If your current Airbnb marketing strategy is running smoothly and you’re happy with how it’s going, it might be time to take a leap and grow your vacation rental business with further improvements.

If you have the time to design a new experience, it would definitely be a success. Investing a little time and money onto your portal and properties may boost up your Airbnb marketing strategy, value proposition, and help you better serve the guests. Ultimately, you would be able to acquire better rating popularity among the guests.

So how do you plan your improvement? We’ve gathered a few tips and techniques for businesses following a similar Airbnb business strategy to run vacation rental marketplaces. These will help you grow your business. So let’s dive in.

Grow your business by adding new experiences:

Coming up with a different experience could simply mean making small changes to your current capabilities. This will add new guest segments to your property.  It will also help higher listings in search results and attract your potential guests to click and read more.

You can add the best feature of your properties in an optimized title. For example, you could create a new version of your experience that’s family-friendly, or run the same in multiple languages.

Use compelling and unique marketing slogans to help people visualize their experiences. You could also try out new formats of your experience, making them shorter, or economical. For example, if your current listings are centered on an activity like surfing or diving, you can target different levels of expertise (beginner, intermediate, or advanced).

The off-season is the perfect time to deploy new experiences. You’ll get enough time to think about the concept and implement your new design. You can also get time to identify the impact of the changes and figuring out the new logistic requirements.

However, you may also have to carve out some experiences immediately in the high season. They could be based on current trends with better business opportunities. For example, if there’s a sudden rise in demand for a particular category or type of experience, you can take advantage of it by promoting the new trends with better facilities.

One more reason for upfront adoption of new experiences could be the competition. Check out how your rivals are doing and get inspired by the trends they have been experiencing.

Expand your business into different languages:

The experiences offered in multiple languages are more likely to reach a broader audience and receive more bookings. For example, if you’re a native Spanish speaker staying in the USA, you could add experience in Spanish as well. There might be people living in the USA from Spain who would rather take a tour in Spanish. Therefore, you can be inclined to get more customers once you translate your experience.

It is a good option if you speak more than one languages. Consider creating multiple versions of the listings in different languages. It will give clarity to guests about the bookings they are making. It would be best if you can also get your hosts to speak different languages. For example, if a host is from the USA, and was booked by a French guest, the host’s knowledge of the language can easily target French travelers visiting the USA.

I know it’s not easy to achieve, but it could give your business an upper hand if done. Maybe, you can encourage some of your hosts to hire professional translators or something.

Reach your guests with strategic digital marketing channels:

Advertising is a vital marketing strategy that often comes to mind while thinking about marketing a rental marketplace. The first question that strikes is how to reach potential users in the most effective way possible?

The answer to this question is quite obvious. You need to be a little creative in your marketing strategies before channelizing them.

Mostly the vacation rental guests are young adults, and youth loves social media. So, you need to add social media in your marketing plan to target the tenants from the young age groups. You can incorporate the popular social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube in your digital marketing.

For example, Instagram helps in building a visual brand. The high-quality visual content, hashtags, following influencers in the concerned industry can increase your followers at a rapid pace.

On the other hand, Facebook offers the guests to check-in at the vacation rental home. This will add better visibility in your properties to the guests and their Facebook friends.

To add an additional fragment to your marketing messages, YouTube is the best platform. You can add the effect of video tours and other sightseeing tips around your rental property.

All the social media platforms will showcase your property’s unique features and make an advert impact.

Apart from digital advertising, interview your guests’ offline and receive real-time feedback about how it went. However, first, distinguish and figure out who is your ideal guest. Are they travelers or local persons? How old are they? What is the purpose of their travel?

Enhance your properties features to attract more guests:

What are the best features of your properties? This could be the prime focus to get a better version of your campaigns like any Airbnb marketing strategy. In order to attract more guests to your place, consider using features that allow you to adjust your pricing or offer a lot of options.


You can offer the same experience at different prices. It is a good way to encourage more bookings at low pricing initially. For example, there is a higher demand for your places during weekends. So you could offer the spots at a higher price on weekends. Likewise, reduce the prices on weekdays or when there is lower demand.

Early-bird promotion:

If a guest books your property for more than two weeks in advance, you can offer a discount to create urgency. You can schedule your experience in advance. If someone books early enough, they’ll get at a lower price.

New host promotion:

When you create a new experience, offer it at a lower price for a limited time until it gets going well in the market. This helps more people to book and you can also encourage early guests to write reviews, which will contribute more bookings in the future.

Private instances:

With this feature, you can also offer your experience to private parties and groups. For example, if a person wants to book for a group gets the chance to reserve all spots at once.

Click good photos:

As we know, a picture says lots of things than a thousand words. The great photographs help to bring out a stunning and professional look to your properties. Take photos in good lighting and at different angles inside and surrounding the property to get more attention to the website. It will be a win-win for you and customers when you provide multiple photos to attract more guests.

Wrapping it up:

Vacation rental business model like Airbnb is still young, so are its marketing strategies. People are living increasingly in digital bubbles and many companies realize they should have a greater impact on their marketing strategies. The marketing strategies need to operate on a longer time horizon.

When you start outlining how to make money in rental marketplaces like Airbnb, define your channels in a business plan and align them with your strategies. How do you plan to implement methods of Airbnb marketing strategy to improve your rental business? Share your insights with us.