Given that city populations are expanding around the world and that persons looking for parking account for over 30% of traffic in congested metropolitan areas, smart parking solutions – software for parking management, are critical, even if they do not contribute to the development of smart cities.

This growth in traffic is a big issue for cities, since it restricts mobility and, as a result, access to jobs, housing, and recreational activities. All of these circumstances make cities less livable and sustainable.

However, these issues are driven by a lack of information rather than a lack of parking. Smart parking, in this sense, is a real-time parking management solution offered by robust parking management software that gathers performance indicators and transforms them into insights for better policy and management.

The goal of installing intelligent parking systems like Airbnb for parking management is to reduce the amount of time it takes to find a parking spot by taking advantage of those that are available. As a result, it’s critical to develop a system that can properly and consistently estimate the availability of parking spaces for cars and direct them to those spaces.

Smartphones and other intuitive equipment are used in smart parking to determine the occupancy of a parking garage. This is accomplished not only through the use of cameras, sensors, variable road signs, automated payment kiosks, mobile map applications, and other electronic equipment, but also through data collection via parking management software, which provides real-time information to passengers and drivers.

RentPark, an elite software for parking management, brings you an elaborate blog on how smart parking is improving the driver experience in the ever-growing parking management industry.

  • Display of Information:

In smart parking, digital signage is highly important. As a result, information displays become a dynamic communication channel that may be utilized to greet drivers as they enter the parking lot. Additionally, numerous messages (welcome, farewell, etc.) can be produced to provide customers with pertinent information, price information, or special marketing messages. All of this information can be displayed easily by using Airbnb for parking.

  • License Plate Recognition System:

It is feasible to register visitors automatically using a license plate recognition system, a technology that is integrated into the parking management software. This is accomplished using two cameras, one of which registers the front license plate and the other the back. Payment can be done online in this manner even after the driver has departed the parking lot.

  • Multiple Payments Method:

Payments are one of the aspects that are often subject to bad driver experience. However, with smart parking and software for parking management, customers may choose from a variety of payment alternatives, giving them more time to accomplish what they want. Some of the alternatives include traditional payment through a local payment machine, mobile payment through applications, and online payment.

  • Parking Indicators:

Airbnb for parking management supports a number of parking management kiosks and systems that can be used to manage entry to a car park with or without a ticket office, as well as signage displaying available parking spaces, in a given region or location.

  • Access Control and Management:

Access control and administration are made possible by multimedia kiosks, which may be found everywhere from entrances to transportation exits, and more specifically, car parks. These access control kiosks can be customized and developed, through parking management software, to meet the project’s and client’s needs, and various components, such as a webcam, card reader, and keyboard, can be integrated.

  • Internet of Things (IoT) Sensors:

The use of Internet of Things sensors can assist in determining the location of parking spaces. Drivers looking for a parking spot can use the intelligent parking map on the software for parking management to find the closest available parking spot in real-time. We can even book these seats and accept electronic payments from consumers using the most advanced methods.

  • Payment Machines:

Airbnb for parking management provides automatic and simple to use payment kiosks for parking facilities, which are distinguished by the ability to personalize and a wide range of payment alternatives in addition to their resilience. Different components, such as a card reader, anti-vandal keyboard, printer, barcode scanner, and webcam, can be included in these payment devices, which can all be accessed through the parking management software.

Smart parking solutions and software for parking management not only help improve motorist’s happiness but also help to accelerate the development of smart cities. Smart parking is a critical industry for the success of smart cities, given the rapid increase of urban areas. As a result, smart parking will provide a plethora of alternatives to assist cities in better serving their citizens, particularly in terms of saving time and money. RentPark is your perfect parking management business solution as it offers the best smart parking solution.