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Create a business empire by renting all kinds of tools including power and heavy machinery by using RentTools, an adroit Rental Equipment Software.

How does Rentroom’s Airbnb Clone Script work?

How Does RentTools Work?

RentTools makes it an absolute breeze to launch a maven online rental marketplace to rent tools. The business admin, tool owners, and tool users will all have dedicated and comprehensive dashboards to view, record, track, and update their business needs.

With this equipment rentals software, the tool rental business owner will have unrestricted access to business updates, transactions, rental calendar, and real-time status of lending/renting the tools. The admin online equipment rental management software will have the supremacy to accept or reject a user based on the verification parameters.

The tool owners will be able to create an inventory and list the tools on the equipment rental script for them to be rented out. Tool owners can also set the rental price for each tool according to their preferences. They will also be able to extend the rental period depending on the request. Read More….

As for tool renters, they can view the list of tools or search for a specific tool they are looking for using the smart search option equipment rentals software. Filters can be used to finetune the search and make it less time-consuming for them to find what they are looking for.

Prominent Features of RentTools

In-App Chat

Improves efficiency by allowing the tool owners and users to chat within the app without having to exchange numbers.

Rental Calendar

The calendar feature will be shared by the tool owners and renters to keep a track of the rental tenure.

Tool Package Rental

Based on the need, the renters and rent a whole package of tools. This will work out cheaper for large scale tasks.

Pick-up and Drop Service

In the case of the requirement of heavy or large tools, pick-up and drop services will be provided at extra cost.

Pre book Tools

Need a tool or a set of tools at a specific date for a crucial project? Pre book the tools and confirm your slots.

Multiple Payments

RentTools has incorporated multiple payment options. Users can now make a payment in their preferred mode.


Create your personalized e-wallet and add money to it for the ease of usage and quick and hassle-free payments.

Cancel Booking

Don’t need the booked tools? Don’t worry you can cancel your booking upto 24 hours prior to the pick-up date.

Product Flow

RentRoom- Product Flow

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Why Choose RentTools?

RentTools is undoubtedly one of the best equipment rental management software as it coherently brings all the stakeholders together by eliminating the interference of mediators. The adept and dedicated dashboards of the rental equipment software are cleverly designed to provide comprehensive information elegantly and seamlessly.

RentCubo has invested several manhours of R&D in collaboration with top business owners and equipment handlers to develop the RentTools equipment rentals software. With RentTools, peer-to-peer renting is made easy since it has a customer-centric design meticulously carved into the equipment rental script. Furthermore, RentTools is also packed with unique features that allow the users to have a reliable operation.

Why choose Rentroom ( Airbnb Clone ) Rental Marketplace Script

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Web Features of RentTools

Unique Website Features of the Equipment Rental Script

Damage Fee

If there are any damages to the tools caused by the users when they return them, the equipment rental script will levy a damage fee.

On-Demand Tools

The users can request a specific tool or equipment that may not be listed on the platform and the tool providers will procure it for them.

Value-Added Services

The tool providers can choose to provide several value-added services by listing them or if requested by the users.

In-App Purchase

Tool providers can procure and expand their inventory by purchasing tools from peers on the equipment rentals software.


A two way review system that helps both the tool owners and users have better experience and a high preference rate.

Order Tracker

Never miss out on your work by knowing how long it takes for the tools to reach you with this intuitive order tracker interface.



Twilio calling

Integrate Twilio’s calling feature to enable number masking and other features within the app

Experience feature like airbnb

Bring the same Airbnb experience feature to your platform with this add-on

S3 bucket to store the content/images

Safely serve and backup images with the power of Amazon Web Services. This add-on enables your platform to store all the images to the Amazon S3 bucket and serve from it

PayPal payment gateway

Paypal is one of the most secure payment gateways. Accept payments through paypal with this add-on easily

Watermark on the images

Don’t want others leeching off images from your rental marketplace platform? So do we, that’s why we built this addon to apply watermark to every image


Grow your platform through your user’s extended network. Referrals can be offered a discount

App Features of RentTools

Additional Mobile App Features of the Equipment Rentals Software

  • Flexible Pricing

    Be on par with your peers and price your tools competitively to gain more business.

  • One-Touch Authentication

    Securely login to your RentTools user account with the biometric feature on your phone.

  • Upgrade User Profile

    Personalize your user profile and upgrade yourself on the peer-to-peer renting platform.

  • Personalized Service

    List your unique services on the rental equipment software and beat the competition.

  • Dynamic Interface

    Access all information of the app in a single-page dynamic interface. No more multiple tabs.

  • Dark Mod

    Soothe your eyes and efficiently reduce user fatigue by using the dark mode function.

Download RentTool Lite

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Tech Stack of RentTools

RentTools is developed using the best and contemporary technologies to ensure that it is highly dependable.

Technologies used in Rental Market

Technological Expertise of RentTools – Equipment Rental Script

RentTools’ equipment rental management software is a blend of sterling and highly advanced web technologies. As a result, RentTools is an extremely streamlined and scalable platform. The front-end of the rental equipment software is created with ReactJS, a renowned technology.

By using ReactJS, the equipment rentals software is extremely efficient in page rendering and considerably reduces the size of the application. Therefore, RentTools provides the users with the best possible website experience without exhausting the resources or overwhelming the devices.

In addition, RentTools uses Laravel 5.7, a tried, tested, and secure framework, for backend development. Similarly, the rental equipment software uses Native Java and Swift for Android and iOS applications, respectively, making it interoperable.

The Technology Used In Our AirBnB clone

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Change Log


Version 1.0.2






Version 1.0.2






Version 1.0.2






Version 1.0.2






Pricing Plans – Equipment Rental Script

Multiple pricing plans to suit your budget and needs.


Only Source Code


Source Code + Installation


Installation + Maintenance

Pricing Plans

$ XXX  

$ XXXX  

Most Widely Sold

$ XXX  

100% Access to Source Code
Installation Doc
Technical Doc
Set Up
Marketing Consultation
Free App Installation
Dedicated Support
Load Test
Native Android app for Host and Guest
Native iOS app for Host and Guest
Social Login
Guest Email Verification
Host Email Verification
Google Map
Stripe Payment Gateway
Chat b/w Guest and Host
Review System
Revenue Dashboard
Location Based Search
Advance Filter
Dynamic Pages
Dynamic Admin Panel
User Management
Free Support
Revenue Model
Rating System
Real Time Navigation
Google Analytics
Booking History
Host Doc Verification
Manual Approval Booking
Automatic Approval Booking
Email Notification of booking
Unlimited User
Responsive Frontend
Track number of users
One touch payment
Inventory Management
Free SSL installation
Unlimited Host
Booking Status Management
Advance Calendar
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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the Free Upgrade include?

We deliver new and stable software versions on a regular basis. After you purchase the equipment rental management software, we will provide you with free software upgrades for the rest of your life.

What Tech Stack do you use?

Here is the complete technology stack of rental equipment software:

  • For responsive design – Bootstrap
  • Frontend – ReactJs
  • Backend – Laravel 5.7
  • Android development – Native Java
  • iOS development – Swift
  • Push Notifications – REDIS Server and Queue Concept

What is your refund policy?

All of our software platforms include a demo version for web, Android, and iOS. Before purchasing our platform, we encourage you to try out the DEMO. There are no refunds available.

What is your policy regarding free support?

From the date of purchase, we provide 6 months of free support. This is to assist you in installing, running, and becoming familiar with our platform.

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