Mini storage is a business that offers storage space to people and businesses to store their moving or stationary goods that includes seasonal items, cars, motorcycles, sports equipment, garage, business tools, etc.  

Shifting these business activities of mini storage management through the web or mobile applications is called mini storage management software. 

  • Unit storage 
  • Boat and RV storage 
  • Container storage 
  • Garage storage 
  • Co-working spaces 
  • Vault storage 
  • Warehouse Storage 
  • Box storage 

Key Features of the mini storage management software 

Storage unit availability: A feature to know the availability of storage spaces and every detail about it like dimensions, location, price, condition and many more 

Sitemap: Efficient sitemap for users in the management software to screen the status and condition of the storage space and stored goods 

Easy move-in and move-out: Management software is built with adequate functions like filter, search, request forms, and storage space details to enable the users to do easy move-in and move-out process 

Friendly support: A dedicated customer portal to govern user queries and worries 24/7 

Invoice and payments: A simple feature to help admins with easy rollout of invoice and payments 

Online payments: Convenient and different online payment options for users to pay rent easily from wherever they are 

Benefits of mini storage management software 

Transforming the mini storage business activities with the management software brings a lot of benefits to the business and they are listed below. 

  • Automation and fastening the manual tasks 
  • Easy way to monitor the business performance 
  • Facilitating digital and on-time payment without any backlogs 
  • Access to the service from anywhere in the world 
  • Insights about the business to improve the untouched areas 

These are the aspect and features of Mini storage management software. And such proficient software built with the above-dedicated features is offered by RentCubo at an affordable cost. So, utilize that to improve your business in different dimensions and get succeed. Understanding The Mini Storage Management Software