We’ve all heard it before: the gig or sharing economy is the way of the future. It allows people to rent out their assets or services to others for a price. Provider of online travel and property rental booking services- Airbnb is only one example of the rise of the gig economy. With only a few taps from your smartphone, you can now book hotels, purchase airline tickets, and compare electronics costs. Investing in Airbnb clone mobile app development services is a great way for company owners and travel agencies to increase revenues.

The Airbnb clone is software that is comparable to Airbnb in terms of fundamental features and functionality. Business owners can launch a vacation rental business as Airbnb by using an Airbnb clone script. The appropriate software to start a rental business right now is an Airbnb clone. It is easily configurable, allowing anyone to implement their own business ideas in accordance with market needs.

In the online business sector, there are numerous Airbnb clones. The top-tier ones are determined by the provider’s features, functionality, support, and services. Select the one that is required for your business and proceed to the rental business area. To help you go with it we present to you RentRoom a proficient Airbnb clone app by RentCubo. Undisputedly, RentRoom is one of the best and next-gen rental booking scripts you can get for yourself and we tell you why in this blog.

Why Replicate Airbnb?

Airbnb is one of the most well-known and rapidly expanding travel and property rental booking services in the world. It functions essentially as an online marketplace for property owners and travelers. Travelers can use this platform to rent a space, a room, or the complete property of the actual owners for a set amount of time. The property owner, on the other hand, can use their smartphone to list their flat or home on the platform. The convenience with which you can arrange vacation experiences has made this business extremely popular all around the world.

Why RentRoom is the Best Rental Booking Script like Airbnb?

If you want to make good money and expand your business by cloning the Airbnb iOS or Android app, you must first understand its business model and key features. The structure of RentRoom’s Airbnb clone is built around its home owners and travelers. It operates on an aggregator business model, which is also adopted by other well-known sharing economy startups such as Ola and Uber. People can use this platform to rent out their empty apartments for extra money, while travelers can schedule experiences at low prices. As a result, it’s a “win-win” situation for both property owners and visitors.

  • Revenue generation:

Airbnb, on the other hand, takes a commission on every booking made through its platform. Every year, over 30 lakh bookings are made, equating to approximately 2.50 lakh bookings every month. Both travelers and hosts pay commission fees to Airbnb.

Travelers pay a transaction fee for booking various experiences, Airbnb charges a commission of up to 6-12 percent. Reservation charges (per room charges), housekeeping fees, service charges, tenancy, extra guest fees, currency conversion fees, and so on are all examples. Airbnb also charges its host members a 3 to 5% commission for offering their property on the platform. In addition, for each booking received by the host, a 10% service fee is collected.

  • Return on investment:

Airbnb is a multibillion-dollar corporation that made $4 billion in earnings in 2019. For your business, you can employ a skilled Android or iOS app development company to create an Airbnb clone app. You can make a lot of money if you choose one of the following business models for your Airbnb clone app:

o   Commission – Your website or app will operate as a middleman between property owners and travelers in this business model. You can charge a commission to both sellers and purchasers who use your platform to rent or buy a home.

o   Advertisement – For showing advertisements on your property-rental service website or app, you can charge hotel and restaurant owners. You will charge commission fees to advertisers every time a visitor to your website clicks on a certain ad and is redirected to a third-party hotel or restaurant website.

o   Subscription – Under this model, you can offer a subscription-based service to property owners and travelers, in which they pay monthly, quarterly, or annually for services (such as purchasing airline tickets, renting a car, or booking a vacation package) through your online marketplace platform.

  • Tech stack of RentRoom:

An app like Airbnb can be built using a variety of modern technologies. Swift (iOS), Javascript, Kotlin (Android), and other popular programming languages are used in the development of Airbnb clone apps. Partner with experienced Android or iOS developers to assist you in determining the best technology stack for your needs.


If you have a unique business idea and want to build your own dream app like Airbnb, you should surely team up with a professional mobile app development partner like RentRoom to make your dream a reality. Please contact us at any moment if you have any questions about the development of an Airbnb clone app. At no additional cost, one of our business analysts will provide you with a custom quote for your project.