The tourism industry was one of the hardest damaged by the pandemic. However, as Airbnb’s own narrative demonstrates, crises usually bring new opportunities. It began in San Francisco in 2008. Short on funds, two roommates devised a plan to rent out a couple of air mattresses in their rented apartment as a B&B. They soon decided to make it possible for others to do the same on the internet. Their creation currently has over 150 million active users globally and is worth around $130 billion.

The gig economy is thriving currently more than ever, as evidenced by the growing number of Airbnb hosts and Uber drivers. Knowing how to design an app like Airbnb can be the start of a fantastic business, with an increasing number of individuals sharing their homes with travelers as a source of income.

Airbnb is an online vacation rental marketplace that connects customers looking for lodging with homeowners looking to rent their homes. The vacation rental sector is distinct from hotels that provide short-term lodging to their visitors. We, at RentCubo, have put together a comprehensive blog that explains the tech stack required or preferably used to build an Airbnb clone app. Read along.

What is Airbnb?

Airbnb is a renowned vacation rental platform that allows people to rent a local place to stay while also improving the experience for both hosts and guests. Airbnb’s headquarters are in San Francisco, and the company offers online hospitality services through mobile and web applications all around the world.

The company began by developing a simple website where individuals could offer lodging to travelers visiting their area. The corporation launched a mobile application for its product after nine years of consistent sales.

In recent years, Airbnb has expanded its offerings to include a list of experiences and reviews for various eateries and lodging costs for travelers. Furthermore, the firm intends to enhance its user experience by incorporating sightseeing tours and travel guide services provided by local Airbnb hosts.

How do Apps like Airbnb Work?

The most important thing to remember when learning “how to design an app like Airbnb” is that the app should flow smoothly from beginning to end. For outstanding evaluations, the app should be simple to use and deliver a better user experience. Here is the workflow of the Airbnb clone app:

  •  The property owner includes a description of their property, as well as restrictions, rates, amenities, and any other information that will entice travelers to book their stay.
  •  The traveler looking for rental property will narrow down his search by location, price range, and other important factors.
  •  After locating the ideal property that meets his requirements, he will make a reservation request.
  •  The property owner will next decide whether to accept or reject the traveler’s booking request.
  •  The money is deducted from the traveler’s account if the owner accepts the booking request. After the stay, the user will pay the outstanding balance to the owner.
  •  Finally, the property owner and the traveler can compare notes for future reference.

Ideal Tech Stack to Build an App like Airbnb

To properly build the Airbnb app framework, it is required to become familiar with some programming languages and frameworks used to create the application. To create an Airbnb clone app, you’ll need to be familiar with the following tech stack:

  •  Angular.js, Vue.js, and React.js for frontend development.
  •  AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, and DigitalOcean for server-based functions.
  •  Frameworks such as Django, Node.js, or Ruby for backend development.
  •  Technologies like MySQL, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, MSSQL and Azure DocumentDB for database management.
  •  Redis and Nginx for network caching services

The architecture of an App like Airbnb

When learning how to construct an app like Airbnb, you must think outside the box because you never know which one will fail if you build numerous services at the same time. As a result, the app’s structure will be extremely complicated, as each feature you design will eventually rely on others. As a result, if one service fails, the other functionalities will cease to function.


Airbnb is a proficient and world-leading vacation rental management business with a fantastic business app and with the abovementioned tech stack we can replicate the business model in the most successful and profitable manner since it improves all the aspects of an Airbnb business app in the most profound manner

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