Now, along with your travel itinerary, you can also plan your stay at a rental guest house, home, and rooms irrespective of the destination. With emerging online rental marketplaces like Airbnb, it is possible to get rental housing and much more across the world. Isn’t interesting? Yes, the concept has also helped homeowners who wish to rent out their apartments, offices, room, etc to people who are traveling across the globe.

As a result, many new players are joining this internet rental industry in an effort to succeed like Airbnb. Like Airbnb, everyone wants to build their own online rental marketplace. Let’s learn more about Airbnb first before learning more about the Airbnb clone script.

Airbnb-A successful online rental business venture 

The successful vacation rental company Airbnb enables business owners to generate greater revenues in less time. They facilitate their interaction with those who require their services. It helps build a perfect routine for students, and pensioners who wish to earn income by renting out their properties and entering the vacation rental venture. As far as travelers are concerned they are used to Airbnb services as it offers a homely environment away from home. Travelers take advantage of high-caliber services at affordable costs.

Due to the fact that numerous business modules have been generated from the leasing concept, it is currently becoming more and more popular. The blog will inform you about the Airbnb clone script if you are preparing to launch your vacation rental business app or website. It is the ideal answer for market-available rental scripts.

Exclusive characteristics that can be considered for the vacation rental app like Airbnb 

Guest features

The term “guests” refers to individuals who look for a home or other property to stay in after traveling to an unfamiliar location. They will be those that seek out cozy destinations to take a holiday.

Below given are the essential features that have to be included:

  • Advanced search filters

It permits guests to filter their search according to their budget, location, and other crucial categories.

  • Wishlist

This is where users can save their favorite listings for the future booking process.

  • Edit profile

This feature allows them to control their entire profile.

  • Document verification

Using this feature users can upload their documents and get verified by the admin.

  • Internal messaging system

Guests and hosts can communicate with each other and can clear all queries using this in-app messaging system.

  • Upcoming and previous trips

The entire trip history can be managed using this feature.

  • SMS verification

To enhance security in the platform, users can verify themselves using SMS.

  • Report user

For any case of mistreatment or fakeness, users can report the host.

Host features

Hosts are meant for people who post properties or spare places on the website for the guests to see and book their property. Instead, the host will get a stable income after the booking gets completed.  

The host has the privilege to accept or decline the booking request based on their preference. They can list their property with all the detailed information about the property that includes images, facilities, etc.  

Indispensable features of the host

  • iCal integration

The calendar can be exported or imported, and the host can use iCal to sync their calendar with other external calendars.

  • Manage Reservations

The host has complete control over every reservation for every single listing on the marketplace.

  • Transaction history

From the platform, the host can manage the completed transactions, future transactions, and gross earnings on the platform.

  • Payout preferences

The host can choose the required payout method to receive the payment from the admin.

  • Seasonal pricing

The host can set special pricing for guests during the peak festive season or during long holidays.

  • Manage listings

The host can manage the entire listings that are created or published on the platform.

  • Message History

Enables the host to see the history of every chat between guests and hosts.


Digital revolutionization is no more a foreign word. Any business type that wants to survive in the highly competent technological world has to take out the initiative to engrave its presence in the digital platform. There is no better moment than now to start a digital adventure, whether it be for a long-standing vacation rental company.

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