How to Add Host Details?


Section 1: Host Details

  • You can add the provider host details on this page.
  • Add the mandatory fields for host details for host name, host type(entire place, Private place, shared place), choose the host provider, choose category, choose subcategory and description fot the host.

Section 2: Location and Upload Images

  • Update the host location details on this section. First choose the host main location and update the full address of the host (street, city, state, country, zip code).
  • Update the host default image and host related on all images for gallery.

Section 3: Inventory

  • Update the guests details for the host.Total number of guests, min & max number of guests will stay the host.
  • Update the availablity of the hosts bed rooms(beds),Bathrooms(shared, private).
  • Update the pricing details for host.

Section 4: Finish

  • Finally update the check in and checkout time for host and finish the add host details successfully.
Admin Panel -> Hosts -> Add Host

YouTube Link: host details