The consumer demand for rental products and services is increasing like never before. Whether you like it or not, the Novel Coronavirus and the ensuing global lockdown played a huge role in the current demand trend.

Moreover, the online rental industry is comfortably penetrating into various niches and one such influential niche is the online car rental marketplace.

A lot has changed over the last year, especially since the devastating events of COVID-19. The impact of the Novel Coronavirus has been inconceivably colossal, so much so that the past and the current era is defined as pre-and post-COVID respectively.

Almost every aspect of the world order and our lives have been changed to accommodate preventive measures against COVID-19.

The online car rental marketplace, in its entirety, has changed. As mentioned earlier, the demand for car rental services is also increasing and it is quite tempting for business entrepreneurs to just jump right in and start a car rental business.

However, it would be unwise to act impulsively, at least not in 2021, as things have changed drastically in the online car rental marketplace.

RentCubo, one of the leading car rental software development companies, brings everything you need to know about the online car rental marketplace in 2021 – the post-COVID era.

  • Advance Booking:

Ever since the world was hit hard by the Novel Coronavirus, people have been confined to their homes. Now that the lockdown procedures are being relaxed, and travel and other routine activities are slowly resuming, people are found more eager than ever to travel.

However, since the situation around COVID-19 is not yet completely resolved and the precautionary norms are still in effect, people are more cautious about travel. For this reason, a new trend of planning their travel ahead is being witnessed among those who would like to travel.

Therefore, the advance booking option is coming back into prominence. A proper advance booking calendar should essentially allow the users to book a car rental service a few days if not weeks ahead of their travel date.

  • Flexible Rental Duration:

Let us remind you that people stayed indoors for almost a year, which is likely to have caused mental distress. Travel is apparently one of the greatest and most preferred ways for people to unwind.

Although the travel may be planned and booked ahead, families are most likely to extend their travel/vacation at the spur of the moment. In such cases, the car rental services must have flexible rental duration plans, wherein the travelers can extend their travel on the go.

The more flexible rental duration options a car rental software provides, the more traction the car rental business gains.

  • On-Demand Services:

We live in difficult and desperate times and business enterprises need to be ready for the best as well as the worst. One of the ways car rental business can be prepared for current times is by providing on-demand services such as:
o   PPE and sanitization kits

o   Emergency medical aid

o   Sanitized hotel partners to maintain the bio-bubble

o   Campers and camping kits

o   Nearby recommendations of eateries, hospitals, healthcare centers, etc.

It is better to hire business strategists to integrate as many on-demand services as possible in Airbnb for car rental software.

  • Simple Pricing Packages:

In the pre-COVID era, people preferred one type of car rental pricing that was defined by the duration and distance of the travel. However, the tables have turned in the post-COVID era and people are looking for pricing packages since most travelers are planning for a long trip.

As for long trips, pricing packages are preferred over the traditional pricing model as it works out cheaper for the travelers. Therefore, it is necessary for car rental services to offer several pricing packages for travelers to choose from.

Your pricing packages should be both affordable by the travelers and profitable for you. Having said that, do not overly complicate your pricing packages rather keep it simple yet efficient.

  • Collaborative Promotions:

People have lost their jobs to COVID-19 and families are bearing the brunt of the aftereffects of the Novel Coronavirus. As business owners, you must be sensitive enough to offer discounts and promotions to travelers. However, you cannot do it by putting your car rental business in jeopardy.

Collaborative promotion is the best way to offer discounts and promotions and still make a profit. Look for like-minded business enterprises that are willing to partner with your car rental business to offer discount coupons and membership cards to your travelers. In return, you can promote their products and services.

The car rental marketplace is lucrative in nature and if it is done rightly, then business enterprises can grow, establish, and become a market leader. Along with it, they can also reap financial and other profitable advantages. As business entrepreneurs, you need to get out of the old mold of business strategies and adapt to the new norms.

RentCar, the brainchild of RentCubo is a readily available Airbnb for car rental software that is future-ready. RentCar is what you need for an online car rental marketplace in 2021.