Room rental management software is an essential tool to effectively manage a big property portfolio. It is a must tool that every landlord, property owner, and real estate agent should possess to keep track of their asset and monetization for effective management and property utilization.  

Following the struggles of landowners in managing their property, many room rental management software has been launched online. But to present the best and top room rental software, in this blog, we are going to cover the top 6 room rental management software in the USA.  

Come, Let’s get started 

What is room rental management software? 

Room rental management software is a tool that streamlines and automates every day responsibilities of property owners, landlords, or managers. This software is developed with the intention to manage real estate in terms of physical space, leasing, tenant, accounting, and everything around it. 

This software can be used in supporting different residential and commercial properties and can be scaled up and down according to the property growth and customer demands 

Top room rental management software in USA 


It is a cloud-based property management software that helps the owners of residential and association properties to control the overall operations of rental, whether in office or fully remote, online rental and payment, maintenance cycles, accounting, vacancy management and everything.  

They streamline rental operations with features like lease tracking, on-demand reports, accounting, automated payment, and ledger accounting. Hence, Buildium is the overall best comprehensive software in property management suitable for any property scale and complex rental operations. 


RentRoom is a trustable software development company that has been offering Room rental management software for property owners for years now. As an early pioneer in rental software development, the product of RentRoom is trusted and utilized by many worlds companies 

They manage the room rental operation with exemplary features like lease tracking, a strong database, easy accounting and auditing, convenient payment options, software compatible with iOS and Android, tracking pending payments and many more. They modify the software features according to the client demand and property scale and offer the best-ever room rental software for effective property management. 


TurboTenant is a free and cloud-based room rental management software used by over 4,00,000 landlords around the world. The reliability and efficiency of TurboTenant’s software have been proven and endorsed since 2015. 

The pricing model of TurboTenant is imposed on the tenant and making it the free and best option for landlords. They integrated the best features in and around the app and websites to manage the property. This app is completely free for the landowner to use regardless of the units managed and they give a 24/7 customer support through phones and other communication mediums. 


AppFolio is founded in 2006 and has a one and half decade of experience in offering clients with best room rental management software. It is a comprehensive and cloud-based property management software that automates and streamlines rental operations with the best features from accounting, marketing, and report generation to data records and payments. 

Regardless of the location, the landowners can access the centralized database of their property management through websites and mobile apps and get insights about the growth and lags. Additionally, landlords can integrate their property management solution with the AppFolio stack to increase their team productivity and can run the business basically with a single system of record 


This software is owned by RealPage, a Texas company launched in 1998. This company serves more than 12,400 clients from Europe, North America, and Asia. The team of Propertyware has more than 20 years of experience which means that the Propertyware software is developed and offered by people who know the industry in and out.  

This software is specially designed for single-home family landlords and is one of the best room rental management software in the rental industry. This software can manage big portfolios, has mobile apps, and different pricing tiers. 

MRI software 

MRI Software is founded in 1971 and is based in Cleveland to offer cloud-based property management software for businesses. It serves 45,000 clients in over 150 countries. 

MRI software extensively offers various real estate applications to real estate investors, owners, and landlords to manage investment, accounting, property tracking, and analytical operations. They have advanced features like real estate lifecycle management, commercial leasing, financial accounting, client management, retail management, investment management, graphical dashboards, and tenant portal in their room rental management software. With this feature engraved room rental software, landowners can efficiently manage the properties with precise financials.  

Final Thoughts 

These are the top 6 room rental management software in the USA. This list is a consolidated one. We tried hard to take the very best 6 from the tons of room rental management software in the USA and presented you with the facts. Hence as a landowner or a property manager or a real estate agent, Now, it is time for you to choose the best one from the list that suits your portfolio and fosters the growth of your business.