In this post: we look at the current state of parking management and why you need to upgrade your facility to capture future demand.

The current state of parking and innovation

If we look at what entails our commute, it is very interesting to see factors which have to work in unison to make transportation easy. From the technologies in our cars, technologies to build and maintain road networks, fuel station and charging grids, and parking spaces, all these factors tied up neatly forms a smooth transportation network.

If we look closely into each factor, we can clearly see adoption of technologies to boost performance. Just look at the geeky tech available in our cars – auto pilots, reverse parking sensors, night vision driving, auto parking, and the list is endless.

Top Trends in Parking Lot Management

Let us look at technologies helping our cities and countries to build better roads. There is cutting edge software being put to use while designing roads today. It takes into account of traffic density and other factors to build roads of the right size and design. Even the materials being used today to build roads have been upgraded – new chemical compounds are being used to build roads, where rainwater can directly seep into roads and then onto the canals underneath it.

Fuel stations and charging networks are peppered across city roads and motorways everywhere. With better access to fuel – be it gasoline or electric – we can better plan our trips saving time and money.

A guide to choose the Best Parking Lot Management Software

Now, let’s come to the crux of our argument – parking spaces. You see, parking spaces have become the dinosaurs of the transportation network. Not many parking spaces – outdoor or commercialized indoor parking spaces – are upgraded with equipments and technologies for seamless management. Why is that? Too expensive? Not much information available about best practices? May be both.

Are you keeping pace with innovations in the parking industry?

As a commercial parking space operator, you are in an industry which will stay in demand for as long as vehicles ply on our roads. If managed properly, you can generate a lot of income, consistently. Today, car users have less time to find parking spaces, even less time to get out of the car and pay for spaces. The right software can help you change the way you conduct business and also change the way your users interact with your services.

Factors which are necessary in today’s parking spaces

The best car parking management software should be run on a table or laptop at your end, and allow users to access it via a simple mobile app on the other end.

Allowing users to find empty parking spots and guide automatically

Car users open your parking management app and they find the nearest parking spot. They tap on the location and the app immediately starts guiding them to the location – the empty parking spot. Seamless and easy. And users pay for spaces through their phone. The right software should allow you to offer these services.

Customer data management

The software on your end should offer all user data and performance metrics on a single dashboard. So that you learn to understand and forecast demand. May be even charge more during peak demand and less during slack hours. Consumer data management is going to change the way parking management industry operates.

Your marketing strategies and efforts neatly tied together

When you market your business via emails, social media, or search engines, the software should allow you to create and deploy such activities within the software itself. And help you track the performance of each marketing effort and modify strategies when necessary. SEO, PPC, Social Media, Newsletters via email will become mainstream marketing platforms for parking management in the future. The right software should help you to plan and track marketing activities.

Which parking management software is best?

Have you used Airbnb’s website or mobile app to book a room or a home for vacation? Isn’t the platform easy to use, find properties, and pay securely? This is what we have brought with RentPark. RentPark is an Airbnb clone designed specifically to manage parking spaces of all sizes in countries such as America, Europe, UK, and Australia. Here are some of the features of RentPark:

  • An Affordable Parking Solution: Manage all slots and multiple facilities with RentPark
  • Keep Track Of Everything: Easily sift through vehicle license plate numbers, visitor names and tags on the easy-to-use dashboard
  • Managing Visitor Parking: Say goodbye to papers and clipboards. Allow users to register from any device within seconds
  • Real-Time Navigation: Allow users to re-book slot(s) with just a few clicks or touches and let the app guide them to the parking space via live mapping
  • Manage Time Limits For Visitors: Set time slots for any day of the week. You can schedule a variety of time limits for different time slots.
  • Manage Free and Paid Parking Hours: You get complete control to manage free or fee based parking to match demand.
  • Dynamic Pricing: Demands don’t stay the same. The app allows you to set a variety of prices to cash in on weekday or weekend/holiday demands.
  • Inventory Management: A single location with a few slots or multiple locations with varied slot sizes, RentPark allows you to manage all your inventory on a single dashboard.
  • One Touch Payment: Make is easy and secure for users to avail parking slots and pay you with one touch.

Buying or investing on software solutions is a tough ask, especially with multiple platforms offering similar features.

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That is why we have built a LITE version of RentPark which can be downloaded for FREE. Experience the platform before you buy it. At Rentcubo, we offer round-the-clock technical support to help you from the day you buy the platform till the day you take it live.

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