, this article will surely help you.

The Airbnb of Co-working Spaces- The Deeper Dive:

Let’s have a look at how co-working spaces are more than just a place to work, and how a few companies are changing the model to capitalize on these work trends.

Many commercial real-estate developers are redesigning their spaces to have smaller offices, larger common areas with all kinds of amenities. This shift is taking place in all sorts of firms. It also helps the professionals for interaction, teamwork, and to be innovative while cutting costs.

About 75 million people are the millennial generation in America. They make up nearly a quarter of the total U.S population. This generation likes an open and exposed environment to the work. Thus, the Airbnb office space/co-working space phenomenon has been generalized as an industry nowadays.

Many software companies have emerged in the market and offering flexible solutions to accommodate refreshments, receptionists, and programming. They also provide co-working management software for managing their workspace. These solutions are allowing online entrepreneurs to build marketplace platform that allows the office space owners to rent out there space, desks, common area, and conference rooms to others by day, week, or monthly basis.

Every co-working space’s vibe, workshops, events, layouts, hackathons, and perks are slightly different. If you want to collaborate all the vast network of shared office spaces in one platform, then the Airbnb clone scripts are the best option for you. You can keep on trying with new co-working spaces and network with other entrepreneurs.

How to use Airbnb clone scripts to rent co-working spaces?

Set a clear goal:

Before getting into hands-on, set your purpose. It helps to provide seamless customer service in the rental sector by connecting the owner and provider.

Get a platform:

Getting a suitable platform is the most important phase in this process during your app development stage. Decide whether the app platform is cross, native, or hybrid. If you’re tech-savvy, you can code a platform like Airbnb from scratch. However, it is time-consuming and expensive to build from scratch.

There are readymade turnkey solutions available in the market, which you can use to build one without spending excessive time and resources. These custom solutions permit quicker executions and give better security and guaranty of improved involvement.

Benefits of the Readymade Rental Co-working Software:

The readymade software helps the entrepreneurs to build powerful coworking marketplaces. You will get the 100% source code and you can customize it based on your requirements. These are white label solutions and enable unique branding with custom logo, colors, styles, layouts, functionalities, and much more.

The purchase model of these scripts is quite hassle-free, as they ask just a one-time payment for letting set up your marketplace/rental platform. It provides scalability to extend the capabilities and perform further developments on top. These clone scripts enable you to scale the platform when your business is in the growth stage.

Essential Features of Airbnb clone script:

  • The Airbnb clone script allows you to manage all administrative tasks with ease. It also allows you to focus on growing your business without a worry.
  • You can easily manage your front desk, sign up new members, and keep track of every administrative task on a single software.
  • As the Airbnb clone script has white-label customization, you can personalize colors and add your own logo.
  • The cutting edge technology stack power up your rental coworking marketplaces.
  • The Airbnb clone script also allows you to expand the business into multiple locations and manage all spaces on the screen.
  • You can integrate third-party APIs to make your platform into a powerful tool. You can also explore each feature and highlight the internal management system of the co-working space.
  • The features for the coworking marketplaces include managing member profiles while checking member data, update plans, preview invoices, and manage bookings and passes.
  • The software helps you to track your members, revenue, bookings and more to get real insights. It also helps to automate and track your invoicing and payments with convenience.
  • The co-working software also allows users to create a dynamic subscription of plans on-the-go.
  • It allows the members to experience a seamless and quick booking via a one-click booking feature.
  • Member management and report management are some of the essential features in the Airbnb clone script.

Best Co-working management software:

Rentcowork (Airbnb Clone) is a coworking marketplace that helps startups to build a web application that has the online booking system, payment process, reservations, and much more functionalities. It can also be customized to start an array of rental businesses

You can set up your co-working rental website immediately with the Airbnb clone script. There are many scripts available in the market. But before you purchase any script, look at the demo, find out the essential features and their supportive measures.