There is an evident increase in the need for storage spaces across the globe. In the US alone the storage industry generates a revenue of a whopping $38 million from as much as 1.7 billion square feet of rentable storage space every year. Neighbor, a storage space company is shaping the storage industry quite differently by creating an alternative option for storing space. The unique platform brings together the people with extra storage space at their homes and the people who are in need of storage space.

Following the trend set by the Neighbor app, an increasing number of people have begun to use the platform to rent storage spaces in their homes and earn extra money. This model of the storage business is cheaper than the conventional storage space by 10%-50%. In this blog, we are going to discuss a few ways to create profitable income by renting storage space like Airbnb for storage space.

  • Become a Part of Online Storage Space Platform:

Neighbor is one of the examples of an online storage space platform. Just like Neighbor, there are several self storage management software and they are highly profitable. These Airbnb for storage space apps are simple to use, quickly accessible, and less expensive than the conventional storage spaces, which are the reasons for their success. Find suitable self storage management software, rent your storage space, and start earning.

  • Offer Value-Added Services:

Value-added services are of huge advantage among all business and especially the storage industry. There are several value-added services you can offer along with your storage space such as.

o   Paid Storing Service – most people do not want to go through the trouble of strategically storing their things for the optimal usage of the storage space. It is both time-consuming as well as cumbersome; therefore, wouldn’t mind paying few extra dollars to avail a storing service.

o   Regular Maintenance Service – storage spaces generally collect more dust faster than other places. They are also prone to molds, termites, stench, and other unhygienic factors. Therefore, to maintain the integrity of the things stored they have to be regularly emptied, cleaned, disinfected, and restored. These tasks can be taxing; therefore, will be easily availed as a value-added service.

o   Inventory Service – creating and maintaining an inventory is a difficult task and in the case of more things to store, then it becomes even more difficult to create and maintain an inventory. Anybody would be willing to outsource this tedious task. Based on the volume of the storage capacity you can charge for creating and maintain an inventory.

  • Start Your Own Storage Management Software:

This is even better than becoming a part of a self storage management software. Nowadays, developing self storage management software is an easy task as there are several software developers who can provide you with a readily deployable Airbnb for storage space clone apps. With the right resources, you can start your own storage business just like Airbnb for storage space. RentCubo, a leading software development company, can help you develop your own storage management software similar to RentStorage – its very own storage management software.

  • Customize Your Storage Space:

How do you like the idea of renting your storage space to multiple clients? Yes, by offering customized storage space, you can rent your storage space to more than one client at a time. Customizable storage space is in much demand since people like to pay for how much space they are utilizing than the entire storage space. Give your clients the leverage to choose how much space they need within your storage space. And then customize the space according to their requirement, this way you will have enough space to accommodate more clients within your storage space.

  • Expand Your Storage Space:

Almost every house has a built-in storage space that can be rented out, but a closer look at your home will help you assess a lot of unused space. These unused spaces can be converted into storage space that can be rented out, which in turn will result in more profitable income. You can assess your home for unused spaces in a timely manner to help expand your storage space consistently. The profits that get out of the rental storage space business can in turn help you acquire larger storage space ensuring consistent business growth.

When you get creative with your storage space the possibilities are almost endless. You can convert any unused space into a passive profitable income; however, you must make sure that it complies with the protocol of local ordinances, homeowners’ association if you live in a community, insurance company, etc. It is impossible to eliminate the need for storage spaces and those with unused space and creative initiative can make the most out of the ever-growing demand.

The CEO of Neighbor storage space company said that the company is already witnessing a 500% annual growth rate and that the home-based storage space idea could soon disrupt the storage space industry. So, go ahead and be your own boss by renting out your unused space.