Have you ever tried to book a car over the phone when all lines are busy, or in a noisy location where speaking is difficult, or vice versa, in a place where you must be quiet? Isn’t it a challenging task at times?

Life in the modern world is hectic and fast-paced. It’s understandable that individuals would want to get their hands on anything that can help things run more quickly and easily. The development of website like Zoomcar has tremendously simplified the entire process of renting a vehicle. It also makes it easier for automobile rental companies to compete on an equal footing.

According to estimates, the global car-rental sector would be worth $124 billion by 2022. The industry’s prospects appear brighter than ever, with car sales hitting saturation and people choosing to use cabs and rented cars. It’s no wonder that many entrepreneurs see this as a potential business opportunity.

For nearly a century, Sixt in Germany and Hertz in the United States, for example, have been renting automobiles. These companies’ websites became the principal source of information on vehicle availability and rental costs after their clients were given the option to reserve cars online.

Following the success of firms like Sixt and Hertz, a slew of new vehicle rental companies have sprung up, and many more are in the works, all of which require competent car rental software. RentCar has written a detailed article on how to create automobile rental software for your company.

  • Market Research:

To build a high-quality automobile rental system that is both smooth and effective for all customers, a lot of planning is required. The first step is to build a car rental website like Zoomcar, plan the database and service structure, and develop user scenarios that show how the system could be used. The characteristics of car rental software are chosen to ensure that the product works smoothly.

We frequently recommend starting with the MVP. A Minimum Viable Product (MVP) is a product with only a few features that may be launched to test the market and the product. The product can be improved and polished in successive versions. It’s also time to emphasize the MVP features at this point.

  • App Design:

After you’ve completed the first round of research and planning, you may begin designing. The major focus should be on UI simplicity and efficient usage of company identification when it comes to vehicle rental website design. Since developing an online car rental reservation system isn’t the same as creating a platform, the same goes for the mobile app design you produce.

No successful and convenient service system can be developed in today’s society without the use of mobile apps. It’s vital to consider many user groups in your system and applications, and perhaps provide alternative UIs for each, each presenting a different User Experience.

  • App Development:

You can move on to develop after you’ve decided on the overall design and functionality, which should be divided down into iterations. At this point, the front-end and back-end programming, as well as the necessary integrations, have all been agreed upon. At this time, you should consider the API. What is the API’s purpose? Without API scaling and mobile apps, development for multiple platforms would become time-consuming and expensive.

  • Payment Gateway:

The app should have the ability to pay for the service. Net banking, phone banking, PayPal, credit or debit card payments, and online payment wallets are just a few of the essential payment options that should be included in your app to make the payment process as simple as possible for the customer.

  • Testing and QA:

Whether it’s an MVP, which we normally advise our clients to start with, or a full-featured version, testing begins as soon as development is completed. We check the generated products using automated methods, manual methods, or both, depending on the project needs and contract. If there is a mobile app, we can help with its submission to Google Play and the App Stores because we are aware of all of the specifics. We are always eager to share our expertise and reduce the time it takes for our products to reach the market.

  • After-Sale Support:

App developers like RentCar on improving and optimizing the solution that was built and released in a significant number of projects after it was launched. This stage is optional for each customer; nevertheless, we encourage that all customers sign post-support agreements because it includes additional development, maintenance, bug patches, stability checks, infrastructure testing, monitoring, and updates.

  • Analytics and Report:

It is critical for any firm to make effective use of accessible data if it is to succeed. This function can be used to acquire information such as the current number of automobiles on the road, which route is the busiest, and which bottlenecks are sapping revenues. This feature will supply all of the business intelligence needed to run the company smoothly.

Development Cost of a Website like ZoomCar

The cost of developing a car rental app ranges from $22,000 to $27,000, depending on the app developers you choose and the technologies and features you include. Zoomcar, a more advanced software with more advanced and luxurious user-oriented features, will cost between $35000 and $45000. Having a greater grasp of what it takes to design a car rental website like Zoomcar, India’s leading car rental company, would give you a better idea of the niche components.


The success of your app will be heavily influenced by the quality of your app. You should hire a competent app development business to help you make your app a success. When it comes to creating a great app, the experience that a professional app development firm brings to the table is vital.

Although the out-of-the-box solutions are as lovely as gold, they offer the same functionality to their customers. You can customize such software, but you can’t upgrade or add new features to it. You may even be forced to pay for things that your company never uses.