Car Rental Software automates the process of renting cars from booking cars to payment completion effectively and accurately.

Since it is software to rent assets (cars) worth from a few lakhs to crores, it has to be built with sturdy security features. A few of them are listed below

Live tracking: Live tracking of cars’ whereabouts to keep track of the location and also to keep track of the damages they got during the rental period.

Anti-theft alert: This feature is a must to keep track of the vehicle locations and immobilize the vehicle when suspicious behaviors it detected. So the thefts can be prevented.

Digital-identity scanning: Digital scanning of identity documents like licenses and insurance of the renters is easy with this feature. This feature assures the owner that the asset is in the hands of a genuine person.

Tracking pending payments: A portal to keep track of the payment details of each renter. This prevents the rentee from renting the asset to the renter who has many backlog payments

Safer payment modes: These features make the renters trust the rentee software to make safe payments.

RentCubo offers Reliable Car Rental Software with these security features that are the potential aspect for the car rental industry to cover and get benefits.The Security Features You Need in Your Car Rental Software