What was once known as hitch-hiking is now known as carpooling, and what was once considered to be precarious is now a thriving business. The context of hitch-hiking changed due to the huge rift between demand and supply in travel, both local and across states. For people with own vehicles, it was either expensive or stressful to drive every day or for such long distances. Now, it is a successful business across the globe and an increasing number of people are looking to share or rule the carpooling market.

Restrained or inconvenient public transportation has only contributed to the growing demand for carpooling services. Global leaders like Hitch, BlaBlaCar, Motar, Lyft, Uber, etc., have set the ball rolling for others to capitalize on the vast market. Currently, many business entrepreneurs and startups are looking to be a part of the carpooling market. Having said that, there are a few prerequisites in launching a carpooling app business, like Hitch and other global leaders. One of the primary requirements is a stable and robust carpooling app or software.

Why Carpooling?

  • Cost-Effective – For the users carpooling works out much cheaper than conventional cabs or car rental services. Therefore, users are not constantly spending too much on routine travel.
  • Environment Friendly – This is perhaps one of the most important, meaningful, and impacting benefits of carpooling. With the rise in carbon footprint over the past decade and the diminishing air quality, a majority of the population has become conscious toward the environment. Carpooling helps save the environment and provides safer earth for future generations.
  • Real Connections – Everything has become virtual starting with social connections. With the rise of social media platforms and other virtual connection platforms, people have begun to lose their sense of reality and physical connections. Carpooling allows you to meet new people who might potentially be your best friend or a close acquaintance. 
  • Don’t Drive – Don’t like driving? Or don’t want to drive? Carpooling is the safest way to avoid driving and the most economical way to be chauffeured around.
  • Comfort & Convenience – It is cumbersome to double-check the tickets, boarding passes, baggage claims, cab delays, and other airport services. With carpooling, you can have the most comfortable, convenient, and relaxed journey possible.
  • Don’t Have to Buy a Car – Why buy and maintain a car when you can take a ride in a different or preferred car every single time. You might as well be pleasantly surprised by having the most sophisticated ride in a range of luxurious cars offering carpooling services every now and then.
  • Less Traffic Congestion – By carpooling you are reducing one less car on the road. The increase in the number of people carpooling every day has helped ease traffic congestion comparatively.
  • Safer – Traveling in groups is generally considered to be safer than traveling alone. Moreover, with a driver passenger rating system and ladies-only rides, carpooling is safer than before. It is also understood that carpooling companies are constantly at work to improve the safety standards to the best of their ability.

Why use RentCar?

  • Reliable – RentCar uses state-of-the-art technology and IT infrastructure to develop carpooling software and car rental software. Our software is built to last, thus making it highly reliable.
  • Custom-built – at RentCar, we analyze the business plan meticulously, design the software masterfully, and custom-build your software judiciously. Tell us your plan and we will take care of the rest.
  • Holistic Services – RentCar makes running a carpooling business or an on-demand carpooling and car rental business easy with its bespoke and adept car rental clone script, and provides end-to-end services with all the important features. We also deliver one of the best post-launch management services that will take care of all your business management requirements.
  • Competitive Pricing – RentCar will not poke a hole in your pockets. We offer the best carpooling and car rental software at the most competitive price. We respect your business plan, honor your time, and value your money.
  • On Schedule – running a business is time-consuming as it is and things need to be done on a tight schedule. At RentCar, we are always on time and deliver products even on tight schedules without compromising the quality.
  • Client-Centric – RentCar is client-centric every step of the way. Right from hearing out the business plan to delivering the carpooling software, we make sure our clients have clarity and are satisfied at every juncture of the development process. You have the right to tell us what you want.

RentCar is probably one of the few carpooling and car rental software developers, who are apropos in all quarters to most if not all types of carpooling and car rental business solutions and clients ranging from startups to leading conglomerates, which is why RentCar is the most wanted car rental software.  Are you looking to launch your carpooling app or software? Partner with RentCar now and enjoy a never-before experience in having your product delivered.