The storage industry has seen various changes as a result of technological advancements. When self-storage management software is used in the storage industry, it leads to increased production, better control, increased efficiency, and, ultimately, better customer experiences. These are, understandably, vital features if you want to stay ahead of your storage competition and generate significant earnings as well as multiple opportunities for progress and development.

Self-storage facilities are used by a wide range of consumers ranging from individuals to large conglomerates. While the usage of self-storage is comparatively less among individuals and large corporations, small businesses heavily depend upon self-storage because of the size and resources of the business.

This blog by RentCubo, one of the leading self-storage management software development companies uncovers the reasons why self-storage software is important for small businesses.

What is Self-Storage Software?

Broadly put, a self-storage management platform is a system that allows storage proprietors to manage their units remotely while also having access to all pertinent information at all times. You can quickly access information on available units, client balances, accounting, payment processing, and customer remarks, among other things.self storage software

This allows you to concentrate more on your business, save time, and get more control over your workflow. You obtain a winning combination when you blend it with a functional, well-organized, and eye-catching website that follows the rules of excellent Chicago web design, for example.

Advantages of Self-Storage Software for Small Business

Now, coming to the prevalent question of why self-storage management software is important to small businesses, we will look at some of the advantages it offers. In all fairness the importance of self-storage software lies in the benefits it can offer.

  • Keeps your Self-storage Business Well Organized:

Quite so many boxes and a lack of room cause a lot of stress. This burden can be alleviated by renting self-storage. However, owning a storage facility should not be used as an excuse for disorder and disorganization. Sort your belongings into categories to make the most of the additional space.

Make a list of what’s going into storage and what the movers will take and label everything. When it comes to storing objects, it’s best to maximize the vertical space available. Items and boxes should be stacked on top of each other. It does not need to be attractive; it only has to be functional.

  • Recurring Billing:

Self-storage software, unlike traditional accounting software that was in use until recently, allows owners to apply recurring billing for prorated prices. Clients can access a detailed report on payment details at any time while using your services, which is a feature they highly enjoy.

The self-storage management software helps eliminate the need to manually generate and send out bills, which in itself is a cumbersome task. Furthermore, by automating the billing process business owners will not have the risk of missing out on a billing cycle or late billing.

  • Full Information of the Inventory at Hand:

The software keeps track of important details about your storage facilities, such as their type, volume, location, and availability, in a database. Storage proprietors can retrieve these pieces of data in a matter of a few seconds whenever they need it.

The traditional method of maintaining inventory in small businesses is through the use of hard copies, which keeps bulking up with the growth of the business. Moreover, it is also impractical to carry around the inventory. However, self-storage management software is fairly simple and can be expanded along with the business with much ease.

  • Keep Track of Offers and Deals:

You can keep records of all the customer bargains and special offers. Self-storage management software can assist you in keeping track of a wide range of packing, rent, and time-based arrangements, as well as keeping this information safe, up to date, and accessible at all times. In addition, business owners can also mitigate any kind of unwanted or unauthorized offers or deals from the comfort of their hand-held devices.

  • Revenue Management:

Strong self-storage management software will cover a wide range of tasks, from the simple billing to customizing rates for specific customers based on a set of complex rules. This helps in the overall and all-important task of managing the business’ revenue efficiently.

Revenue management is a non-negotiable and non-compromising aspect of any business and it involves a lot of paperwork and documentation is done in the conventional method. Now, with the help of robust self-storage management software businesses can minimize the paperwork to a large extent and quickly gauge the ways to maximize profits.


It is impossible to stress the importance of keeping your belongings clean. Moving during a coronavirus pandemic comes with its own set of challenges, including keeping everything clean and safe. You may store your sterilized things in storage, safe in the knowledge that no one else will touch them. Take extra precautions during the relocation itself, disinfect your home, and keep sanitizing supplies available.

Search for a tidy, dry storage unit regardless of COVID-19. Mold and moisture may do a lot of damage to your stored items. Before you commit to a rental, arrange a time to look at the potential unit. If you require assistance in selecting the appropriate storage, please contact the property manager for assistance. In all these things an efficient self-storage management software will be your best business companion.