Top 5 Rentcubo Property Management Software Features
With the intention to fill the tech gap in property management, RentCubo developed novel property management software. It digitalizes every process in property management and makes things easy for landowners
Our software is built with state-of-the-art features and functions to streamline the process of property management in and out. But there are things, places, and tasks in the process management where we focused more. And developed exceptional features for that to take property management to next-level and give optimal user experience
This blog listed those features, specifically 5 features. Let us dive into that.
Interpretable and User-friendly interface.
When a user comes in contact with your website. You must greet them with an engaging and clear homepage when they have the option to use your booking system or an app. It must be carefully designed to provide customers with what they need in just a split second so they may explore other areas of the app. RentCubo understand this and developed a website that is SEO-friendly and understandable
• The website’s content is easy to read and understand.
• It works best to use catchy terms to describe your property.
• The property’s finer points will be shown in full.
• A rental property’s images enhance the value of your website.
RentCubo will try to give as much information as it can about the property to allay users’ fears that they will need to contact customer service for every single aspect. Tenant satisfaction is significantly and favorably impacted by website optimization based on user preferences.
Easy to use and high-performance Website
It’s oK to use stunning graphics and a variety of colour schemes to decorate your website.
However, if your property management app is underwhelming, these colors won’t help you at all. The performance of a website is crucial in raising tenant satisfaction. RentCubo optimized web metrics including page speed, latency, loading time, bounce rate, error rate, and many more for improved website performance. A better user experience will result, and increased tenant satisfaction will follow.

Easy Payments
Including online payment options in your rental management software streamlines the payment process for both you and your tenants. It takes the place of having to go someplace and meet someone to deposit the money. also helps your renter save a lot of time.
However, it is preferable if you provide customers with a choice of payment ways when integrating payment methods into your app. This is because many users will not like the idea of auto debit, which is the automatic decrease of monthly or yearly payments. All of these have been governed by RentCubo in the property management software with unique features.
Any unwelcome disputes between the renter and yourself can be prevented by doing this. Your tenant will feel more confident in you, which will raise their level of contentment.
Quick responses to customer queries
It is impossible to stop the expansion of a company that responds quickly to consumer questions and takes care of their problems. RentCubo integrated a chatbot into the customer support portal.
you can integrate a chatbot or voice agent into your website to provide a prompt, personable answer. Your tenant will feel important and committed to your service if you provide a timely reaction and solution.
Keeping an eye on repairs and maintenance
You must regularly update the users about the maintenance and repairs. Customers are spared the burden of monitoring every minute’s worth of information.
Any issues with their home must be fixed right away, and even if there is a delay, you must let them know. You may incorporate a repair and maintenance area into your app to simplify the process, where users can report issues and get updates until they are fixed.
To do all this, the feature that updates and notifies the information about maintenance and repairs is integrated into RentCubo’s property management software.
The feature makes way for shorter repair time and timely maintenance. This will result in higher satisfaction ratings, which will make the renters depend on you for their ongoing needs and, if feasible, recommend your company to their friends.
Bottom Line
These are the top 5 features you can find in RentCubo’s property management software. Each governs the specific department of property management from online booking systems, and payment systems to timely maintenance. Besides these top 5, there are many advanced functions there to lift property management to next level and drive growth. To know more, check the link: Rentcubo’s property management software